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Quotes from Teachers


"This is an excellent program that works quite nicely with our standards for the year." - Third Grade Teacher, Lincoln Elementary

"I think that they (the students) really enjoyed the literacy activities that the BLAST® staff did with them.  I think they gained a very positive impression of what the library can be." - Fourth Grade Teacher, Phillips Elementary

"They get excited about the storyline and characters.  They often connect the book to something we are reading." - Third Grade Teacher, Fort Pitt Elementary

"The story telling exposed them to new vocabulary, alliterations, rhymes, and other essential parts of phonemic awareness." - Kindergarten Teacher, Faison Elementary

"Robust vocabulary is a challenge for most of our students.  These books expose them to words they’ve never heard before, along with their context.  Ms. Laura’s querying encourages critical thinking and other comprehension skills.  Listening is a huge problem for our entire population, so anytime they can relax with a story is a bonus." - Third Grade Teacher, Faison Elementary

"Ms. Bonny was awesome! She could read with expression and could really keep the children involved. Her enthusiasm for books and reading was very evident and was passed on to the Kindergarten children." Kindergarten Teacher, Phillips Elementary

"This is the third year we have participated in BLAST® and I find it is truly enjoyable for the students and beneficial as well. Each year I am pleased with the program and even the improvements being made from year to year." - Third Grade Teacher, Sunnyside Elementary

"My students were constanly referring to the books we read, making connections and rereading them for DEAR time. The BLAST® program incorporated great high interest books that my students may not have otherwise read." - Third Grade Teacher, Minadeo Elementary

"The books are well-chosen, high quality literature. They are also not books that are used in programs over and over again, so they are new to the kids." - Third Grade Teacher, Carmalt Elementary

"The best part of the program was the great book selections and the excitement that the librarian had while reading the stories!"- Kindergarten Teacher, Woolslair Elementary

"The different genres and the content of the books let the students travel to different places and the experience gave them background knowledge that they have a difficult time with." - Third Grade Teacher, Grandview Elementary

"Students learned to appreciate the value of books and reading. They gained the knowledge of where their local library is located."- Fourth and Fifth Grade Teacher, Woolslair Elementary

"I think BLAST® was a great addition as something special and different. Also, I think it was a great way to encourage reading at home!"- Kindergarten Teacher, Grandview Elementary