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What's a zine?

Here are some ideas on what makes a zine a zine:

From Papercut Zine Library in Boston:
A zine can be loosely defined as an underground publication that is independently produced and self-published, typically photocopied. People make zines out of a desire to share stories, knowledge, thoughts, opinions, and experiences. Zines are made for love, not for profit.

From the Sally Bingham Center for Women’s History and Culture:
Zines are not easily defined. They can be a messy hodgepodge of personal thoughts or an expertly designed political treatise. They can fit easily into a pocket or take up an entire 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper. They can be heavily collaged or minimalist; colored or black-and-white; handwritten or typed; stapled, sewn, or loose. The unifying thread is their outside-of-the-mainstream existence as independently written, produced, and distributed media that value freedom of expression and freedom from rules above all else.


Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh - Main Zine Collection Blog on Tumblr

> CLP-Zines Blog

This blog provides information about the zine collection at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh - Main, as well as information about zines and zine collections elsewhere. Click on the Follow clpzines button to follow us!


Zines in Our Collection

The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Main Zine Collection is made up of the donated Comic Release zine collection, which focuses heavily on comics and art zines, and the general adult zine collection, which also has literary, personal, and various types of informational zines, for example zines on activism, biking, gardening, and zine librarianship. We try to have a collection that is balanced across subject areas and that speaks to community needs and interests. We do have some zines in the collection because of their historical significance, but we have more contemporary zines than archival material.

Our zines are located near the graphic novels on the First Floor. The zines cannot be checked out, but you can read them anywhere in the library.

CLP Zines in LibraryThing
Our zines are cataloged on LibraryThing. Click the link above to see what zines we have in the collection or search for a particular author, title, or subject. An item's third tag in its LibraryThing record tells you what subject an item is shelved under in the collection. Items are organized alphabetically by title within their subjects.

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Zine Collection, Deaccession and Donation Policies

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Zine-Related Books in Our Collection
A zine is a self-published, noncommercial publication about anything by anyone.
Biking Zines
A sampling from the Bikes category of the adult zine collection. They touch on bike repair, bike trips, BMX bike culture, and women and cycling.
Health Zines
Zines are a great source of information about health issues. There are also a number of zines that feature compelling stories of people's personal experiences with illness.
Leave the World a Better Place
These zines deal with social change and are located in the Zine Collection on the First Floor of Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Main.
Travel Zines
These zines contain stories about various kinds of traveling. Find them in the Zine Collection on the First Floor of Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh-Main. Browse Zines at LibraryThing
Zines about Education
These zines address issues of education, teaching, and schools.
Zines at Work
Find these zines about various occupations in the Zine Collection on the First Floor of Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh - Main.

> Click here for instructions on how to make a zine

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