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Finding CDs on the Shelf

To find a CD with the CD Call Numbers

Look first for the category
(arranged alphabetically in the CD browsing bins)
Bl the category
then look for the next set of letters
(also arranged alphabetically, within the category)
Cla usually the composer or performer's last name
then look for the number(arranged numerically) #13084 the number

The Categories

The following is a list of our CD call number categories.

Ac Accordion Mc Musicals
An Anthologies (Historic/Thematic) Me Mechanical/Electronic music
Ba Ballet music Mo Motion Picture Soundtracks
Bd Band music Na New Age music
Bl Blues music Og Solo Organ
Ch Choral music Op Operas (complete/highlights)
Cm Chamber music Or General Orchestral music
Co Concertos Pf Solo Piano
Cw Country & Western/Bluegrass Po Pop Music
Ea "Early" music Ra Rap/Hip Hop Music
Fo Folk/Ethnic/Traditional Music U.S. Rg Ragtime music
Go Gospel/Contemporary Christian Ro Rock music
Gu Solo Guitar Sp Spoken Word recordings
Ho Holiday music St Solo Stringed Instruments
Hu "Humorous" Music Sy Symphonies
If International Folk/Ethnic/Traditional Tv Television Music
Jz Jazz Un Underground Dance Music (Techno, Electronica, etc.)
Ka Karaoke format Vo Vocal Music
La Latin Music We Wedding Music
Wp Solo Winds & Percussion Instruments

Tips & Tricks:

  • Numerals are filed at the beginning of a category. For example: Po 50's, Po 6th, Po 1955, Po 1960, Po Abb