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Wedding Music

Meaningful and appropriate music can greatly enhance a joyful wedding. This list is designed to acquaint wedding couples and musicians with some of the wedding music resources available through the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.

Recommended Music for Various Instruments

This contains suggested printed music for various instruments available in the Music Department of the library. This is not a complete listing of wedding items from our collection, so be sure to ask a librarian for any items you do not see listed. Also included in Part I is a list of related wedding planning and etiquette books found in other departments of the library.

Most Requested Music

A list of some of the most requested wedding titles and where they can be found in the Music Department as well as some suggested wedding dance videos and DVDs and wedding music-related internet sites.


Here is a list of suggested music for your special day. Of course, it is also always desirable to schedule a personal consultation with the musicians who will be performing.

Finally, the library has over 25 CDs of wedding music in its genre section: We -- Wedding. It's an easy one-stop to find much of the recorded music for which you may be looking.

Please ask a librarian if you need additional assistance or if you need help in locating any items.

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A book of wedding pieces for organ qM12.B6x
Ceremonial music for organ, Book I qM6.C473 vol. 1
Ceremonial music for organ, Book II qM6.C473 vol. 2
Everybody's favorite wedding and sacred music
Arr. Roland Diggle
qM14.4W3 E9 1970zx
Ronald Arnatt
qM11.A69 F3 1973x
Festal marches
Joseph J. McGrath
qM14.5 W3 M4 1948x
Four wedding marches
Ernest Bloch
qM14.5 W3 B5 1951x
Love and wedding music qM12.L68 1960zx
New music for the wedding
Gilbert M. Martin
qM14.4 W3 M37 1972x
Organ music for weddings: before and after the ceremony
qM786.8 D73
Organ Wedding Album: Easy organ music for grand occasions
qM14.4 .W3 O74 2001x
Prelude nuptiale: en forme de marche
Georges Jacob
qM14.5 W3 J3
Ronald Arnatt
qM11.A69 P7 1959x
Henry Cowell
qM11.C69 P7 1944x
Something old, something new
Gilbert M. Martin
qM14.4 W3 S65 1974x
Wedding album for manuals
Ed. C.H. Trevor
qM12.T7 W4x
The wedding ceremony; processionals, recessionals, and other music
Arr. Richard Warner
qM786.8 W236w
Wedding classics
Arr. Ruth Bampton
qM786.8 B219w
Wedding march for the organ
William Faulkes
M786.8 F27w
Wedding miscellany qM786.8 W412
Wedding music for church weddings, anniversaries, and other festive occasions Vol. I and II qM14.4 W3 W38 1952x
Wedding music for organ
Arr. L. Dean Bye
qM14.4 W3 W41 1991x
Wedding music for organ
Arr. Ethel Smith
qM14.4 W3 W4 1975x
Wedding music for the organ qM14.4 W3 W42 1949x
Wedding music on Gregorian themes of the nuptial mass
Lode van Dessel
qM786.8 V18 C8
Wedding prelude and march
Quincy Porter
qM786.8 P83w
(A) wedding processional
Gerald Near
qM11.N39 W4x
(A) wedding processional
Leo Sowerby
qM786.8 S73w
Wedding processional from the Sound of Music
Richard Rodgers
qM14.5 W3 R6 1980zx
Wedding service music for organ
Ed. David Drinkwater
M12.D76 W4 1970x
With this ring
Arr. Paul Mickelson
qM14.4 W3 W58 1991x

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Dearly beloved, a treasury of wedding music
Arr. Denes Agay
qM32.8 A25 D4
Joy of wedding music
Arr. Denes Agay
qM1977.W4 J7 1990x
Love and wedding piano solos qM32.8 L68 1991x
Modern Bride Wedding Songbook
(includes Chicken Dance, Hora and other specialty songs)
qM1977 .W4 M63 2001x
Piano music for the wedding ceremony
Ed. Richard Bradley
qM20.P578 1979x
Wedding music for piano qM20.W42 1970zx
Wedding music for piano
Adapted by Chester Nordman
qM1977.W4 W42 1970zx

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The best of popular wedding music
Ed. Carol Cuellar
qM1977.W4 B47 1990x
(The) bride's guide to wedding music. qM1977 .W4 B75 2000x
Christian wedding duets: vocal duets qM2019.2C53 1999x
55 great love songs
Arr. Chester Nordman
qM1977 W4 A2 1970zbx
Five new wedding songs qM1977.W4 F58 1954x
Give me forever (I do) and 24 other timeless wedding songs q M1977.W4 G58 2000x
The greatest love: a wedding collection qM1977.W4 G74 1998x
I Will Be There: 25 of Today's Best Wedding & Love Songs qM1977 .W4 I22 2002x
I will be here: 10 contemporary wedding songs qM1977.W4 I2 1997x
The joy of wedding music
Arr. & comp. Denes Agay
qM1977.W4 J7 1990x
Modern Bride Wedding Songbook qM1977 .W4 M63 2001x
The new complete book of wedding music qM1977.W4 N4 1981x
Pop songs for the wedding : forty contemporary hits for the ceremony & reception (r)q M1977.W4 P66 2000x
Sing solo sacred (low voice) qM2110.S4872 1997x
Sing solo sacred (high voice) qM2110.S487 1997x
Suddenly and my only love qM1977.W4 S82 1985x
There is love, there is love qM1977.W4 T47 1983x
Wedding and love fake book q M1977.W4 W38 2000x
To have and to hold qM1977.W4 T6
Wedding blessings
Paul Bunjes
qM783.67 B88w
Wedding bouquet
Ed. Bernard Taylor
qM784.8 T25w2 high voice
qM784.8 T25w low voice
Wedding music for the church organist and soloist
Comp. Austin Lovelace
qM6.L88 W4x
A wedding present qM1977.W4 W43 1984x
Wedding song
John Corigliano
qM1621.3 C67 W4 1984x
Wedding song (whither thou goest…)
Flor Peeters
qM2113.P42 op. 103a 1962x
Wedding song
Heinrich Schutz
qM784.S396 W2 high voice
qM784.S396 W low voice
Wedding song (there is love)
Paul Stookey
qM1978.W4 S7 1971x
Wedding songs
Richard Flauding/ed. Ron Middlebrook
qM1977.W4 W44 1981x
A wedding suite for solo voice and organ
Joseph W. Clokey
qM2113.C55 W4 1951x

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Album fur violine und orgel (violin & organ) qM787.1 A34
Ave Maria (violin & organ)
Bach-Gounod/arr. Edward Shippen Barnes
qM13.G68 A9 1926x
Ave Maria (trumpet & organ)
Schubert/ arr. de Jean Thilde
qM261.S24 A9
Bridal march from Lohengrin (violin & piano)
Richard Wagner
qM223.S33 L67 1913x
Complete book of wedding music for flute/violin
Arr. Paul Mickelson (piano & C instrument)
qM243.C66 1990x
Concerto en ri majeur (trumpet & organ)
J.S.Bach/adapt. Marie-Claire Alain
qM186.B3 BWV972 1986x
Ein feste burg/A mighty fortress (trumpet & organ)
Friedrich Brauer
qM184.B69 F4 1908x
Mazltov:Jewish-American wedding music (for clarinet or other instrument)
D. Tarras and J. Rubin
qM71.M39 1998x
The regal trumpet (trumpet & piano)
Ed. Robert Nagel
qM260.N3 R4
The sacred harpist (harp) qM118.S3x
Sacred solos for the flute (flute & keyboard)
Arr. Dona Gilliam
qM243.S23 1984x
Sarabande for a church service (violin & keyboard)
Robert Leech Bedell
qM787.1 B37s
Sinfonie de fanfares (trumpet & organ)
Mouret/arr. Gardner
(includes the Theme from Masterpiece Theatre)
qM186.M6 S9x
Wedding music vol. 1 and 2
(C and Bb instrument and keyboard)
David Johnson
qM14.4 W3 W39 1970x
Wedding suite (violin & organ)
Giuseppe Ferrata
rqM184.F47 op. 20 1906x

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Cellist's Wedding Album qM235 .C45 1993
Four Bach gems
J.S. Bach/arr. William Zinn
qM453.B2 Z5 1981x
A klezmer wedding
M. Curtis
qM452.C975 K5 1996x
Jewish wedding music for string quartet qM453.J49 1996x
Jewish wedding music: for string quartet or string orchestra
Arr. Judy Levine-Holley
qM453.J492 2000x
Mazeltov! klezmer style for string quartet, quintet, or string orchestra
Arr. Jay Fishman
qM452.F55 M3 1990zx
String music of the Baroque era
Arr. Irma Clarke
qM453.C6 S8
String quartets
Ed. & arr. Watson Forbes
qM453.S9 1982x
Twelve pop hits from the classics (2 vol.)
Arr. William Zinn
qM453.T86 1983x
Wedding Album II: for string trio
Arr. Lynne Latham
qM352 .W382 1998x
Wedding Album, v. 1-3 for String Quartet
Arr. Lynne Latham
qM453 .W383 1999x
Wedding Album for Piano Trio
Arr. Lynne Latham
qM313 .W43 1997x
The wedding album for two violins, viola & violoncello
Arr. William Ryden
qM453.W4 1992X vol. 1 & 2
The wedding album: 14 favorites for string quartet or string orchestra
Arr. William Zinn
qM453.W42 1983x
Wedding music for string quartet
Arr. Cleo Aufderhaar
qM453.W43 1990x

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Bridal song
Adolf Jensen/arr. F. Henri Klickman
qM659.J46 op. 45 no. 2 1936x
Music for weddings Vol. I
Arr. Bill Holcombe
qM558.M86 1983x
Music for weddings Vol. II
Arr. Bill Holcombe
qM558.M862 1985x
Wedding music: for flute, oboe and piano
Gerard Jaffe
q M317.J35 W43 1988

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The Canadian Brass book of advanced quintets
ed. & arr. Walter H. Barnes
qM558.C27 1986x
The Canadian Brass book of easy quintets
ed. & arr. Walter H. Barnes
qM558.C28 1983x
Canzone e sonate
Giovanni Gabrieli
qM557.4 G22 C3x
Commemorative fanfare
John Cheetham
qM1245.C5 C6 1982x
Eight fanfares for brass ensemble
Arr. Arthur Bliss
M1270.B64 F33 1984
Fanfare for Canterbury Cathedral
David Sampson
qM957.4 S38 F3X
Four voluntaries
Thomas Tallis/arr. Peter Maxwell Davies
qM558.T3 K43 1984
Great hymns for brass qM458.G75 1984x
Hallelujah Chorus from Messiah
Handel/arr. Douglas Haislip
qM559.H36 M44 1989x
Mel Bay presents hymns & descants for trumpet
William Bay
qM357.4 B39 M4 1985x
Music for weddings
Arr. Bill Holcombe
qM558.M85 1983x
Prince of Denmark's march
Jeremiah Clarke/arr. W.F. Mills
qM559.C5 T7 1982
Wedding Essentials for Intermediate Brass Quintet qM558 .W44 2003x

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Let the people praise thee, O God; An anthem composed for the marriage of H.R.H. The Prince of Wales & Lady Diana Spencer
William Mathias
M2072.4 M38 L4x
A wedding anthem
Benjamin Britten
M783.4 B75w
The wedding responses; composed for the marriage of H.R.H. the Princess Anne and Capt. Mark Phillips
Douglas Guest
M2016.8 G8x

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(The) ultimate guide to wedding music
Elizabeth and Alex Lluch
(r)ML128.W4 L6 2002x
Wedding music
Regina Holmen Fryxell
ML128.W4 F7
Wedding music: an index to collections
William D. Goodfellow
rML128.W4 G6 1992

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Located in the Reference Services Department, 2nd floor of the Main Library, Oakland
Celebrating interfaith marriages: creating your Jewish/Christian ceremony HQ745.L455 1999
Tried and trousseau: the bride guide
Jennifer Rogers
HQ745.R64 1992
Wedding ceremonies: planning your special day
Jo Packham
HQ745.P35 1993
Wedding receptions: arranging a joyous celebration
Jo Packham
HQ745.P3555 1993
The couple's wedding survival manual
Michael R. Perry
BJ2051.P47 1999
Emily Post on second weddings
Elizabeth L. Post
BJ2065.R44 P67 1991
Emily Post on weddings
Elizabeth L. Post
BJ2051.P55 1994x
Emily Post's wedding etiquette
Peggy Post
BJ2051.P62 2006
Emily Post's weddings
Peggy Post
BJ2051.P6 1999
For the bride: a guide to style and gracious living
Colin Cowie
HQ745.C677 2000
For the groom: a blueprint for a gentleman's lifestyle
Colin Cowie
HQ745.C68 2000

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Jewish klezmer music (CD) Fo Fel #17516
Jewish wedding music qM2186.J39 1985x
Jewish wedding music for string quartet qM453.J49 1996x
Jewish wedding music: for string quartet or string orchestra
Arr. Judy Levine-Holley
qM453.J492 2000x
The Joy of the Jewish wedding rqM2017.6 J7 1986x
Mazltov: Jewish-American wedding music (for C and Bb instrument)
D. Tarras and J. Rubin
qM71.M39 1998x
Mazeltov! Klezmer style for string quartet, quintet or string orchestra
Arr. Jay Fishman
qM452.F55 M3 1990
The Ultimate Klezmer (International Hebrew Wedding Music)
Arr. Joshua Horowitz
qM1450 .I58 2001x


located in the Reference Services Department of the Main Library (Oakland)

Creative Jewish Wedding Book BM713.K36 2004
Jewish Weddings q BM713.B72 2003

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Air on the G string Bach
qM14.4 W3 W39 1970x organ or organ with instrument
qM1977 .W4 B54 2002x piano
qM453 .E53 1994x strings
qM222 .S12 1991x violin and piano
Ave Maria Bach/Gounod
Sheet music collection vocal/keyboard
qM13.G68 A9 1926x violin and organ
Ave Maria Schubert
Sheet music collection vocal/keyboard
qM261.S24 A9 organ and trumpet
Vo Kan #762 compact disc
Bist du bei mir(When thou art near) Bach
qM14.4 W3 W39 1970x organ
Vo Kan #762 compact disc
Bridal Chorus (from Lohengrin) Wagner
qM453.W43 1990x strings
M6.M35 1894x organ
qM786.4 M37e piano
qM558.M85 1983x vol. I brass
We Gia #3498 compact disc
Og Ham #811 compact disc
Canon in D Pachelbel
qM453.W43 1990x strings
qM13.P3 C3 1977 organ
qM559.P3 C3x brass
Or Pac #357 compact disc
Crown imperial Walton
qM13.W34 C7x organ
Bd Eas #2854 compact disc
Fireworks music(selections) Handel
We Gia #3498 compact disc
The Four seasons (selections) Vivaldi
qM453.W43 1990x strings
qM1113.V6 C5 violin and piano
Co Viv #358 compact disc
Co Viv #456 compact disc
Grand march from Aida Verdi
qM12.B1 1940x organ
Jesu, joy of man's desiring Bach
qM33.5 B3 H45 1980zx piano
qM129.B22 H4x guitar
qM14.4 W3 W58 1991x organ
qM14.4 W3 W39 1970x organ
qM453.W43 1990x strings
q M2110.S487 1997x high voice and organ
qM2110.S4872 1997x low voice and organ
Ch Bach #5791 compact disc
Ch Mor #4127 compact disc
Joyful joyful we adore thee Beethoven
qM14.4 W3 W41 1991x organ
qM558.M85 1983x brass
qM558.M862 1985x woodwinds
We Wed #6268 compact disc
The Lord's prayer Malotte
qM2113.M3 L6 1990x vocal solo
qM2019.3 M34 L6 1946x vocal duet
We Bri #13051 compact disc
O perfect love
qM558.M85 1983x vol. I brass
qM243.C66 1990x instrument and piano
Psalm XVIII(XIX) Marcello
qM786.8 M36 organ
Rigaudon Campra
qM453.W43 1990x strings
qM13.C35 I37 1920x organ
Rondeau (theme from Masterpiece Theatre) Mouret
qM186.M6 S9x organ and optional trumpet
Og Ham #811 compact disc
Sheep may safely graze Bach
qM14.4 W3 W41 1991x organ
An Sun #1714 compact disc
Cm Bach #2990 compact disc
Te Deum Charpentier
qM12.F786 1982x organ
We Gia #3498 compact disc
Toccata (from 5th symphony) Widor
qM786.8 W67sc organ
Og Mur #355 compact disc
Og Mur #5126 compact disc
Trumpet tune Clarke
(sometimes attributed to Purcell)
M786.8 P98 organ
qM453.W43 1990x strings
We Mid #13070 compact disc
Trumpet voluntary Clarke
(also known as the Prince of Denmark's march) (sometimes attributed to Purcell)
qM558.M85 1983x vol. 2 brass
qM453.W43 1990x strings
qM13.C55 T7 1937x organ
We Gia #3498 compact disc
Wedding march (from Midsummer night's dream) Mendelssohn
M6.M35 1894x organ
qM20.P578 1979 piano
qM558.M85 1983x vol. 1 brass
qM453.W43 1990x strings
We Gia #3498 compact disc
Og Ham #811 compact disc
Wedding processional (from Sound of music) Rodgers & Hammerstein
qM14.5.W3 R6 1980zx organ

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A variety of our dance DVD may be of interest to the wedding couple. Items include instructional dance videos and videos on ballroom dancing and other styles of dance. DVDs can be borrowed from the library or can be previewed here in the Music, Film & Audio Department.

Here are a few that are specifically geared to wedding dances:

Title Call Number
Dancing Together: a 90-minute Guide to a Beautiful Wedding Dance (DVD) GV1753.D363 2007x
Now You're Dancing Presents the Wedding Dance (DVD) GV1753.W427 2002x
Wedding Dances: Easy Lessons for Your Special Day (DVD) GV1753.W429 2004x
Wedding Day Dancing (DVD) GV1753.W434 2004x

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The Internet can be accessed from the library public terminals. Ask a librarian if you need any assistance in finding these sites.

Originally compiled by Deborah Heilman
Updated November 2012