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Jewish Music

Selected Books and Scores

Please note that an "r" indicates a reference title that can be used in the library. Titles with both circulating and reference copies are signified by "(r)" in the call number.


Braun, Joachim
Music in ancient Israel/Palestine: archaeological, written, and comparative sources
ML166.B7613 2002

Edelman, Marsha Bryan
Discovering Jewish music
ML3776.E44 2003

Gilbert, Shirli
Music in the Holocaust: confronting life in the Nazi ghettos and camps
ML3776.G54 2005

Gottlieb, Jack
Funny, it doesn't sound Jewish: how Yiddish songs and synagogue melodies influenced Tin Pan Alley, Broadway, and Hollywood
qML3776.G65 2004

Heskes, Irene
Passport to Jewish music: its history, traditions, and culture
ML3776 .H47 1994

Hirshberg, Jehoash
Music in the Jewish community of Palestine, 1880-1948: a social history
ML345.P3 H57 1995

Isaacs, Ronald H.
Jewish music: its history, people, and song
ML3195.I83 1997

Karas, Joza
Music in Terezín 1941-1945
ML247.8.T47 K43 1985

Koskoff, Ellen
Music in Lubavitcher life
ML3195.K65 2001

Levine, Joseph A.
Synagogue song in America
ML3195.L48 2000

Rogovoy, Seth
The essential klezmer: a music lover's guide to Jewish roots and soul music, from the Old World to the Jazz Age to the downtown avant-garde
ML3528.8.R64 2000

Rubin, Emanuel
Music in Jewish history and culture
(r)ML3776.R75 2006

Rubin, Ruth
Voices of a people: the story of Yiddish folksong
ML3776.R77 2000

Sapoznik, Henry
Klezmer!: Jewish music from Old World to our world
ML3528.8.S26 2006

Slobin, Mark, editor
American klezmer: its roots and offshoots
ML3528.8.A44 2002x

Slobin, Mark
Fiddler on the move: exploring the klezmer world
ML3528.8.S58 2000

Summit, Jeffrey A.
The Lord's song in a strange land: music and identity in contemporary Jewish worship
ML3195.S96 2000



Cohen, Jeff, compiler
The Israeli guitar book
qMT588.I7 1999x

Eglash, Joel N., editor
The complete Jewish songbook: shireinu = our songs: the definitive collection of Jewish songs
qM1850 .C73 2002x

Ephros, Gershon
Cantorial anthology of traditional and modern synagogue music, arr. for cantor and choir with organ acc.
(r)qM 783.2 E68 (vol. 1-6)

Frankel, Judy, compiler
Sephardic songs in Judeo-Spanish
qM1853 .S48 2001x

Heskes, Irene, compiler
The music of Abraham Goldfaden
qM3.1.G64 S63 1990

Horowitz, Joshua, editor
The ultimate klezmer
qM1450.I58 2001x

Isaacson, Michael
Michael Isaacson songbook Volume one: fifty worship, holiday, life-cycle, educational, and Israel solo songs, with keyboard and/or guitar accompaniment
qM2112.I83 M5 2002x

Mlotek, Eleanor G.
Mir trogn a gezang!: favorite Yiddish songs of our generation
qM1852.M5 2000x

Mlotek, Eleanor G. and Joseph
Songs of generations: new pearls of Yiddish song
qM1852 .S66 1990zx

Pasternak, Velvel, compiler
The best of Israeli folksongs: an anthology
qM1810 .B47 2002x

Pasternak, Velvel, compiler
The Festival Songbook
q M1850.F47 2012x

Pasternak, Velvel, compiler
The Hasidic anthology
qM2186.H37 2001x

Pasternak, Velvel, compiler
Jerusalem in song
(r)qM1810 .J47 1995x

Pasternak, Velvel, compiler
The Ladino fakebook : songs in Judeo-Spanish
q M1853.L33 2012x

Pasternak, Velvel, compiler
Mammeloshn : a collection of classic Yiddish folksong
(r)qM1852 .M28 2012x

Pasternak, Velvel, compiler
The Sephardic music anthology
qM1853.S46 2006x

Pasternak, Velvel, compiler
Shabbat in song: 100 popular melodies for the Sabbath celebration
qM2144 .S54 2000x

Pasternak, Velvel, editor
Songs never silenced
qM1852.S65 2003x

Pasternak, Velvel, editor
Songs of the Bobover Hasidim
q M1851.S58 2012x

Pasternak, Velvel, compiler
The ultimate Jewish wedding book
qM2017.6.U48 2005x

Richards, Stephen, editor
The complete Jewish songbook for children!: 201 Jewish songs for holidays, everyday or just for fun!
qM2194.3 .M36 2002x

Rubin, Joel, editor
Mazltov!: Jewish-American wedding music, from the repertoire of Dave Tarras for clarinet or other melodic instruments
qM71.M39 1998x

Sapoznik, Henry, compiler
The compleat klezmer
qM1852 .C66 1987x

Silverman, Jerry, Editor
The undying flame: ballads and songs of the Holocaust
qM1850.U54 2002

Slobin, Mark
Jewish instrumental folk music: the collections and writings of Moshe Beregovski
qM1764.J49 2001x

Strom, Yale, editor
The absolutely complete klezmer songbook
qM1852.A27 2006x

Tasat, Ramón
Sephardic songs for all
qM1853 .S47 2000x

Vinkovetzky, Aharon, compiler
Anthology of Yiddish folksongs
rqM1756 .A563 1983 vols. 1-4


Selected Videos and DVDs

The new klezmorim: voices inside the revival of new Yiddish music

A taste of Chanukah
(DVD) M1850.T37 2006x

A taste of Passover: a celebration of the joys & music of the holiday
(DVD) BM695.P35 T37 1999x

We want the light
(DVD) ML3776.W4 2004x
Described by the producers as, "a film about how much music can mean to people, even in the direst of circumstances," this documentary explores the relationship between Jews and German music and includes the testimonies of three Holocaust survivors.


Selected Compact Discs

We have a varied collection of Jewish music from folk to popular, European to American and sacred to secular. A few highlights include:

Historical Collections

The following are some recordings that document Jewish music of the twentieth century.

   The Great cantors
   COMPACT DISC Vo Gre #2364
   Recorded 1908-1928

   Music from the Yiddish radio project
   COMPACT DISC Fo Mus #18985
   "Soundtrack to the radio series by Dave Isay and Henry Sapoznik"
   (originally broadcast 1936-1952)

   Mysteries of the Sabbath: classic cantorial recordings, 1907-47
   COMPACT DISC Vo Mys #16290

   New Budapest Orpheum Society
   Dancing on the edge of a volcano: Jewish cabaret, popular, & political songs, 1900-1945
   (recorded in 2002)
   COMPACT DISC Vo New #23266

    Vorbei - Beyond recall
   COMPACT DISC An Vor #19325
   "A record of Jewish musical life in Nazi Berlin 1933-1938"


Local Musicians

Jewish music recordings by Pittsburgh artists.

   Eastern Watershed
   COMPACT DISC Po Eas #19025

   Eastern Watershed
   The Klez dispensers
   COMPACT DISC Po Eas 38219

   Kaffeinated Klezmer
   Kaffeinated Klezmer, with the Fender Benders
   COMPACT DISC Fo Kaf #21962

   Krazy Klezmer
   Krazy Klezmer
   COMPACT DISC Po Kra #17711

   Lerner, Mimi
   Brava Mimi
   COMPACT DISC Vo Ler #26253

   Stock, David
   A little miracle
   COMPACT DISC An Sto #33657

The Milken Archive of American Jewish Music- This collection of 50 CDs (and growing!) on the Naxos label covers a wide canvas of musical styles, both sacred and secular. Use the Keyword Search, "milken archive", in the Catalog to see the list of titles in our department. The Milken Archive is also available through the Naxos Music Library, an online listening database.


Subject Searches

The following Subject Headings may help you find additional materials in the Music Department. Visit the Reference Department or the Children’s Department of the Main Library to find more resources about Jewish culture and traditions.

Cantors- Judaism
Fasts and Feasts- Judaism- Songs and Music
Folk Music- Israel
Folk Songs- Hebrew
Folk Songs- Yiddish
Folk Songs - Ladino
Hanukkah- Songs and Music
Hasidim- Music
Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945)- Songs and Music
Israel- Songs and Music
Jewish Chants
Jewish Hymns
Jews- Music
   (Note: You can also specify by country, such as Jews-Germany- Music)
Jews- Music- History and Criticism
Klezmer Music
Passover Music
Sabbath- Songs and Music
Sephardim Music
Songs- Yiddish
Synagogue Music

If you need more assistance, ask a librarian!

Online Listening and Websites

Jewish Music Web Center (
The site seeks "to provide an online forum for academic, organizational, and individual activities in Jewish music." Some features of the site include reviews of books, scores and recordings; links to libraries, websites and concert venues; and their own virtual library of digitized sheet music.

Naxos Music Library
Click here for Library Access. Click here for remote access with a Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh library card. The entire Milken Archive of American Jewish Music is available through this database. If you prefer to check out the compact discs from our department, use the Keyword Search, "milken archive," in the Catalog to see the list of titles available to check out or reserve.

Pittsburgh Jewish Music Festival (
This festival is "an annual summer concert series devoted to improving cultural life for Pittsburgh’s Jewish and artistic communities at large." Their website archives the programs and audio/video clips from past festivals (2004 to the present), provides information on the current year’s schedule of events, describes their mission and contains a page of links to participating artists and cultural organizations.

Sephardic Music: A Century of Recordings (
The mission statement of this site is, "To comprehensively document the entire history of recorded Sephardic music worldwide " and "To accessibly present this multimedia information and meet the needs of our users: anyone studying, performing, or enjoying Sephardic music." A quite comprehensive site of over 100 years of recorded Sephardic music. A history of the Sephardim, biographies of artists and complete discographies are delineated. Some sound samples are included.

Smithsonian Global Sound
Click here for Library Access. Click here for remote access with a Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh library card. This streaming audio website includes recordings from the Smithsonian Folkways label. Use the "browse" feature to search cultural groups and find over 700 tracks of Jewish music.

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