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Oral History of Music in Pittsburgh

This is an alphabetical list of people interviewed. Click here to go back to page with the topics covered by each person.

Person Interviewed Occupation/Affiliation OHMP #
Ackerman, Joseph Musical life in Pittsburgh OHMP 89
Aliquo, Don Sr. Clarinetist/ saxophonist in many groups and bands OHMP 233
Aloe, Eugene Fellows Club OHMP 165
Anderson, Jack B. University of Pittsburgh band OHMP 162
Apone, Carl Music critic- Pittsburgh Press/ Exec. Dir.- Music for Mt. Lebanon OHMP 297
Arter, Carl Musician/ clubowner OHMP 148
Austin, Charles Trumpeter with various bands OHMP 282
Balderose, George Calliope/ folk music in Pittsburgh OHMP 56
Batyi, George Gypsy violinist OHMP 208
Beach, Robert K. (Bob) Harmonica player OHMP 134
Beck, Sister Donna Marie Director- Music Therapy Dept., Duquesne University OHMP 291
Beckom, O'Labrice Vocalist/teacher/ African-American musical life OHMP 82
Beltran, Victor Peruvian music/ Musuhalpa (Incan musical group) OHMP 262
Benedict, John Folk singing group- Front Street OHMP 130
Bennett, H. B. Jazz drummer and band leader OHMP 227
Bernt, Connie Mendelssohn Choir OHMP 24
Berwyn, Deborah J. President- Pittsburgh Songwriters Association OHMP 275
Bianco, Anthony Bassist- Pittsburgh Symphony/ faculty- Carnegie Mellon OHMP 6
Blasi, Jack (John) Banjo player OHMP 274
Bohn, Fred Record store owner/ record collector OHMP 296
Bolden, Frank Music & drama editor for the Pittsburgh Courier OHMP 70
Boswell, Robert (Bobby) Bassist OHMP 124
Brantana, Wm. (Bill Brant) Band leader/ disc jockey OHMP 140
Brautigam, Paul Pittsburgh Public Schools OHMP 77
Brenkus, Emil Bass player OHMP 171
Briney, Mary Martha Martin Singer OHMP 160
Broadus, Clyde E. Tap dancer/ African-American music in Pittsburgh OHMP 264
Bryant, "Slim" Country musician OHMP 63
Bubas, Joseph Tamburitza band/ flamenco guitar OHMP 289
Budway, Leo Lebanese/ Arabic music OHMP 106
Burton, Benny Clarinetist/ orchestra leader OHMP 103
Butler, Donald Published programs for various musical organizations OHMP 226
Byrnes, Diane Irish music in Pittsburgh OHMP 253
Cacese, Frank Saxophonist OHMP 180
Cacese, Anthony (Pap) Saxophonist/ teacher OHMP 176
Capone, Joseph Exec. Director- Pittsburgh Rockets Drum & Bugle Corp OHMP 271
Carra, Lawrence Head of Drama Dept.- Carnegie Mellon University OHMP 116
Cassinelli, Floyd (Flo) Leader of jazz group OHMP 92
Charles, David Teacher/ native American music and culture OHMP 242
Chedwick, Craig (Porky) Disc jockey OHMP 218
Clark, Harry Trumpeter/ music educator OHMP 107
Clarke, Marion G. Pittsburgh Symphony OHMP 32
Coelle, Heino German music OHMP 213
Cohen, Carl Pittsburgh Symphony OHMP 37
Cohen, Fannie Pittsburgh Symphony OHMP 30
Colleran, Wm. (Mac Martin) Founder- Dixie Travelers Bluegrass Group OHMP 66
Constable Dan (Danny Conn) Trumpeter OHMP 112
Corbett, Harry Pittsburgh Chamber Music Society OHMP 78
Costa, John jazz pianist/ appeared on Mr. Rogers television show OHMP 154
Crantz, David Musical shows OHMP 113
Crichlow, Verna Caribbean music specialist OHMP 197
Croan, Robert Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Music Critic OHMP 310
Crummie, Ray Pianist/ orchestra leader at clubs OHMP 114
Cunimondo, Frank Jazz pianist/ night club owner OHMP 225
Davidson, J. E. Folk musician and singer OHMP 132
Davies, Rev. Richard Minister- Old St. Luke's Church OHMP 290
Davis, Irene Community College of Allegheny Co. Gospel Ensemble OHMP 250
Davis, Nathan Jazz saxophonist/ head of jazz dept. - Univ. of Pittsburgh OHMP 144
Davis, Velma African-American musical life/ Ralph Davis OHMP 13
Dell, William Wee Jams (musical group) OHMP 288
Demmler, Dorothy Music educator- Pittsburgh Public Schools OHMP 3
DiIanni, Nunzio Clarinetist- Metropolitan Symphony Band/ Volkwein's Music Store OHMP 237
DiPasquale, Henry Instrumental teacher OHMP 48
Dixit, Balwant Indian music in Pittsburgh OHMP 261
Dobie, William C. Jazz record collector OHMP 308
Donnelly, Alice S. Italian musical life in Pittsburgh OHMP 49
Doreza, Mary Director, Greek Odyssey Dancers OHMP 196
Dorian, Judith Meibach Wrote program notes for Pittsburgh Symphony OHMP 273
Dorsey, Neil Owner- Dorsey's Music Co. (retail music store) OHMP 252
Downs, Donald Violinist- Pittsburgh Symphony OHMP 125
Dugan, Betty (Gawlas) Musician/ entrepeneur/ director of radio programs OHMP 151
Ebert, Harry J. Pipe organ builder and repair/ owner of Ebert Organ Co. OHMP 243
Egerman, Jeannette Pittsburgh Concert Society OHMP 65
Eibeck, Walter Barbershop quartet singing OHMP 9
Eisner, Alice Gerber Singer/actress OHMP 221
Elliott, Baron (Chas. Kraft) Baron Elliott Orchestra OHMP 285
Engle, Paul E. Pittsburgh Area Theatre Organ Society OHMP 245
Esser, Ronald Club owner/ Pittsburgh Blues Festival OHMP 307
Farrar, Arthur Orchestra leader OHMP 102
Feeney, Anne Folksinger/ composer OHMP 128
Fejka, Darlene Director- Slavjane Folk Ensemble OHMP 204
Ferro, Jane I Campagnoli, Italian song/dance group OHMP 39
Fischer, Frank National Record Mart/ Pittsburgh Opera OHMP 111
Fitzgerald, Delbert C. (D.C.) Folk musician and singer OHMP 131
Flecker, George Singer with Tom Fallon Singers & Slim Bryant OHMP 168
Frank, Malke Israeli folk dance group OHMP 224
Franklin, Harry Pianist/ teacher/ head of Carnegie Mellon Univ. Music Dept. OHMP 193
Franze, Joe Theater performer/ director of Civic Light Opera OHMP 126
Freeman, Peggy Pianist/ African-American musical life in Pittsburgh OHMP 10
French, Pat Bulgarian music OHMP 276
Frisch, Wilbert Violinist- associate concertmaster- Pittsburgh Symphony OHMP 11
Fritsch, Betsey Bach Choir OHMP 45
Fulton, Rev. Bobby Gospel keyboardist, reverend, music producer and writer OHMP 320
Gale, Richard Music and record promoter OHMP 214
Gardner,C Cardwell African-American musical life in Pittsburgh OHMP 14
Goldberg, Bernard Principal flutist- Pittsburgh Symphony/ teacher OHMP 120
Goodrich, David Author of "Key to the City" (survey of entertainment) OHMP 215
Gorham, Sister Frances Founder of Ozanam Strings OHMP 157
Graham, Fannie M. Greater Pittsburgh Gospel Choral Union OHMP2 54
Granneman, Kate M. WYEP radio OHMP 141
Green, Thomas Christian pop music OHMP 239
Grefenstette, Carl M. Owner- Pittsburgh Guitars OHMP 268
Guevarra, Lucille Philippine music OHMP 210
Gutierrez, Salome Latin American Cultural Union OHMP 263
Hahn, Christopher Artistic Director of the Pittsburgh Opera OHMP 323
Hallen, Philip Singer/former President- Pittsburgh Oratorio Society OHMP 223
Hamburger, Martin Three Rivers Piano Competition/ Music in Pittsburgh Project OHMP 35
Hanner, Dave Corbin-Hanner Band OHMP 283
Hardy, Mary Craft Secretary to Manager of Carnegie Music Hall OHMP 5
Harris, Joseph (Joe) Jazz drummer/ teacher OHMP 136
Harris, Ross Jazz saxophonist with many groups/ Syria Shrine Band OHMP 174
Harth, Sidney Violinist and conductor OHMP 161
Hawkins, Ernest Guitarist/founder of Pittsburgh Blues Festival OHMP 169
Hayes, Silvia Sconza Pittsburgh Opera OHMP 18
Heagy, Dolores Dance instructor OHMP 61
Heaton, Charles H. Organist/choir director OHMP 284
Hendry, Leonard "Len" Trumpet/ radio host OHMP 304
Hershey, Suzanne Harp OHMP 300
Hickling, Thom Christian rock music OHMP 246
Hill, Ralph Dr. Music educator/ harpsichordist/ African-American Music OHMP 43
Hinds, William (Bill) Radio announcer/ performer OHMP 152
Hodges, Fletcher Jr. First curator- Stephen Foster Memorial OHMP 108
Hoffrichter, Bertha Tuesday Musical Club OHMP 50
Hollowood, Don Proprietor- Hollowood Music OHMP 266
Homburg, Al Music teacher/ singer/ guitarist/ music store owner OHMP 186
Hornberger, Fred Teutonia Mannerchor OHMP 127
Hughes, Richard Folk singer and instrumentalist OHMP 182
Huguley, Neal Musician/ music educator OHMP 75
Huot, Joseph Discusses musical life in Pittsburgh OHMP 173
Imperatore, A. (Lee Barrett) Big band leader OHMP 158
Iola, Ida Molinaro Big band and radio singer OHMP 191
Jacob, Gretchen S. Folk music in Pittsburgh OHMP 52
Jakoski, Chester Polish music OHMP 211
Jennings, Patricia P. Pianist- Pittsburgh Symphony OHMP 17
Jennings-Smith, David Singer/ teacher OHMP 93
Johnson, Albert African-American musical life/ Maudelene Johnson OHMP 15
Jones Jr. , Robert L. "Bobby" Jazz piano/ organ/ sax OHMP 301
Jones, George Drummer/ Salsamba OHMP 236
Jordanoff, Christine Duquesne University Children's Festival Chorus OHMP 79
Jordanoff, Nicholas Duquesne University Tamburitzans OHMP 80
Kaelin, Ronald Member, Glorious Rebirth and Renaissance City Men's Choir OHMP 306
Kaplan, Sid Manager/director of operations -Pittsburgh Symphony/ hornist OHMP 2
Karsh, Claryne Pittsburgh Opera OHMP 20
Kennedy, Jos. J. III Public school music teacher/ performer OHMP 216
Kerin, Frank Pittsburgh Opera - chorus, supporting roles. AEMA representative. OHMP 312
Kihonia, Elie Zairean music/ UMOJA African Arts Company OHMP 231
Kim, Hee-Sun Korean music OHMP 280
Kimmel, Joan General manager- River City Brass Band OHMP 234
Kirby, John (Tim) Singer on radio and in clubs, stage shows OHMP 155
Klein, Travis Record producer/owner- Itzy Records OHMP 298
Kloss, Alton G. W. Pa. School for Blind Children/ Eric Kloss OHMP 192
Knox, James W. Gaelic Arts Society/ Irish music in Pittsburgh OHMP 244
Koch, Paul Organist-dir. St Paul Cathedral/ Carnegie Music Hall OHMP 16
Kohl, A. George Church organist/ Moller Organ Co./Pittsburgh Symphony OHMP 249
Kolar, Walter Duquesne University Tamburitzans OHMP 95
Komichak, Michael Ukrainian music OHMP 212
Kondrat, Gloria C. Band singer/ choir soloist OHMP 295
Kovach, Gerald "Jerry" Steel City Boogie Club OHMP 305
Krebs, Beatrice Opera singer/ faculty Carnegie Mellon Univ. OHMP 156
Kruger, Cecilia Various Pittsburgh musical organizations OHMP 67
Krysty, Dave Director of Calliope House OHMP 64
Kschier, Louis String instrument repair OHMP 53
Kuhn, J. Craig Pittsburgh Chamber Music Society OHMP 104
Kukich, Daniel Yugoslav/Croatian/Serbian music OHMP 259
Kuzma,Timothy Director- Polonia Song and Dance Ensemble OHMP 200
Lascheid, Vince Organist- Three Rivers Stadium & Civic Arena OHMP 57
Lehman, Ray Radio host for Pittsburgh Symphony. OHMP 318
Leich, Roland Composer/faculty member- Carnegie Mellon University OHMP 1
Lerner, Mimi Classical singer OHMP 247
Levin, Betty K. Hornist/ teacher OHMP 175
Levin, Stanley H. Pittsburgh Youth Symphony OHMP 38
Levine, Evelyn Light Widow of David Light OHMP 28
Levy, Maurice OHMP Interviewer OHMP 312 A
Lewis, Virginia Public school music educator/ pianist/ organist OHMP 147
Litman, Leonard (Lenny) Night club owner/ columnist/ agent/ promoter OHMP 97
Littman, Henrietta Popular vocalist OHMP 302
Lively, John Organist/ also Carlow College OHMP 34
Logan, Bert George Washington Carver Marching and Concert Band OHMP 240
Lomakin, Nick Clarinetist/ saxophonist/ Lomakin's Music Store OHMP 105
Lord, Robert S. University organist & music faculty- University of Pittsburgh OHMP 260
Ludwig, Gene Jazz organist (Hammond B-3) and bandleader. OHMP 319
Lundin, Viola Pittsburgh Concert Society OHMP 25
Lupish, Ronald Bagpiper OHMP 69
Maazel, Marie Pittsburgh Youth Symphony/ also Loren Maazel OHMP 40
Malfatti, Lorenzo Voice teacher/ coach OHMP 36
Marcus, Linda Lyricist/ teacher OHMP 277
Marino, John B. Trumpeter OHMP 123
Marracino, Lucretia Pianist/ piano teacher OHMP 12
Marsico, Alvin Orchestra and band leader OHMP 98
Martin, Michael (Mick) Guitarist OHMP 135
Mastracci, Lou (Lou Tracey) Song lyricist/ writer/ record store manager OHMP 90
Matteo, Ernest Saxophonist/ clarinetist/ teacher OHMP 188
May, Julia Vocalist/ faculty- Duquesne University OHMP 81
McAllister, William Renaissance and Baroque Society OHMP 62
McCulloh, Byron Pittsburgh Symphony OHMP 42
McCullough, C. Hax, Jr. Published programs for Pittsburgh Opera and other groups OHMP 22
McCully, Robert J. (Bob) Writer for Rege Cordic and Joe Negri OHMP 179
McGrail, Josephine Opera and vocal coach OHMP 47
McIntosh, James Bagpiper OHMP 72
McVicker, Carl Sr. Music educator- Westinghouse High School OHMP 7
Melle, Carole Singer in various women's groups. OHMP 313
Melodini, Edward Singer- Pittsburgh Opera OHMP 119
Mervis, Scott Editor, Pittsburgh Post Gazette Weekend Magazine OHMP 321
Molnar, Victor Hungarian music radio show host OHMP 199
Montgomery, Ruth Pittsburgh Chamber Music Society OHMP 86
Musulin, Nicholas Syria Shrine Hillbilly Band/ Country Gentlemen Band OHMP 267
Negri, Joe Guitarist/ composer OHMP 129
Negri, Robert (Bob) Jazz pianist OHMP 138
Nichols, Birdie Founder of Glorious Rebirth Singing Group/teacher OHMP 153
Nicolette, Jack Jazz pianist OHMP 164
Nirella, Ruth Nirella family OHMP 58
Norton, Eunice Pianist/ piano teacher OHMP 29
Novich, Mija Opera singer/ faculty- Duquesne University OHMP 143
O'Brien, Joseph Organist/ choral music OHMP 27
Oehmler, Jane Women's Association of the Pittsburgh Symphony OHMP 23
Oliver, Patsy (Pat) Trumpeter OHMP 100
Ostrowski, Frank Trumpeter/ Pittsburgh Symphony, Pittsburgh Ballet OHMP 115
Packer, Betty Singer/chorister- Pittsburgh Opera OHMP 121
Palmer, Rufus Bach Choir OHMP 46
Papadakos, Peter Greek music and Greek Orthodox church music OHMP 207
Pasquarelli, Anthony Trumpeter with various bands OHMP 142
Pasquinelli, Joanne Music therapist/ composed music for Don Brockett OHMP 238
Patitucci, Sal Host of Radio Italia radio program OHMP 241
Pellow, Michael Guitarist OHMP 220
Phillips, Eugene Violinist/ teacher/ composer OHMP 166
Phillips, Natalie Pianist/ teacher OHMP 167
Pinza, Claudia Opera singer and teacher. Daughter of Ezio Pinza. OHMP 314
Ponder, Jimmy Jazz guitarist OHMP 195
Posvar, Mildred Miller Opera singer and director OHMP 60
Puhl, Eugene Jr. Pittsburgh Letter Carriers Band/ Brad Hunt Orchestra OHMP 203
Purcell, Jack Orchestra leader/ trombonist/ violinist OHMP 133
Reichenfeld, Eugene Conductor /public school music teacher OHMP 299
Reutzel, Helen Telephone Music Service OHMP 59
Rice, Karen Singer/ gospel music OHMP 251
Rice, Norman Dean- Carnegie Mellon University, College of Fine Arts OHMP 88
Richman, Hyman Folk Arts Leadership Council OHMP 149
Rifugiato, Cornelius Pittsburgh Opera OHMP 31
Robertson, Margery Daughter of Charles Boyd, Pittsburgh organist/ musicologist OHMP 4
Root, Father James Liturgical music/ Lebanese music OHMP 206
Roote, Deane L. Curator- Stephen Foster Memorial OHMP 257
Ross, Paul Pittsburgh Symphony OHMP 85
Rossetti, Lucio Violinist- Pittsburgh Symphony OHMP 21
Rossi, Frank Founder- Pittsburgh Banjo Club OHMP 272
Ruben, Susan Renaissance and Baroque Society OHMP 74
Rubenstein, Belle Y Music Society OHMP 8
Rummo, Carmen Pianist/ teacher- Duquesne University OHMP 94
Russell, Barbara Actress/ teacher/ Brockett & Barbara OHMP 232
Sague, Miguel Jr. Latin musician and band leader OHMP 230
Salamon, Joe Pianist- various cafes and clubs OHMP 286
Sallinger, David Entertainment editor- McKeesport Daily News OHMP 170
Sanchez, Marta Director-Dalcroze Eurythmics Center-Carnegie Mellon Univ. OHMP 258
Sapienza, James (Jimmy) Band leader-singer/ Five Guys Named Moe OHMP 184
Scandrol, Janet Pianist/ violinist/ string teacher OHMP 294
Schafer, Joe Pianist/ band leader OHMP 137
Schatz, Virginia W. Piano teacher- Western Pa. School for the Deaf OHMP 255
Schneiderman, Wm. Tympanist and percussionist- Pittsburgh Symphony OHMP 293
Schreiber, Lou Jazz pianist, instrumentalist, piano tuner OHMP 189
Scott, Arthur Music educator- Pittsburgh Public Schools OHMP 71
Scott, Walter Folk musician OHMP 172
Segall, Dorothy Music educator OHMP 87
Shaffer, Rex Church organist OHMP 68
Shapiro, Anne Sang with Robert Schmertz and Friends OHMP 150
Sharff, Merle Choirmaster- Pittsburgh Opera/ organist/ choir director OHMP 118
Shiner, Eric Japanese music in Pittsburgh OHMP 202
Shiner, Matthew (Matty) Director of brass dept.-Duquesne University OHMP 96
Shor, Martin R. Nightclub musician OHMP 265
Shovlin, Peter Irish Fiddler OHMP 311
Sims, Edgar, Jr. Ringold Band OHMP 219
Singer, David H. Music educator/ clarinetist OHMP 269
Sisk, Leo Barbershop quartet singer OHMP 91
Slaugh, Phil President- Pittsburgh Musicians Union OHMP 235
Spaulding, George H. Pianist/ organist/ piano tuner OHMP 177
Spencer, Scipio Jazz pianist OHMP 194
Spiegel, Ben Bassoonist- Pittsburgh Symphony/ photographer- Pittsburgh Symphony OHMP 198
Staley, Sandra (Sandy) Jazz singer OHMP 146
Stark, Sidney, Jr. Y Music Society OHMP 26
Stein, Gladys Pianist/ faculty- Duquesne University OHMP 163
Sterne, Colin University of Pittsburgh Music Department OHMP 33
Stolarevsky, Kathryn Music educator- Chatham College OHMP 44
Strotmyer, Maureen Irish music/ Pittsburgh Ceili Club OHMP 292
Swan, Ralph Director of Ralph Swan Chorale OHMP 76
Swetnam, George Folk music OHMP 55
Taube, Moshe Cantor at Beth Shalom OHMP 316
Taylor, Edna Mae Singer/Dir. Of Mus-Arts Ensemble OHMP 99
Thomas, Jean Musicologist/ flute teacher OHMP 54
Thompson, Barbara Pittsburgh Public Schools - Gateway to Music OHMP 315
Thompson, Sarah J. Scottish music OHMP 209
Thorpe, Dwayne Folk singer and guitarist OHMP 190
Thunhurst, Wilford (Bill) Managing director- Civic Light Opera OHMP 109
Tines, Deryck (Mitchell) Publisher of Pittsburgh Gospel Magazine OHMP 248
Toll, William (Bill), Sr. Musician and musical instrument salesman OHMP 178
Turner, Horace Lee Jazz combo leader/ Hill House music director OHMP 183
Vales, Joseph Senior Vice President of the Board of Directors, Pittsburgh Opera, from 1990-2001, Life Board Member OHMP 322
Vecchiola, Chas. Jr. Discusses Charles Vecchiola Sr. and Antonio Modarelli OHMP 145
Vecchiola, Matthew Drummer OHMP 159
Venkataraman, K.S. and Premlata Indian music in Pittsburgh OHMP 270
Verri, Fran Manager, National Record Mart OHMP 309
Volkwein, Walter Owner, Volkwein's Music Store OHMP 117
Wallace, Joseph Bassist - Pittsburgh Symphony OHMP 101
Watkins, Franklin Organist - choir dir./ also Musician's Club of Pittsburgh OHMP 19
Watson, Carole Bethesda Presbyterian Church Choir/ Billy Eckstine OHMP 229
Weatherspoon, Wrett Blues music in Pittsburgh OHMP 217
Weiner, Anne Piano teacher OHMP 122
Weiner, Bill Country-blues performer and teacher OHMP 187
Weingartner, Rudolph Pittsburgh Symphony Board Advisor OHMP 278
Wickline, Homer Organist OHMP 41
Wilkins, Donald G. Church musician/ faculty at Carnegie Mellon University/ Pittsburgh Oratorio Society OHMP 222
Williams, Thomas (Saxie) Tap dancer OHMP 110
Wilson, John Professor of jazz studies- Duquesne University/ trumpeter OHMP 228
Worthington, Walter African-American musical life in Pittsburgh OHMP 83
Worthy, Oscar Jazz in Pittsburgh OHMP 84
Wright, Mary Louise Organist/ choir director OHMP 73
Yagello, Leo (Lee Kelton) Band leader OHMP 139
Yearsley, Ted Director- Westinghouse Male Chorus/ Rockwell Chorus OHMP 287
Yoder, Henry Recording studios OHMP 281
Young, Ruby (Hardy) Jazz pianist/organist OHMP 181
Yucius, Vito Host of Lithuanian radio program OHMP 201
Zarnich, Joe Accordion OHMP 303
Zgonc, Vlatka Host of Sounds of Yugoslavia radio program OHMP 256
Zinman, Isadore Violinist OHMP 185
Zinski, Stephen H. Ukrainian liturgical music OHMP 205
Zitterbart, Ralph Pianist/ faculty- Carnegie Mellon University OHMP 279