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Location: Oliver Room,
Pittsburgh Music Archives #37
Box #11


  1. The first page of this scrapbook contains the newspaper article from April 1907 headlined: “Paur or Manager, and the Committee Chose Conductor.” The article further states that George Wilson would cease active management of the Pittsburgh Orchestra on April 13.

  2. Typed report, (dated May 28, 1907) by George Wilson, of his meeting (about March 1, 1907) with members of the Orchestra Committee, setting forth his often contentious relationship with Emil Paur, conductor.

  3. Report of Bank Deposits for the Pittsburgh Orchestra, beginning September 29, 1906 and ending May 6, 1907, as received from the sale of program books and tickets, both locally and out-of-town.

  4. Typed letter from George Wilson to James I. Buchanan, chairman of the Orchestra Committee, dated December 24, 1906, with this statement: “….I cannot accept another period as manager of the Pittsburgh Orchestra if the present conductor is retained.”

  5. Letter from Buchanan in response, dated December 26, 1906, followed by Wilson’s to him of December 28, 1906. Correspondence between these two men continued into 1907.

  6. An article in MUSICAL AGE from New York City dated May 25, 1907 is titled “The Pittsburgh Scandal,” and begins: “The disagreeable friction in the affairs of the Pittsburgh Orchestra occasioned by the rivalry of two representatives of prominent piano manufacturers still continues to be a subject of conversation and press comment.”

  7. Two letters, 1907 from Mr. William C. Hamilton (piano company) to Mr. Wilson.

  8. Correspondence, news clippings and reports continue in this thick scrapbook through October 22, 1907, where on the final page,(following a brief note from Buchanan), Wilson has penned: “Is this the end? GHW, January 18, 1908.”