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Time Period  1898-1906

Location     Oliver Room, Pittsburgh Music Archive #20

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  1. Several newspaper articles about Frederic Archer's 200th free organ concert at Carnegie Music Hall on April 9, 1898.

  2. Comments on Emil Paur, pianist/orchestral conductor 1904-05

  3. Newspaper article of February 13, 1898 from The Sunday Voice (Cleveland) - educating the Cleveland readers about a Cleveland Music Hall, which would do well to emulate the Carnegie Music Hall of Pittsburgh - a gift of Andrew Carnegie.

  4. Memorandum of Agreement between The Art Society of Pittsburgh and musicians they engaged in 1905. "Said Art Society, by its Orchestra Committee, hereby engages said musician at a weekly salary of ___________ during the period of October 30, 1905-March 17, 1906, to play in a symphony orchestra controlled by said Art Society and known as The Pittsburgh Symphony….etc."

  5. Report to the Guarantors of the Pittsburgh Orchestra, 10th season, 1904-05.

  6. Statement of Mr. Edward Woods, Treasurer, showing the financial result for the tenth season. Deficiency noted as $37,057.95, followed by individual liability of guarantors.

  7. Two flyers about The Pittsburgh Orchestra, 10th, season, 1904-05, from George H. Wilson, manager.

  8. Folders of Pittsburgh Orchestra tour programs, 1904-1905 - Emil Paul, conductor. Included are:

    1. Tour itinerary #1 and some programs for Youngstown, Akron, Findlay, Ann Arbor, Detroit, Oberlin, Cleveland.
    2. Tour itinerary #2 and some programs for Geneva, Ithaca, Syracuse, Rochester, Cleveland.
    3. Tour itinerary #3 and some programs for Franklin, Warren, Buffalo, Cleveland.
    4. Tour itinerary #4 and some programs for Washington, PA.
    5. Tour itinerary #5 (A & B) and some programs for Chicago, Rockford, Evanston, Milwaukee, Toledo, Detroit; and in Canada - Stratford , London, Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa; returning to Buffalo, NY.
    6. Tour itinerary #6 to Cleveland, and some programs.

  9. Folder of "Early Press Notices" about T. Carl Whitmer.