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CHARLES C. MELLOR (1836-1909)



  • Documents supporting the Celebration of his 70th birthday
  • Various articles surrounding the death of William Evens in 1854
  • Scrapbook containing mostly musical programs

Time period  1858-1909


  • Owner of C.C. Mellor Music Company
  • Trustee of Carnegie Library, appointed by Andrew Carnegie in 1895





Folder I

  1. Comments Mellor made to friends gathered for a dinner to celebrate his 70th birthday on September 26, 1906.
  2. A list of guests, their various occupations and offices, and the souvenirs Mellor gave to each to express his appreciation of their presence at this occasion.
  3. An address by the Reverend Dr. E. R. Donehoo to honor Mellor on his 70th birthday.
  4. Letter to Anderson H. Hopkins from C.C. Mellor, October 10,1906
  5. Letter to Frederick S. Webster from E. R. Donehoo, October 30, 1906
  6. Letter to Louise Gault from Kathryn Logan, May 17, 1994
  7. Letter to Kathryn Logan from Louise Gault, June 10, 1994

Folder II

Various articles (given to the library by C. C. Mellor) surrounding the death of William Evens , born in Sussex, England in 1783, arriving in Pittsburgh in 1811, and dying there in 1854. Evens was proclaimed the “pioneer of sacred music” in Pittsburgh.



Primarily a scrapbook of musical programs in Pittsburgh (and a few other cities) beginning in 1858 and progressing through the mid-1870's. Then seen are the names of Mr. C. C. Mellor as conductor of the Choir of the First Presbyterian Church, Pittsburgh; and Mrs. C. C. Mellor as soprano soloist.

Also noted are programs of Carl Retter's first series of historical Pianoforte Recitals in December 1875, and Pittsburgh May Festival of May 1884 under the direction of Carl Retter and Joseph Gittings.