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Cynthia Cozette Lee(1953 - )



    Scrapbook containing correspondence between Lee and her music professor Roland Leich; three compositions (copies of manuscripts and audio tapes); audio tapes of two Radio programs. CD copies of the audio cassettes.

Time Period  1970's - 2010


Location     Oliver Room, Pittsburgh Music Archive #15 (2 boxes)

See       Roland Leich



All are photocopies of manuscripts

The Martyr (Hazel Lee) 1979
 Baritone and Orchestra
 Piano/Vocal score (2 copies)
 Audio cassette tape
 CD copy of cassette

Nigerian Treasure 1982
 Solo unaccompanied flute
 Score (2 copies)
 Program notes included
 Audio cassette tape
 CD copy of cassette
 Received in 1985, The College Music Society Award for performance in Vancouver, BC

Pittsburgh Memoirs 1994
 Flute trio
 Score (3 copies)
 Audio cassette tape

Other Materials


   "These letters are photocopies of the personal correspondence between 2 American composers, one the former music composition professor - Roland Leich, living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, while the other his former composition and theory student - Cynthia Cozette Lee, living and studying in Philadelphia and New York City corresponding in writing between August 24, 1975 until December 19, 1995."

Radio Interview/Program

  • Audio cassette tape and CD copy of radio program aired on WPEB during which Lee featured the music of Roland Leich. Includes performance of his Emily Dickinson song set.

  • Audio cassette tape and CD copy of "WPEB radio interview with Arnold Arnstein, noted music copyist who taught at Julliard for 18 years and was the personal copyist for L. Bernstein, G. C. Menotti, S. Barber and others."

  • Transcription (12 pages) of Arnstein interview.


  • Biographical sketch with list of compositions.

  • Letter from Lee to CLP regarding donation of these materials.