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  • Music manuscripts and published works (7 boxes) - vocal, keyboard, and instrumental.
  • Numerous settings of the Mass and other sacred works.
  • 12 CDs of Huybrechts' performances and compositions.

Time period  1930 - 1972


    Lode (Louis H.) Huybrechts was born in Stabroek (Antwerp) Belgium on August 8, 1911. His musical training and early positions as an organist were in the same area. He emigrated to the United States and was an organist at Sacred Heart Cathedral in Rochester, New York. He served the Church of the Sacred Heart in Pittsburgh, PA as organist and choirmaster from 1960-1971. He died in Pittsburgh on January 3, 1973.





The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Music Department has been the recipient of a donation of many of Louis Huybrechts musical manuscripts and published works. This finding list for his scores in our collection is divided into two parts:

  1. Alphabetical listing of individual titles along with their arrangement (choral, organ, piano, etc.)
  2. Listing of items bound in folders, notebooks, and journals along with their arrangement.

The majority of the scores in this donation are manuscript copies. In the event of a published version included in addition to the manuscript copy, the entry is marked "published edition also." If only a published edition is included, the entry is marked "published edition only."


Als’t Lomert 4 voices & piano
Aspiration organ
Ave Maria STB & organ
Ave Maria SATB & organ
Ave Maria (Hail, Mary, full of grace) SSA
Ave verum S(A)TB & organ
Ballade for two pianos 2 pianos
Christmas suite organ (published edition only)
Christum regem 2 equal voices & organ
Concertino for piano & orchestra piano & orchestra (includes score & parts and also reduction for two pianos)
Confirma hoc SATB & organ
Day of sunshine treble voices & keyboard
Day of sunshine SATB
Drie vorsten kwamen uit ‘t morgenland soprano solo, SATB, & organ
English mass in honor of the blessed Sacrament congregation and/or choir of two equal voices & organ (published edition also)
Fantasia voor groot orgel organ
First noel organ (published edition only)
First strykkwartet string quartet (includes score & parts)
First symphonie voor orgel organ
Fleurs (ballet) orchestra (includes score & parts & program)
Fog SSA & keyboard
Great gate of Kiev from pictures at an exhibition (Moussorgsky) organ transcription
Haec dies 4 voices
Hail Mary full of grace SSA
Hodie Christus natus est 2 equal voices & organ (published edition also)


Intermezzo (from 1st symphony for organ) organ
Introduction and passacaglia organ
Inviolata STTBB & organ
Iste confessor/in te speravi/tantum ergo 2 voices/solo voice/2 voices & keyboard/organ
Jubileum cantata SATB, harmonium & clavier
Justorum animae SATB
Mass in honor of Our Lady of Fatima STB, congregation, & organ (published edition also)
Mass in honor of Our Lady of Lourdes 4 mixed voices
Mass in honor of St. Anthony of Padua SAB (T ad libitum) & organ (published edition only)
Mass in honor of St. Cecilia S(A)TB, congregation, & organ (published edition only)
Mass in honor of St. Cecilia TTB & organ (published edition only)
Mass in honor of St. Joseph 2 equal or mixed voices, congregation, & organ (published edition only)
Mass in honor of the Blessed Virgin 2 equal voice & organ (published edition only)
Mass in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary SA or TB & organ (published edition only)
Mass in honor of the Sacred Heart mixed choir, congregation & organ
Mass in honor of the Sacred Heart unison choir, congregation & organ
Mass in honor of the Sacred Heart SS(A) & organ
Mass in memory of Pope John XXIII TTB & organ
Mass of Thanksgiving TTBB & organ (published edition only)


Mis voor 4 gemensde stemmen en orgel (Mass for 4 mixed voices and organ) SATB & organ
Mis voor 4 gemensde stemmen en orgel ter eere van O.L. Vrouw… SATB & organ
Mitzi (Mietje) SATB & piano
Naughty boy SSA & piano
O gloriosa Virginum/O salutaris 2 equal voices & keyboard
O praise the Lord SATB & organ
O salutaris/tantum ergo 2 equal voices & keyboard
O salutaris (also has study for 3 voices on back page) SATB & organ
Our Father (the Lord’s prayer) SATB, solo or congregation, & organ or piano
Our Father SSA
Our Father voices & keyboard
Passacaglia on an original theme organ
Plechtige intocht organ
Prelude and fugue for organ (incomplete: missing pages 1 and 2) organ
Prelude and fugue in e minor organ (also published edition)
Prelude en scherzo voor 2 klavieren 2 pianos
Promise SSA
Proper for the feast of Christ the King TTB & organ (published edition only)
Proper for the midnight mass of Christmas 2 equal voices & organ (published edition only)
Rainy day SSA & piano
Rainy day SATB
Reverie organ (also published edition)
Reverie keyboard
Rhapsody for trombone and piano trombone & piano (includes score & part)
Second symphony for organ organ
See all greet the Infant SATB & keyboard
Sonaat voor viool en clavier violin & piano (includes score & part)
Sonate voor 2 klavieren 2 pianos
Sonatina for piano piano
Stars (alone in the night) SAB
Study #2 SSA
Study #3 for SSA SSA
Sub tuum/justorum animae/adeste fideles SATB
Suite – children’s corner piano
Surrexit Christus 3 equal voices & organ (published edition only)


Tantum ergo SATB & organ
Ten easy pieces in different keys piano (published edition only)
Tema variato organ
Ten pedal studies on a well-known melody organ
There will come soft rains (war time) SSA & piano
Third symphony for organ organ
Three bagatelles for piano piano
Three mystieke taferelen voor sopraan en orgel (contains Stabat Mater, Pieta, and Salve Regina) soprano & organ
Toccata voor groot orgel organ
Toccata adagio and fugue organ
To God Almighty we confess/ O King of Might and splendor/Praise the Lord, ye Heavens voice & keyboard
Trio for clavier, violin, and viola (cello) piano, violin, and viola (cello) (includes score and parts)
Two chorale preludes (contains liebster Jesu and dich bet’ich an, meine hochster Gott) organ
Verbum supernum SATB & organ
Vier bewegingenvoor vokaal kwartet SATB & piano
Wals (waltz) orchestra (includes score & parts)
Wals (waltz) piano
When the frost is on the punkin’ SSA and piano
Zanggedicht SATB & keyboard


The following is a finding list for various titles by Louis Huybrechts that are bound in folders or notebooks.

Folder I - Grouping of various foreign musical periodicals which contain organ and choral works of Louis Huybrechts. Dates of publication range from 1960-1969.

Folder II - Folder containing manuscript copies of organ works. Note on front of folder indicates "Pedal Studies and Choral Variations."

Folder III - Spiral bound notebook containing manuscript copies

  • Six kleine stukken voor clavier (Six small pieces for the piano)
  • Three bagatellen (Three bagatelles for piano)
  • Six preluden voor clavier (Six preludes for piano)

Folder IV - Spiral bound notebook containing manuscript copies

  • Sonaat (piano)
  • Sonatine voor clavier (piano)
  • Prelude en fuga voor orgel (organ) - According to Belgian pianist and musicologist Jozef DeBeenhouwer, in an email he sent to Huybrechts' son Luke on December 18, 2011, the "Prelude en fuga voor orgel" was composed by Lodewijk De Vocht in 1917. A copy of this work is "in our Antwerp Library." So this is not a composer's manuscript copy.

Folder V - Folder containing manuscript copies

  • Suite voor clavier (piano)
  • Toccata (piano)
  • Studie I (piano)

Folder VI - Folder headed "RADIO N.I.R. (Zender Brussel)" containing various piano pieces

  • La jara (tanog)
  • Czardas
  • Berceuse
  • Little march
  • Dance
  • Little waltz (in memory of Ravel)
  • Title unclear

Folder VII - Folder entitled "75 Liederen" containing miscellaneous titles for voice & keyboard, titles arranged alphabetically

Folder VIII - Program for L’Enlevement de proserpine ballet


Un-numbered folders containing the following

  • Concertino voor Klavier en Kamer-Orkest - score and parts
  • Prelude and scherzo for symphonic orchestra - score and parts
  • Sinfonietta for strings - score and parts
  • Suite for orchestra- score and parts
  • Trio (for oboe, clarinet, and bassoon) - score and parts
  • Practische Harmonie - Samuel - harmonic exercises
  • Harmonie II - Samuel - harmonic exercises

Folder containing all of the following

  • Het kind der lee - score and parts
  • De schaduw en de Dood - score and parts
  • Three bagatellen - score only
  • Vaarwel, Geliefole - score only


Sketchbooks (5)
Miscellaneous parts and duplicates

Compact Discs

The 12 CDs of Huybrechts' organ performances and compositions were donated to the Carnegie Library by Luke Huybrechts, the son of Louis Huybrechts. The CDs are accompanied by letters submitted by Luke Huybrechts detailing the contents of the CDs.

The CDs are:
  • Organ Performances, vol. 1. Includes a dedicatory concert of a new organ in Rochester, NY in 1956, and an early performance in St. Louis Church in Buffalo, NY, 1952.
  • Organ Performances, vol. 2. Includes an organ concert given in Sacred Heart Church in Pittsburgh, 1960.
  • Organ Performances, vol. 3. Includes several groups of performances of Huybrechts: a group of "smaller works" performed in the early 1960's at Sacred Heart Church, two earlier performances form St. Louis Church in Buffalo in 1953, and some of Mr. Huybrechts last performances in 1972.
  • The Choristers of Sacred Heart, Compilation 1. Three separate groups of performances, the first narrated by Mr. Huybrechts and features 3 of his own works. The second is a rehearsal for the Spring Concert, 1963. Third is a performance of The Spring Concert, 1960.
  • The Choristers of Sacred Heart, Compilation 2. Includes recordings of rehearsals of the Choristers for their spring concerts of 1964 and 1970 respectively. They are accompanied and directed by Mr. Huybrechts.
  • The Choristers of Sacred Heart, Compilation 3. Includes recordings of rehearsals of the Choristers for their spring concerts of 1971 and for Christmas of 1970. It also includes seven works described as "Girls, Men and Boys Choral" performed in Sacred Heart Church, directed with organ accompaniment by Mr. Huybrechts.
  • Sacred Heart Centennial Celebration. Professional recording made by KDKA in 1972 of the 100 year anniversary of the founding of the Sacred Heart Parish. It features an 8 part mass for mixed choirs, written and directed by Louis Huybrechts.
  • Christmas at Sacred Heart. A copy of a record produced by Sacred Heart Parish in 1966 with midnight mass excerpts from 1959 and 1962.
  • Christmas at Sacred Heart Church, Midnight Mass 1959. Missa Festiva and many seasonal works with combined choirs of Sacred Heart, all directed with organ accompaniment by Louis Huybrechts.
  • Piano Works Composed and Performed by Louis Huybrechts. Includes some of the oldest surviving works and performances of Louis Huybrechts, dating back to 1942. Major works include Cantata Bouchout, Sonata for two Pianos, Minuette, Waltz and Rhapsody for Piano.
  • Performances at Sacred Heart Church, Missa Choralis and Missa De St. Marguerite. Includes two Sunday Mass performances from May 1963, with Boys and Men's choirs, directed with organ accompaniment by LH
  • Performances at Sacred Heart Church, St. Cecilia Mass and Missa St. Clara of Assisi, and a performance of Mozart's Piano Concerto no. 21. Two Sunday Mass performances from 1966, with Boys and Men's choirs, directed with organ accompaniment by Louis Huybrechts. The Mozart piano concerto was performed by Louis Huybrechts' brother, August with the Grand Rapids Philharmonic Orchestra in 1979.