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ADOLPH M. FOERSTER (1854 - 1927)

Scrapbook, Volume 3

Location: Oliver Room, Pittsburgh Music Archives, qr 780 S43, Volume 3

First page noted: Scrapbook of Adolph M. Foerster: Musical and Literary

A compendium of assorted vagaries such as doggerel, amusing stories, "A Cross Almanac" for 152 years, newspaper clippings of articles such as: "Beecher on Calvinism," The Name of God in 48 Languages," Victor Hugo on Voltaire," "How George Sand took her name;" death notices of famous musicians, (etc.) for some 55 pages.

Newspaper columns of musicians and their photos such as: Adolph and Emil Foerster, Carl Retter, George and Fred Toerge, Louise Homer Beatty, Charles Mellor, Fidelis Zitterbart, Beveridge Webster - and many more for 30 pages.