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ADOLPH M. FOERSTER (1854 - 1927)

Scrapbook, Volume 2

Location: Oliver Room, Pittsburgh Music Archives, qr 780 S43, Volume 2

Excerpts from a newspaper article in Fort Wayne, Indiana of August 1875 when he became a member of the Conservatory music staff in that city : "Adolph M. Foerster (c. 25) is a German by parentage, born in Pittsburgh, PA where he now resides. His father is a portrait painter. He began music study at an early age and eventually was sent to the Conservatory at Leipzig, Germany for three years. He is a pianist and tenor, and teaches voice, harmony and composition. A second article from June 1876 indicated he was leaving Fort Wayne and returning to Pittsburgh."

Notice of his marriage to Henrietta M. Reineman on October 17, 1878 Subsequent newspaper item: Died - Alvin Karl Foerster, aged 2 years, on August 8, 1881 (born May 19, 1879.)

Program (in which Foerster sang two tenor arias) from Pennsylvania Female College (Pittsburgh) dated December 18, 1879 (noted as being the college's Tenth Year).

He succeeded Carl Retter as director of the Symphonic Society.

Elected to the Directorship of the Philharmonic Society in 1882.

Many of his compositions are featured in local programs.