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ADOLPH M. FOERSTER (1854 - 1927)



  • 6 Scrapbooks containing articles and programs, many pertaining to the history of music and musicians in Pittsburgh
  • Photograph Album
  • Handwritten manuscripts of songs composed by Foerster, bound in 2 volumes
  • Published sheet music of compositions by Foerster, bound in 5 volumes

Time period  1870 - 1925


    Adolph Martin Foerster, an internationally known composer, music teacher, music historian, and conductor, was born and resided most of his life in Pittsburgh. He taught privately and at the Pittsburgh Female College. His articles about music history, especially about Pittsburgh, were featured in The Musical Forecast and national periodicals. He became the conductor of the Symphonic Society in 1879, and was elected conductor of the Musical Union in 1882. After 1883 he devoted himself to teaching and composition.


    The William R. Oliver Special Collections Room
      Scrapbooks: qr 780 S43 volumes 16. Volumes 4, 5, & 6 are folio sized.
      Photographic Album: r 927.8 F68
      Manuscripts: qr 780.8 F68cc and qr 780.8 F68co
      Published Sheet Music Collections: qr 780.0 F68c volumes 1-5

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Scrapbooks - qr 780 S43 volumes 16

Volume 1 -

    Programs, newspaper articles and reviews originating in Pittsburgh, Boston, New York and other select cities from 1870-1872. Includes the Commencement program from Western University of Penna., June 28, 1872 at Third Presbyterian Church (12 graduates and the titles of their orations.)

Volume 2 see link

Volume 3 see link

Volume 4 -

    Scrapbook dated May 16, 1907. Numerous articles, concert programs, and photos surrounding Foerster's success as composer and teacher, his professional associations, and his productive life as a Pittsburgh musician. Latest date noted is 1925. (His death date is August 1927.) This volume also contains a multi-part newspaper article that Foerster wrote for the Pittsburgh Dispatch, from March - May, 1920, about "Pittsburg Music and Musicians."

Volume 5 see link. Collection of Newspaper Articles, many about the history of music in Pittsburgh.

Volume 6 see link. Scrapbook of Programs.

Photograph Album - r 927.8 F68

A handsome dark leather photograph album containing 60 formal photographs of well-known international musicians from the late 19th and early 20th century.

Also included:

  • photo of informal gathering of men in a room (restaurant)? in Detroit, Michigan in 1890. The men are identified in writing on the reverse side of photo, including Edward MacDowell and Adolph Foerster.
  • photo of a bronze bust of Franz Abt on a marble pedestal in Darmstadt

Album presented to the archival collection of The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh by Adolph Foerster.

Manuscripts - qr780.8 F68cc and qr 780.8 F68co

Music manuscripts of songs composed by Adolph M. Foerster.
Handwritten in Foerster's own hand in pencil, fountain pen, pen, or marker.
The 2 volumes contain many separate pieces bound together. The pieces include piano/vocal and choral songs in English and/or German, and piano solos.
Dates on some of the pieces are from the late 1800's and early 1900's.

Published Sheet Music Collections - qr 780.0 F68c volumes 1-5

Published sheet music of songs composed by Adolph M. Foerster, bound in 5 volumes.