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CHARLES N. BOYD (1875-1937)

qr 780.973 B66s volumes 16-20, 1901-1907

Location: Oliver Room


Volume 16

Scrapbook 1906

This 1906 scrapbook is a collection of newspaper items and music journal critiques from Pittsburgh and from around the country.

Volume 17

Scrapbook 1901

  1. Newspaper items of Pittsburgh musicians, orchestra, and personalities, as well as items from newspapers and journals around the country.

  2. Pittsburth TIMES of March 23, 1901 records a lengthy obituary of (Pierre Louis) Clement Tetedoux, singer, choral director, and faculty member of Pittsburgh Conservatory of Music.

  3. Reviews of opera performances in Pittsburgh in April 1901.

  4. Obituary of Frederick Archer in a local paper of October 26, 1901. Archer was the first conductor of the Pittsburgh Orchestra and the first organist at Carnegie Music Hall.

  5. Although this scrapbook focuses on 1901, some items from 1898 through 1902 are noted.

Volume 18

Scrapbook 1901-1902

  1. This scrapbook is a collection of newspaper items and music journal critiques from Pittsburgh and from around the country.

  2. From Pittsburgh GAZETTE of April 18, 1902: "The Marriage of Figaro received with enthusiasm. Largest audience on record filled Duquesne Garden to overflowing. Receipts were almost $45,000 and puts Pittsburgh in lead of cities outside of New York. Brilliant audience wildly applauded work of singers."

  3. Copy of the booklet for The Art Society of Pittsburgh, Season 1901-1902, the 29th year.

Volume 19

Scrapbook F
Notation by Charles Boyd: "Complete and Indexed July 3, 1907."

  1. News clippings from Pittsburgh and around the country.

  2. Inside front cover contains seating plan for first floor auditorium of Carnegie Music Hall.

  3. From Pittsburgh GAZETTE of May 5, 1906: Deficit less than last year. Statement of past season of Pittsburgh Orchestra shows much improvement. Disbursements and Receipts are given.

  4. Announcement from the Pittsburgh Orchestra for the Tenth Season 1904-1905: "The Orchestra Committee of the Pittsburgh Art Society, at a meeting held Saturday, March 26, 1904, elected Emil Paur, Conductor of the Pittsburgh Orchestra for three years beginning with the season of 1904-1905. Mr. Paur was not a candidate for the position." There follows a full-page of his biographical data.

Volume 20

Scrapbook G
Notation by Charles Boyd: "Complete and Indexed July 2, 1907."

  1. Announcements of two Grand Opera seasons in Pittsburgh by the Metropolitan Opera House, New York, performed at The Nixon in March/April 1904 and March 1905.

  2. Several programs by The Art Society in 1904.

  3. News clippings about music and musicians in Pittsburgh and elsewhere.