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CHARLES N. BOYD (1875-1937)

qr 780.973 B66s volumes 7-10

Scrapbooks of The Kunits Quartet 1898-1901 and other musical artists under the management auspices of Charles Boyd

Location: Oliver Room


Volume 7

Scrapbook of The Kunits Quartet and other musical artists 1898-1899

  1. Members of the Kunits String Quartet in November 22, 1897 were: Luigi von Kunits (First Violin), Harry Dimond (Second Violin), Jean de Backer (Viola), Charles Russell (Violoncello). Charles Boyd was the Manager.

  2. Notice in LEADER news clipping that Charles Russell, new cellist with the Kunits Quartet, has been added to the faculty of the Pittsburgh Conservatory of Music where Luigi Von Kunits heads the string department.

  3. Following at least 28 pages of clippings relating to The Kunits Quartet, the balance of the scrapbook contains clippings from Pittsburgh newspapers announcing varying visiting musical artists and events, along with reviews of many concerts. Joseph Gittings is mentioned frequently as manager and promoter of these artists.

  4. Flyer of note dated March 1, 1898 signed by Joseph H. Gittings (34 Dithridge St.) announces: On the evening of Friday, March 18, 1898, at Carnegie Music Hall, there will appear in joint concert three of the great virtuosi of the world, namely: Eugene Ysaye, violinist; Jean Gerady, violoncellist; and Raoul Pugno, pianist - with Mrs. Maud Pratt Chase, soprano. Further noted is this statement: "The artistic possibilities of a program with such artists will be fully realized at this concert, which will be notable in the musical history of Pittsburgh."

  5. The final page of this scrapbook is a listing of ten Pittsburgh newspapers and editors to contact: DISPATCH, POST, GAZETTE, TIMES, LEADER, TELEGRAPH, PRESS, NEWS, VOLKSBLATT, and BULLETIN.

Volume 8

Scrapbook of The Kunits Quartet 1899-1900

  1. Members of the Kunits String Quartet in 1899 were: Luigi von Kunits (First Violin), Theodore Rentz (Second Violin), Jean B. de Backer (Viola), Carlo Fischer (Violoncello). Charles N. Boyd was the Manager.

  2. Programs in March 1900 list the Kunits String Quartet as: Luigi von Kunits (First Violin), Henry Burck (Second Violin), Jean de Backer (Viola), Louis Heine (Violoncello). Charles N. Boyd continues as Manager.

  3. Newspaper clipping in November 1900 lists the Kunits String Quartet as above, except that Henri Merck now holds the chair of Violoncello.

  4. This entire journal contains news clippings of this Quartet, its members, repertoire, guest artists, performing venues in the Pittsburgh area and on tour, and reviews of concerts.

Volume 9

Scrapbook 1900-1901

  1. Newspaper item under date of May 27 [1900]: "Under the enterprising management of Chas. M. Boyd a series of recitals is planned for the small towns nearby to Pittsburgh during the coming season." First two recitals will be by singers and the third will be the Kunits String Quartet.

  2. Several entries name the Gamble & Boyd Company, Concert Management - address at 237 Fourth Ave. in Pittsburgh. One of their artistic quartets is titled "The Daisy Chain" - soprano, contralto, tenor, baritone and accompanist.

  3. This scrapbook contains newspaper clippings announcing recital series throughout the Pittsburgh, Western Pennsylvania, and the Eastern Ohio area, and reviews of them - many of which were arranged through the management auspices of Charles Boyd .

Volume 10

Scrapbook 1901

  1. This is primarily a collection of newspaper items about the Kunits String Quartet - where and what they will perform, and reviews following concerts.

  2. A few flyers and newspaper items about other artists under the Boyd management are also part of this collection, including the group: The Persian Garden Company.