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CHARLES N. BOYD (1875-1937)

Scrapbook, qr 780.973 B66s vol. 2

Location: Oliver Room


Scrapbook of
National Music Week, May 4-10, 1924

  1. Pittsburgh hosted an observance of this national event, and the first item in this scrapbook is the booklet of its purpose, cooperating organizations, and locations of programs.

  2. Venues for programs included: 13 hospitals (as arranged by the Tuesday Musical Club); Syria Mosque; Carnegie Music Hall; Memorial Hall; observances in 73 local churches; Irene Kaufmann Settlement; YMCA; auditoriums in downtown department stores; 37 public school auditoriums; college/university halls and theaters.

  3. Many programs were broadcast by radio stations KDKA and KQV.

  4. This 24-page booklet titled "The Spirit of Pittsburgh" indicates that the City of Pittsburgh was saturated with musical events to honor Music Week in 1924, which was to focus public attention upon music, and to encourage musical education among the people.

  5. A four-page folder of Boston's First Music Week on May 4-10, 1924 is included.

  6. The balance of this scrapbook contains some correspondence to organizations about their participation, and numerous newspaper clippings announcing events and then reporting on them.