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CHARLES N. BOYD (1875-1937)

Scrapbook, qr 780.973 B66s vol. 1

Location: Oliver Room


Scrapbook of newspaper clippings
Music Week in Pittsburgh, 1924

  1. "Suburbs Follow City in Music Week Plans" is the heading of an early clipping which also noted that Greater Pittsburgh's music week will have 1,000,000 participants.

  2. Public schools and musical organizations (such as the Tuesday Musical Club) are heavily involved. Churches plan special musical events. Radio programs were arranged from station KDKA. Employees of mercantile and industrial institutions are also working on behalf of the event.

  3. A drive by the Musicians' Club for a $2,000,000 symphony orchestra endowment fund will be started this week. (Pittsburgh lost its symphony 14 years ago.)

  4. Article headline in The Musical Forecast, May 1924: "Pittsburgh Takes Conspicuous Lead in National Music Week." A two-column listing of committees and those who chair them are included.

  5. Programs noted in public schools, hospitals, department stores, churches, and one by "crippled children orchestra" to play in the Twentieth Century Club.

  6. Large newspaper photo of the Mendelssohn Choir (Ernest Lunt, director) is included.

  7. Two-page article from the Pittsburgh Press of May 4, 1924 titled: "Pittsburgh Joins Nation in First Music Week Observance." Listed are programs, participating individuals and organizations.

  8. On the last page, is a small photo of Charles N. Boyd as Chairman of the Pittsburgh Music Week Committee.