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CHARLES N. BOYD (1875-1937)

Pittsburgh Music Archive #5 (2 boxes)

Location:Oliver Room


Box 1:

Scrapbook 1893-1900
  1. Cover of the scrapbook inscribed: Literature. Fourth Term 1893. C.N. Boyd, Irwin, PA.

  2. Includes newspaper clippings of musical events, many in which he performed or heard.

  3. Announcement of a Music Bureau which he opened and through which musicians for church and concert purposes will be furnished. His address is given as 115 Shady Avenue, E. E., Pittsburgh, PA .

  4. Advertising contract for The Pittsburgh Music Directory, Chares N. Boyd, Editor

  5. Letterhead for: The Pittsburgh Conservatory of Music, Hostetter Building, Fourth Ave., Pittsburgh, 1894: Beveridge Webster, Director; Chas. N. Boyd, Secretary.

  6. Announcement for the Allegheny Symphony Orchestra's first concert, December 1, 1896 at Carnegie Hall in Allegheny for the benefit of the Ladies' Relief society of Allegheny. Orchestra's director is Charles N. Boyd.

Box 2:


    Eighty-six pages of miscellaneous programs, announcements, newspaper reviews, poetry, cartoons, and biographical sketches from the early years of the 20th century as collected by Charles N. Boyd. Much of the material relates to Pittsburgh, but not all. Also included are 12 announcements of "complete revised editions of the classics" as included in Breitkopf & Härtel's catalogues.

Typescripts of Articles

FOLDER 1:  Music and the Community

  1. for Pittsburgh Post "community with ideal musical conditions"
  2. for Pittsburgh Record "The City of Organ Recitals"

FOLDER 2:  Music education

  1. "Pittsburgh High Schools: Plan for crediting outside musical study under private instruction"
  2. "Musical Education in the United States"
  3. "This Music-Lesson Business" (Individual students)
  4. "This Music Lesson Business" (Long history of music in U.S.)
  5. "Definition in Music Education" - for New York Times 07.18.31 (N.A.S.M.)
  6. "Modern Music Teaching" - for Cosmopolitan 12.23.29

FOLDER 3:  Bach at Berea (Baldwin-Wallace College Bach Festival and Albert Riemenschneider)

FOLDER 4:  Music and the church

  1. History of the North Avenue M.E. Church Choir written by Bessie Law
  2. "Some Sources of Hymn Tunes"
  3. "Teaching Hymn-Tunes in a Theological Seminary" - Talk for Hymn Society, New York, 11.14.32
  4. "The Religion of Music" 02.27.1918
  5. "The Old Hundredth"
  6. "One Sunday School Orchestra" - for New York Musical Observer 07.11.29

FOLDER 5:   Boyd articles listed in Readers’ Guide to Periodical Literature and The Education Index

FOLDER 6:   Notes; a review