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Pittsburgh and Web Resources

Whether you want to find information about a poet, listen to or read poetry online (or on your iphone), or get involved in Pittsburgh poetry events, you'll find links to those here.

3 Poems by... Poetry Discussion Group

A monthly get together to discuss three poems by a selected poet or about a selected topic.

12 Books for National Poetry Month 2012

A new selection of favorite poetry books from poet librarian Don Wentworth

Poets Write Personal Prose

Reflections on parents, pacifism, gardening, and more.

The Pleasure of Poetry

Selected volumes designed to captivate your soul and senses.

Poems for All Ages

Poetry permeates our lives. Rhythm and rhyme are found in songs, advertising jingles and LOTS of children's books. From bouncy picture books to realistic novels in verse to poems you can perform at the top of your lungs, these titles offer new ways to see and celebrate the world around us.

Listening to Poetry: Putting Tunes to Poetry

Composers have been inspired by poetry for thousands of years. Some take a poem and add melody; some take a melody and add a poem. Then, a singer takes the song and brings it to life.

Listening to Poetry: No Music, Just Poetry

For those who just want to listen to the poetry itself, we’ve included another icy tip of the iceberg. If you enjoy these, there’s much more at the Library.

Poets in Novels

Live the creative life through these novels featuring poets both real and imagined.

Novels in Verse for Teens

Enjoy poetry and fiction? Try a novel in verse. These authors use the freedom of verse form to express themselves and their stories.

Poetry for Teens

Teens can feel the power of poems down through their bones, making them feel like they're home, sweet home.

Poetry on Poverty

Poets render the hardships and beauty of poor and working class life into a variety of powerful styles.

Watch Poetry! Poets and Poems on DVD

Feature films with poets as protagonists and documentaries about poets and poetry.