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Humanities Subject Periodicals in the Reference Services Department: Previously Received

The following is a list of periodicals in humanities subject areas (Literature, Religion, Philosophy, Entertainment, Sports, Librarianship and Publishing) that were formerly received by Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. The issues could be individual, bound, on microfilm or in our Warehouse; you’ll need to ask a librarian for specific information about each title.

Please be aware that almost all the bound periodicals from the years before 1970 have been moved to our Warehouse and are currently unavailable until further notice.

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AB Bookman's Weekly
Microfilm #660: 1882-1887; Unbound: past 6 months

ALA Booklist (See Booklist)

ALA Bulletin (See American Library Association Bulletin)
Microfilm #120 vol. 49-62 1955-1969

ALA Washington News Letter
Current year plus one year

ASIS Journal (See JASIS and American Documentation)
Bound: 1970-1986

ASLIB Proceedings
Bound: 1924-1950, 1951-1953, 1956-1960, 1965-1980

Abstract of English Studies
Microfilm #207: Jan. 1958 - June 1977 and April-December 1981; Bound: Sept. 1977 - June 1980

microfilm #519 1869-1916 vol. 1-90

Academy and Literature (See Academy)
Bound: Oct. 1930-March 1932 and May-Oct. 1932

Adult Education and the Library
Bound: 1924-1930

All the Year Round
Microfilm #694: April 1859-March 1895

See Humanities Librarian for holdings information

Storage: 1880-April 1890

American Advocate of Peace
Bound: 1834-1836

American Alliance for Health, Physical Education and Recreation (See also Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport)
See Humanities Librarian for holdings information

American Antiquarian Society Proceedings
Microfilm #130; Oct. 1880-Oct. 1976

American Archivist
Bound: 1953-1982

American Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation (See also Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport)
See Humanities Librarian for holdings information

American Atheist
Bound: April 1980-1991

American Bibliopolist
Bound: Jan. 1869-Aug. 1877

American Bookseller
Bound: 1882, 1884-1885

American Catholic Quarterly Review
Microfilm #524: 1876-1924

American Collector
Bound: 1925-March 1928

American Documentation (See also ASIS Journal and JASIS)
Bound: 1950-1969

American Eclectic
Bound: 1841-1842

American Film
See Humanities Librarian for holdings information

American-German Review
Bound: Sept. 1934-July 1955

American Historical Quarterly (See also American Jewish History)
Microfilm #689: 1893-1968

American Illustrated Magazine
Bound: May 1905-April 1906

American Jewish History
Microfilm #687: 1893-1968; Bound: Sept. 1978-June 1980

American Jewish Historical Quarterly (See also American Jewish History)
Storage: 1893-June 1961; Bound: Sept. 1961-June 1978

American Journal of Philology
Microfilm #457: 1880-1965; Bound: 1965- to date

American Libraries
Bound: 1970-1997; Unbound: 1998 to date

American Library Association Booklist (See Booklist)
American Library Association Bulletin (See also ALA Bulletin)
See Humanities Librarian for holdings information

American Literary Gazette and Publishers' Circular
Bound: May 1863-Jan. 1872

American Literary Magazine
Bound: 1847-1849

American Literature
See Humanities Librarian for holdings information

American Magazine - Brooklyn (See also American Illustrated Magazine)
Bound: Nov. 1887-1888

American Magazine - New York
Storage: 1876-1905; Bound: May 1906-Aug. 1956

The American Magazine, a Monthly Miscellany
Bound: June 1815-May 1816

American Mercury
Microfilm #581: 1924-Spring 1980

American Methodist Magazine
(See Knickerbocker)
American Monthly Magazine
Bound: March 1833-Feb. 1835, Jan. 1836-Sept. 1838

American Monthly Review
Bound: 1832-1833

American Monthly Review of Reviews (See also American Review of Reviews and Review of Reviews)
Microfilm #662: 1897-1907

American Museum
Bound: 1787-1798

American Notes and Queries
Bound: 1888-April 1892

American Pageant Association Bulletin
Bound: May 1913-Dec. 1919

American Philatelist
Bound: Nov. 1886-Sept. 1936, July 1952-1983

American Poetry Review
Jan. 1998 to date

American Printer & Lithographer
Storage: Sept. 1906-1958

American Quarterly Church Review (See Church Review)
American Quarterly Church Review and Ecclesiastical Register (See Church Review)
American Quarterly Observer
Bound: 1833-1834

American Quarterly Review
Microfilm #451: March 1827-1837

American Review
Bound: April 1933-Oct. 1937

American Review: A Whig Journal (See American Whig Review)
American Review of Reviews (See also American Monthly Review of Reviews and Review of Reviews)
Microfilm #62: 1907-1928

American Society for Information Science Journal (See ASIS)
American Society for Psychical Research Journal
Microfilm #580: 1907-Oct. 1980

American Spectator
See Humanities Librarian for holdings information

American Speech
Bound: 1926-to date; Microfilm: vol. 30-72 1955-1997

American Theatre
Bound: 1994-1996; Unbound: 1997 to date

American Theological Review (See Presbyterian Quarterly Review)
American Weekly Mercury
Bound: 1719-1723

American Whig Review
Storage: 1845-1852

Amusement Park Journal
Bound: 1979-1983

Analectic Magazine (See also Analectic Magazine & Naval Chronicle)
Microfilm #468: 1813-1820

Analectic Magazine & Naval Chronicle (See Analectic Magazine)


Andover Review
Microfilm #469: 1884-1893

Anglo-Saxon Review
Storage: 1899-1901

L'annee Philosophique
Storage: 1890-1892, 1894-1913

Antioch Review
Microfilm #525; Unbound: Winter 1998-date; Microfilm vol. 1 to date (1941-)

See Humanities Librarian for holdings information

Antiquarian Bookman (See AB Bookman's Weekly)
Antiquarian Magazine and Bibliographer
Microfilm #660: Jan. 1882-Nov. 1887

Appleton's Booklovers Magazine (See Booklover's Magazine)
Appleton's Journal
Microfilm #343: 1869-1881

Appleton's Magazine
Microfilm #663: 1903-1909

Current two years

Archives of Philosophy
See Humanities Librarian for holdings information

Microfilm #132: Dec. 1889-Aug. 1909

Microfilm #449: Summer 1866-Sept. 1901

Arthur's Magazine
Bound: 1844, Jan.-April 1846

The Arts Monthly (See Theatre Arts)
Aryan Path
Bound: 1964-1965, 1967-1969

2003 to date

Microfilm #97: No.1 - 4737 (Jan. 1828 - Feb. 1921)

Atkinson's Casket (See Graham's American Monthly Magazine of Literature and Art)

Atlantic Book Reviews (See Atlantic Bookshelf)

Atlantic Bookshelf
Stacks: Mar. 1928 - Dec. 1932

Atlantic's Bookshelf (See Atlantic Bookshelf)

Atlas (See also to Atlas World Press Review and World Press Review)
Mar. 1961 - April 1972

Atlas World Press Review (See also Atlas and World Press Review)
Mar. 1974 - Feb. 1980

1889 - 1891



Current two years

Ballou's Pictorial Drawing-Room Companion
Bound: May 1851-1857, 1859

Baptist Quarterly
Microfilm #737: 1867-1877

Bay State Librarian (See Massachusetts Library Club Bulletin)

Bay State Montly (See New England Magazine)

Bay View Magazine
Bound: Nov. 1903-May 1906, Oct. 1912-May 1917

Bound: Oct. 1921-1924

Microfilm #464: Nov. 1886-June 1899

Storage: 1917-1919

Bound: May 1899-April 1900

Bentley's Miscellany
Microfilm #423: Jan. 1937-December 1868

Best Sellers
Microfilm #635: 1941-March 1987

Storage: 1895-1898, 1900, 1905-1907

Biblical Archaeology Review
Bound: July 1996-Dec. 1998

Biblical Repertory and Princeton Review
Microfilm #667: 1829-1871

Biblical World
Storage: 1893-1920

Bibliographer (London; New York)
Microfilm #658: Dec. 1881-Nov. 1884

Bibliographer (New York)
Bound: 1902-1903

Bound: 1895-1897

Bibliotheca Sacra
Microfilm #22: Feb. 1844-1980

Bicycling (See also Bike World)
Bound: Current Issues IAC: Jan. 1980-De. 1998

Bike World (See also Bicycling)

Birth Control News
Bound: 1922-1926; Storage: May 1929-Nov. 1946

Birth Control Review
Storage: 1920-1927, Oct. 1933-Nov. 1934

Black and White
Storage: 1907-1912

Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine (See Blackwood's Magazine)

Blackwood's Magazine
Microfilm #475: 1817-1980

Book (The Magazine for the Reading Life)
Bound: Oct./Nov. 1998-to date

Book Auction Record Quarterly (See BAR Quarterly)

Book Buyer (See also The Lamp)
Bound: Feb. 1884-Jan. 1903, Feb. 1905-1910

Book Digest (combined with Books in Brief)
Bound: Feb. 1937-Oct. 1939

Bound: 1882-1887

Book-Lover (San Francisco etc.)
Storage: Autumn 1889-June 1904

Book-Lover's Magazine (Edinurgh)
Microfilm# 663: 1905-1909

Book News Monthly
Microfilm# 738: 1882-1918; Bound: Sept. 1886-Aug. 1918

Book Review (See New York Herald Tribune Books)

Book Reviews
Bound: May 1895-1901

Book Week

Book World
Microfilm# 610: June 4, 1972-1983; Bound: Sept. 1967-1972

Microfilm# 511: 1905-Aug. 1956; Bound: Sept. 1986-to date

Booklist and Subscription Books Bulletin (See Booklist)

Booklover's Magazine (See Appleton's Magazine)

Bound: 1891-1934

The Bookman
Microfilm #164: Feb. 1895-Mar. 1933

Bookman's Weekly (See Antiquarian Bookman)

Bound: 1883-1890

Books (See New York Herald Tribune Books)

Books Abroad (See also World Literature Today)

Books in Brief
Bound: Feb. 1937-May 1938

Bound: Nov. 1929-June 1930

The Book-worm
Bound: 1886-1870

Bound: 1888-1894

Bound: Jul. 1893-Oct. 1897

Boston Monthly Magazine
Bound: Jul. 1825-Jul. 1826 Microfilm vol. 1-2 (July 1825-July 1826)

Boston Quarterly Review
Microfilm# 319: Jan. 1838-Oct. 1842

British and Foreign Review
Microfilm # 443: Jul. 1835-1844

British Library Association Monthly Notes (See Library Association of the United Kingdom Notes)

British Quarterly Review
Microfilm# 422: Feb. 1845-Apr. 1886

Storage: 1868-1870

Broadway Annual (See Broadway)

Broadway Magazine
Bound: Oct. 1906-Mar. 1908

Brooklyn Magazine (See American Magazine)

Bulletin of Bibliography
April 1897-1979

Bulletin of Bibliography and Dramatic Index (See Bulletin of Bibliography)

Bulletin of Bibliography and Magazine Notes (See Bulletin of Bibliography)

Bulletin of Bibliography and Magazine Subject-Index (See Bulletin of Bibliography)

Bound: 1907-1916



CD-ROM Professional (See also EMedia Professional)

Bound: 1880-1882

Californian and Overland Monthly (See Californian)

California Illustrated Magazine
Storage: 1891-1894

Campbell's Foreign Monthly/Semi-Monthly Magazine
Bound: Sept. 1842-Aug. 1844

Camping Magazine
Microfilm# 534: 1960-Dec. 1998

Canadian Bookman
Bound: 1930-1937

Canadian Forum
Microfilm# 530: 1920-1932; Bound: Oct. 1932-1987

Canadian Magazine of Politics, Science, Art and Literature
Bound: 1893-1937

Carleton Drama Review (See Tulane Drama Review)

Carnegie Magazine
Microfilm# 616: 1973-1997; Bound: Apr. 1927-1998

Carnegie Review
Bound: Winter 1965-Apr. 1970

Bound: Feb. 1833-Jan. 1834, 1837-1840

Cassell's Magazine

Catholic Digest
Microfilm# 529: 1936 to date; Bound: Nov. 1940-Oct. 1980

Catholic Historical Review
Microfilm# 140: Apr. 1915-Oct. 1979; Reference: Index 1915-1965

Catholic University Bulletin
Microfilm# 84: Jan. 1895-Dec. 1908

Catholic World (See also New Catholic World)

Celtic Review
Bound: 1904-1916

Central-Blatt and Social Justice
Bound: Apr. 1933-Mar. 1940

Bound: Nov. 1881-1930; Storage: 1870-Oct. 1881; Microfilm: 1881-1906

Century Illustrated Magazine (See Century)

Chambers's Edinburgh Journal
Storage: 1833-1843, 1844-Nov. 1911

Chambers's Journal (See Chambers's Edinburgh Journal)

Bound: 1897-1898

Storage: 1880-Sep. 1900, Apr. 1901-1914

Chess Life
Bound: 1980 to date; 1990-1998

Chess Life and Review (See Chess Life)
Bound: vol. 25-34 1970-1979; Microfilm: vol. 21-34 1966-1979

Chess Review (See Chess Life)
Bound: 1963-1969

Child Study
Microfilm# 110: Winter 1954/55-1960; Storage: Oct. 1938-Fall 1954;

Childhood Interests

Bound: Mar. 1964-Aug. 1999; Unbound: Sep. 1999-to date

Christian Advocate
Bound: Jan. 21, 1846-1850; 1877; 1879-1882; Nov. 15, 1883; 1884-Feb. 18, 1932

Christian Century
Microfilm# 169: 1956-Dec. 1997; IAC: 1983-Nov. 1998; Bound: 1927-1955, Jan. 1986-Dec. 1997; Unbound: Jan. 1999-to date

Christian Literature
Storage: 1889- Dec. 1892, Nov. 1893-1897

Christian Literature and Review of the Churches (See Christian Literature)

Christian Messenger (and Family Magazine)
Bound: May 1845-Dec. 1847

Christian Observer
Microfilm: 1802-1825

Christian Observer and Advocate (see Christian Observer)

Christian Quarterly
Microfilm: 1869-1876

Christian Science Journal
Bound: Apr. 1896-1979

Christianity Today
Microfilm# 289: Oct. 11, 1974-Sep.6, 1975; IAC: Jan. 1980-Nov. 16, 1998; Bound: Oct. 13, 1967-1986 (Missing: v.20 Jan.-Jun. 1975) 1988- to date; Unbound: Jul. 1999-to date

Church Quarterly Review
Storage: 1875-1943

Churchman (See Human Quest)

Classical Journal
Microfilm# 583: Dec. 1905-May 1976

Classical Philology
Microfilm# 143: 1906 to date

Classical Quarterly
Storage: 1930-1943

Classical Review
Storage: 1887-Mar. 1910, 1924-1943

The Classical World
Bound: Sep. 1979-Aug. 1998; Bindery: Sep. 1998-Aug. 1999; Unbound: Sep. 1999-to date

Colburn's New Monthly Magazine (See New Monthly Magazine)

College and Research Libraries
Bound: 1939-1984

College English
Microfilm# 144: Oct. 1939-to date

Microfilm# 447: Oct. 1891-Mar. 1915; Bound: Mar. 1915-Jan. 1957

Bound: 1931-1940

Columbia Journalism Review
Bound: to date

Comic Book Journal
2003 to date

Commentator (See Scribner's Commentator)

Computers in Libraries (See Small Computers in Libraries)

Conductor's Monthly Magazine and Repository
Bound: Jan.-Jun. 1879

Congregational Review
Bound: Jan. 1887-Jan. 1891

Contemporary Jewish Record
Bound: Jan. 1939-1945

Contemporary Literature
Microfilm# 538: 1960-Winter 1998; Unbound: Spring 1997-to date

Contemporary Review
Microfilm# 487: Feb. 1866-to date

Contemporary Verse
Bound: Jul. 1919-1929

The Continent
Bound: 1882-1884

Continental Monthly
Bound: 1862-1864

Corahill Magazine
Microfilm# 203: 1860-Winter 1971/1972, Spring 1973-Summer 1975

Storage: 1896-1898

Council of Jewish Women
Bound: Oct. 1918-June 1926

Country Bard
Bound: 1918-Spring 1927

Country Calendar
Bound: May-Dec. 1905

Country Life
Microfilm# 481: 1897-Jun. 1948, 1950-1954; Bound Jul. 1948-1949

Creative Reading
Bound: 1927-Jan. 1, 1932

Microfilm# 566: 1942-Sep. 1981; Bound: 1881-Jun. 1901, 1902-1906

Critic and Good Literature (See Critic)

Critic and Literary World (See Critic)

Critical Review of Theological and Philosophical Literature
Bound: 1891-1904

Microfilm# 541: 1959-to date

Microfilm# 62: 1956-1977; Bound: 1978-Summer 1998; Unbound: Spring 1999 to date
Cultural Post

Current Encyclopedia
Bound: 1901-1902

Current Literature
Bound: Jul. 1888-Dec. 1912

Current Opinion
Bound: 1913-Apr. 1925



Bound: 1847-1849

The Dalhousie Review
Bound: Apr. 1930-Oct. 1943

Dance Index

The Dark Blue
Bound: 1871-Mar. 1873

Bound: Jan. 1941-Jan. 1942

Democratic Review
Storage: 1838-1852

Demorest's Monthly Magazine
Bound: 1873-Dec. 1874, 1879, Nov. 1881-Oct. 1887

Storage: 1840-1844

Dialect Notes
Bound: 1896-1939

Digest (See Literary Digest)

Documentation Abstracts
Bound: Mar. 1966-1968

The Dome
Bound: 1897-1900

The Drama (See The Drama Magazine and Drama, the Quarterly Theatre Review)

Drama League Monthly
Bound: 1916-1919

The Drama Magazine
Bound: 1912-1931

Drama Review (See Tulane Drama Review)
Bound: Mar. 1972-Dec. 1980

Drama: The Quarterly Theatre Review
Bound: Summer 1970-1987

Dramatic Mirror
Storage: Jan. 4, 1911-1922

Bound: 1909-1932

Drexel Library Quarterly
Bound: 1965-Oct. 1980

Dublin Review
Microfilm# 189: May 1836-Winter 1969 (1962-1964 Titled Wiseman Review)



Eastern Sea Combined With Rudder
Bound: Jul. 1977-Dec. 1979

Eclectic and Congregational Review (See Eclectic Review)

Eclectic Magazine of Foreign Literature
Microfilm# 52: Jan. 1844-Jun. 1907

Eclectic Review
Storage: 1805-1868

1999 to date

1999 to date

Ecumenical Review
Microfilm# 142: Autumn 1948-Oct. 1980

Edinburgh Review (or Critical Journal)
Microfilm# 450: Oct. 1802-Apr. 1929

Editor and Publisher
Unbound: current and preceding year

Elementary English
Microfilm# 145: Mar. 1924-to date

Ellery Queen
2003 to date

EMedia Professional (See CD-ROM Professional)
Unbound: Jan. 1997 to date

Bound: 1995- to date

Bound: 1965-1989 (Missing Jan.-Jun. 1969)

English Illustrated Magazine
Storage: 1883-Mar. 1901, Oct. 1901-Sep. 1912

English Journal
Microfilm# 163: 1912 to date

English Literary History (See ELH)

English Review
Microfilm# 399: Dec. 1, 1908-Jul. 1937; Bound: Apr. 1844-Jan. 1853

English Speaking World (See Landmark)
Bound: Jan. 1938-Jan. 1943

Entertaiment Weekly
Unbound: current two years

Essex Institute
Bound: 1869-1898

Ethical Outlook (See The Standard)

Microfilm# 607: 1890-Jul. 1975

European Magazine and London Review
Bound: May, Jun., Nov., Dec. 1797

Evangelical Quarterly Review (See Lutheran Quarterly)

Every Saturday
Storage: 1866-1874

Every Where
Bound: Mar. 1901-Feb. 1905

Everybody's Magazine
Microfilm# 432: Sep. 1899-Dec. 1906, Jul. 1913-Dec. 1914, Jul. 1925-Mar. 1929; Storage: 1907-Jun. 1914, Jan. 1915-1925

Ex Libris
Bound: Jul. 1923-Jul. 1925

Microfilm# 497: Sep. 1963-Jun. 1971; Bound: Oct. 1942-Jun. 1963, Sep. 1967-Jun. 1968, Sep. 1970-Summer 1994; Unbound: Fall 1994 to date; Storage: Sep. 1967-Summer 1968, Sep.-Oct. 1970, Nov. 1970-Jun. 1972



FLQ (Film Library Quarterly)
Bound: 1967-1984

Family Treasure
Storage: 1864-1869

Bound: Summer 1931-Summer 1943

Federal Career Opportunities
Unbound: current issues

Federal Jobs Digest

Femina-Illustration (See also Femina-Illustration, France Illustration)
Bound: Jan. 1956-Nov. 1956

Femina-Theatre (See also Femina-Illustration)
Bound: Dec. 15,1955-Oct. 1956

Fiction Parade and Golden Book Magazine
Bound: Oct. 1935-Dec. 1936

Fight Against War and Fascism
Bound: 1934-Oct. 1938

Fight for Peace and Democracy
Bound: Nov. 1938-July 1939

Film Comment
Microfilm #40: Spring 1962-1972, 1974-1979; IAC: 1982-1998; Unbound: 1999 to date

Film Library Quarterly
Bound: Winter 1967-1984

Film Quarterly
Microfilm #347: Oct. 1945-to date; IAC: Spring 1980-Fall 1998

Bound: 1958-June 1965, 1966-1969, 1971-1973, 1976-1977

Bound: 1939-1940

Films in Review
Bound: 1955-1997

Fleet's and Bookwise Monthly
Bound: Sep. 1930-Mar. 1931

Storage: 1890-1943

Folk-Lore Journal
Microfilm: 1883-1889

Folk-Lore Record
Bound: 1878-1882

Foreign Language Information Service

Foreign Missionary Chronicle (See Missionary Chronicle)
Foreign Quarterly Review
Microfilm #442: July 1827-Jan. 1847

Foreign Review (See Foreign Review and Continental Miscellany)
Foreign Review and Continental Miscellany
Bound: 1828-1830

Microcard: Nov. 1909-Dec. 1916

Forrester's Boys' and Girls' Magazine and Fireside Companion
Bound: 1857

Bound: 1916-1954; Storage: 1865-1915

Fortnightly Review
Bound: 1916-1934; Microfilm: vol. 107-141 (1917-1934)

Microfilm #460: March 1886-June 1940; Bound: Sep. 1945-Jan. 1950

France Illustration
Bound: Oct. 1945-Mar. 1956

France Illustration, Litteraire et Theatrale
Bound: Mar. 1947-Nov. 1955

Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper

Frank Leslie's Lady's Magazine
Bound: Jan.-Jun. 1862, Jan.-Jun. 1863, 1864, Dec. 1966-Dec. 1867

Frank Leslie's Monthly (See Frank Leslie's Lady's Magazine)

Frank Leslie's New Family Magazine (See Frank Leslie's Lady's Magazine)

Frank Leslie's Popular Monthly (See American Magazine)

Fraser's Magazine
Microfilm #718: Feb. 1830-Oct. 1882

Fraser's Magazine for Town and Country (See Longman's Magazine)



Microfilm #427: May 1866-Jan. 1878

General Magazine of Arts and Sciences
Bound: 1755

General Repository and Review
Storage: Jan. 1812-Oct. 1813

German American Annals
Storage: 1897-1919

Germanic Review
Bound: 1926-1932

Gleason's Pictorial Drawing Room Companion (See Ballou's Pictorial Drawing Room Companion)

Unbound: Winter 1996-Spring 1999

Godey's Lady's Book
Bound: 1840-1876, missing Jan.-Apr. 1846

Godey's Magazine (See Godey's Lady's Book)

Golden Book (See Golden Book Magazine)

The Golden Book Magazine
Bound: Jan. 1925-Sep. 1935

IAC: Jan. 1983-Nov. 1998

Good Words and Sunday Magazine
Microfilm #665: 1860-1906

Graham's Magazine (Graham's American Monthly Magazine of Literature and Art)

2002 to date

Bound: 1996-1999; Unbound: 1999-to date

Group Discussion Guides
Bound: Sep. 1935-1941

Gypsy Lore Society



Hampton-Columbia Magazine
Bound: Oct. 1911-Jan. 1912

Hampton's Broadway Magazine (See Hampton's Magazine)

Hampton Magazine
IAC: Jan. 1980-Nov. 1998; Bound: 1908-1912

Harper's Round Table
Storage: Nov. 1879-1899

Harper's Weekly
Microfilm #482: 1857-May 13, 1916

Harvard Theological Review
Bound: 1908-Apr. 1955

Harvey's Weekly
Storage: 1918-1921

Hearst's Magazine
Bound: Jul. 1912-Jun. 1916

Unbound: Winter 1998 to date

Hearth and Home
Bound: Dec. 1869-1873

Hebrew Student (See Biblical World)

Huntington Library Quarterly
Microfilm #91: 1937-1980

Bound: 1946-1951

Hibbert Journal: a Quarterly Review of Religion, Theology and Philosophy
Microfilm #23: 1902-1968

Historical Magazine of the Protestant Episcopal Church
Bound: Mar. 1938-1942

Hockey News
Unbound: current

Hogg's Instructor
Storage: 1845-1859

Home and Foreign Review
Storage: 1862-1864

Homiletic Monthly (See also Homiletic Review)

Homiletic Review
Bound: Oct. 1878-1934

IAC: Jan. 1985-Apr. 1989; Bound: Sep. 1958-Autumn 1988

Hound and Horn
Bound: Oct. 1930-1932

Hours at Home
Storage: 1865-1870

Household Words
Microfilm #446: Mar. 30, 1850-May 28, 1859

Storage: 1912-1935

Howitt's Journal of Literature and Popular Progress
Bound: 1847-1848

Hudson Review
Microfilm #335: Spring 1948 to date

Human Quest
Current three years

IAC: Jan. 1983-Dec. 1998; Bound: 1978-1997; Unbound: 1998-to date

Microfilm #125: 1980-1985; Bound: 1985 to date

Huntington Library Quarterly
Microfilm #91: 1937-1980



Microfilm #611: Feb. 1892-Mar. 1911

Illinois Libraries
Current three years; Microfilm: vol. 11-34 (1929-1952)

Illuminated Magazine
Bound: May 1843-Apr. 1845

La Illustracion Espanola y Americana
Bound: 1908-1921

Illustrated American
Storage: 1890-1900

Illustrated American Magazine (See Illustrated American)

Illustrated News
Bound: 1853

L'Illustration Theatrale
Bound: 1909-1913

In the Open
Storage: 1911-1922

Bound: Jan. 1887-Oct. 1928

Independent and Weekly Review (See Independent)

Independent Review
Bound: 1903-1907

Indiana Public Library Commission Library Occurent
Bound: Apr. 1906-Sep. 1959

Information Outlook
1998 to date

Information Retrieval and Library Automation
Unbound: 4 years

Information Science (See also Information Science Abstracts and Documentation Abstracts)

Information Science Abstracts )See also Information Science and Documentation Abstracts)

Information Technology and Libraries
IAC: Mar. 1982-Sep. 1998; Bound: 1982-2000

Institut International de Bibliographie (See Bulletin de l' Institute International de Bibliographie)

International Quarterly
Microfilm #433: Jan. 1900-Jan. 1906

International Book Review (See Literary Digest International Book Review)

International Bookbinder
Bound: 1949-1972; Storage: 1900-1948

International Federation for Documentation (See Bulletin de l' Institute International de Bibliographie)

International Journal of Ethics (See Ethics)

International Journal of Psychoanalysis
Storage: 1920-1921, 1923-1924

International Magazine of Literature, Art and Science (See International Monthly Magazine)

International Miscellany of Literature, Art and Science (See International Monthly Magazine)

International Monthly (See International Quarterly)

International Monthly Magazine
Bound: Aug. 1850-Apr. 1852

International Poetry Review
Bound: 1975 to date

International Review
Microfilm #747: 1874-1883; Bound: 1874-1883

Internation Weekly Miscellany of Literature, Art and Science (See International Monthly Magazine)

Unbound: current 3 years

Irish Magazine
Bound: Jan.-Mar. 1842

Irish Monthly
Storage: 1873-1910

Irish Penny Journal
Bound: Jul. 1840-Jun. 1841

Irish Penny Magazine
Bound: 1833

Irish Quarterly Review
Microfilm #428: Mar. 1851-1859



JASIS (See also American Documentation and ASIS)
Bound: 1987-1996

Jewish Quarterly Review
Microfilm #488: Jul. 1910-1951; Bound: 1951-Apr. 1981; Storage: Oct. 1888-1908

Jewish Social Studies

Jewish Woman
Bound: Jan. 1922-Oct. 1931

Jim Kobaks Kirkus Review (See Kirkus Review)

Joe Weider's Muscle and Fitness
Unbound: current year

Journal of American Folklore
Microfilm #24: 1955 to date

Journal of Biblical Literature
Microfilm #61: 1881-1952

Journal of Classical and Sacred Philogy
Microfilm #546: 1854-1859

Journal of Documentary Reproduction
Bound: Winter 1938-1942

Journal of Documentation
Bound: Jun. 1945-1980

Journal of Education for Librarianship
Bound: Summer 1960-1980

Journal of English and Germanic Philology
Microfilm #592: 1897-Oct. 1964

Journal of Germanic Philology (See Journal of English and Germanic Philology)

Journal of Hellenistic Studies
Bound: 1880 to date

Journal of Library Automation
Mar. 1968-Dec. 1981

Journal of Library History
Bound: Jan. 1966-Fall 1979

Journal of Library History, Philosophy, and Comparative Librarianship (See Journal of Library History)

Journal of Philology
Microfilm #490: 1868-1920

Journal of Philosophy
Microfilm #45: 1904-1956, 1960-1975; Bound: 1957-1959, 1976-1978, 1982 to date

Journal of Philosophy, Psychology and Scientific Methods (See Journal of Philosophy)

Journal of Presbyterian History (See Presbyterian Historical Society Journal)

Journal of Religion
Microfilm #172: 1956-1980; Storage: 1921-1955

Journal of Speculative Philosophy
Microfilm #478: 1867-Dec. 1893

Journal of the American Society for Information Science (See JASIS, ASIS or American Documentation)

Journal of the Society of Biblical Literature and Exegesis (See also Journal of Biblical Literature)



Kenyon Review
Microfilm #613: 1960-1969; Bound: 1939-1959

Keystone Monthly
Bound: Jul. 1859-Jun. 1860

Kirkus Review
Microfilm #740: 1969-1976; Bound: 1970 to date

Storage: 1833-1862

Knickerbocker Monthly (See Knickerbocker)

Knickerbocker Weekly
Bound: Feb. 1941-Dec. 1955

Knight's Penny Magazine (See Penny Magazine)



Ladies Companion
Bound: Nov. 1838-Oct. 141, Oct. 1842-Oct. 1843

Ladies' Home Companion (See Woman's Home Companion)

Ladies' Repository
Microfilm #444: Jan. 1841-Dec. 1876

Lady's Book (See Godey's Lady's Book)

The Lamp
Bound: Feb. 1903-Jan. 1905

Land and Water
Bound: Jan. 1891-Jun. 1892

Landers Film Reviews

The Land We Love
Storage: 1866-1869

Language Arts (See also Elementary English)
Microfilm #145: Sep. 1975 to date

Lark: Monthly
Bound: May 1895-Apr. 1897

Larousse Mensuel Illustre
Storage: 1907-1931

Lasher's Chess Magazine
Bound: Nov. 1904-Oct. 1905

Leisure Hour
Storage: 1852-Oct. 1905

Bound: Jul. 1808-Mar. 1809

Microfilm #314: Jan. 1923-Dec. 1931

The Library
Microfilm #434: 1889-Oct. 1913, 1964, Mar.-Dec. 1971; Bound: Jun. 1930-1978

Library Administration and Management
Unbound: 1990-to date

The Library and the Museum Therein
Bound: Jul. 1918-Jun. 1939

Library Chronicle
Bound: 1884-1888

Library Hi Tech
Bound: 1983-1992

Library Hotline
Unbound: current two years

Library Journal
Microfilm #471: 1876-1974, 1976-1996; IAC: Jan. 1987-Nov. 15, 1998; Bound: 1977 to date

Library Miscellany
Bound: Aug. 1912-Apr. 1918

Library Notes
Jun. 1886-Oct. 1898

Library Notes and News (See Minnesota Libraries)

Library Occurent (See Indiana Public Library Commission, Occurent)

Library of Congress Information Bulletin
Unbound: 2 years plus current year

Library Personnel News

Library Quarterly
Microfilm #741: 1931-1997; Bound: 1931 to date

Library Resources and Technical Services
Bound: Winter 1957-Mar. 1984

Library Review
Spring 1967-Winter 1980

Library Software Review
Bound: 1984-1991

The Library Table
Bound: May 21, 1877-Apr. 1879

Library Trends
Microfilm #742: 1971-Spring 1999; IAC: Winter 1980-Spring 1998; Bound: Jul. 1952-Spring 1999 to date

Library Work
Bound: 1905-1911

El Libro Espanol
Bound: 1958-1966

Storage: 1883-1936

Storage: 1843-1888, 1908-1944

Lily, a Ladies Journal Devoted to Temperance and Literature
Microfilm #197: 1849-1856

Lippincott's Magazine
Storage: 1868-1916

Lippincott's Magazine of Literature, Science and Education (See Lippincott's Magazine)

Lippincott's Magazine of Popular Literature and Science (See Lippincott's Magazine

Lippincott's Monthly Magazine (See Lippincott's Magazine)

Literary and Theological Review
Bound: 1834-1839

Literary Digest
Microfilm #668: Mar. 1890-Dec. 1922

Literary Digest International Book Review
Bound: Dec. 1922-Nov. 1926

Literary Gazette
Bound: 1821

Literary News
Bound: Jan. 1882-Nov. 1884

Literary Review
Microfilm #351: Autumn 1968-Summer 1980, Microfilm #352: Sep. 1920-May 1927

Literary World
Microfilm #445: Feb. 1847-Dec. 1853; Storage: 1877-1901; Bound: 1902-1904

Bound: Oct. 1897-Jan. 1902

Littell's Living Age (See Living Age)

Lively Arts and Book Review (See New York Herald Tribune Books)

Living Age
Microfilm #480: May 1844-Aug. 1941

London Magazine
Microfilm #54: 1732-1785; Storage: 1820-1827

London Mercury
Storage: 1919-1939

London Quarterly and Holborn Review
Microfilm: vol. 1-171 (Sept. 1853-July 1946)

London Quarterly Review (See London Quarterly and Holborn Review)

London Review (See London Quarterly and Holborn Review)

London Society
Storage: 1862-1898

London Times Literary Supplement
Microfilm #609: 1961 to date

Longman's Magazine
Microfilm #718: 1830-1905; Storage: 1882-1905

Looking Forward
Bound: Oct.-Nov. 1921

Lowell Offering
Bound: Oct. 1840-Feb. 1841, Apr. 1841-1845

Lucifer (See Theosophical Review)

Lutheran Quarterly
Microfilm #666: 1871-Oct. 1906; Bound: 1907-1927

The Lutheran Quarterly
Microfilm #666: 1871-Oct. 1927



MLN (See also Modern Language Notes)

McClure's Magazine (See New McClure's Magazine)

Macmillan's Magazine
Microfilm #429: Nov. 1859-Oct.1905

Magazine of Christian Literature (See Christian Literature)

Storage: 1883-1884

Marriage and Family Living
Microfilm #107 vol 1-18; Bound: 1957-1963 vol 19-25

The Mask
Storage: 1911-1929

Massachusetts Library Club Bulletin
Bound: Jan. 1912-Oct. 1922

Massachusetts Library Association Bulletin (See Massachusetts Library Club Bulletin)

Massachusetts Magazine
Bound: April-May 1795; May-June 1796

Massachusetts Quarterly Review
Microfilm #479: Dec. 1847-Sept. 1850

Memorial de la Librarie Francaise
Bound: 1896-Nov.1915

Mennonite Life
vol. 1-50, 1946-1995

Menorah Journal
Bound: Winter 1939-Winter 1958

Metropolitan Pulpit (See also Homiletic Monthly or Homiletic Review)

Metropolitan Pulpit and Homiletic Monthly (See Homiletic Review)

Mid-Continental Magazine
Bound: Aug. 1892-Aug. 1895

Midland Monthly
Bound: Jan. 1894-Apr. 1899

Milady Combined with Woman's Digest
Bound: Mar. 1936-Aug. 1937

Minnesota Libraries
Bound: Mar. 1905-Winter 1989

Minnesota Library Notes and News (See Minnesota Libraries)

Modern Drama
Microfilm #51 1958-1970; Bound: 1974 to date

Modern Fiction Studies
Microfilm #746 vol 1-25; Bound: 1955 to date

Modern Language Association of America Annual Bibliography
Bound: 1961 to date

Modern Language Association of America Publications
Microfilm #262: 1884 to date

Modern Language Journal
Microfilm #509: Oct. 1916 to date

Modern Language Notes (See also MLN)
Microfilm #458: 1886-1964

Modern Language Quarterly
Bound: July 1897-Apr. 1904

Modern Language Review
Storage: Vols. 1-6, 1905-Oct. 1911

Modern Philology
Microfilm #153: June 1903 to date

Modern Quarterly of Language and Literature (See Modern Language Quarterly)

Modern Review
Microfilm #590 1880-1884

Le Monde Illustre (See also Femina Illustration, Femina Theatre)

Storage: 1890-July 1901, Oct. 1902-1936

Monitor: An Illustrated Dublin Magazine
Bound: Jan.-July 1879

The Month
Microfilm #435: Jul. 1864-1947

Monthly Anthology and Boston Review
Bound: Nov. 1803-Jun. 1811

Monthly Museum (See Massachusetts Magazine)

Monthly Religious Magazine
Storage: vol. 1-51; 1844-74

Monthly Religious Magazine and Independent (See Monthly Religious Magazine)

Monthly Religious Magazine and Theological Review (See Monthly Religious Magazine)

Monthly Review
Storage: vol. 1-246; 1749-1844

Monthly Review and Religious Magazine (See Monthly Religious Magazine)

Bound: 1997 to date; vol. 97 to date

Moravian Church Miscellany
Bound: vol. 1-6; 1850-55

Motor Boating (See also Motor Boating and Sailing)
Motor Boating and Sailing
IAC Microfilm 1980-Nov. 1998

Unbound: Feb. 2000 to date

Mundus Artium
Bound: vol. 1-4, Winter 1967-Spring 1971

Munsey's Magazine
Storage: vol. 6-90, 92, Oct. 1891-May 1927, Oct. 1927-Jan. 1928

Murray's Magazine
Storage: vol. 1-10, 1887-1891

Muscle and Fitness (See Joe Weiders Muscle and Fitness)

Bound: vol. 1-8, Feb. 1949-Fall 1956; vol. 9-14, Winter 1957-Winter 1962; vol. 19-25 Summer 1967-Fall 1973

Museum of Foreign Literature and Science
Microfilm #763, vol. 1-45, Jul. 1822-1842

Museum of Literature (See Daguerreotype)

Muslim World
Unbound: Jan-1999-to date



Nash's Pall Mall Magazine
Microfilm # 473, vol. 1-53, May 1893-Aug. 1914

Nation and Athenaeum
Bound: vol. 28-48, Oct. 1919-Feb. 1931; Microfilm #743

National and English Review
Storage: vol. 1-95, 1883-1931; Bound: vol. 135-144 Jun. 1950-Jun. 1955

The National Graphic
Storage: vol. 1-136, Dec. 1869-Jul. 1932

The National Magazine
Storage: vol. 2-58, April 1895-1929

National Magazine
Storage: vol. 1-13, Jul. 1852-Dec. 1858

National Observer
Microfilm #242, Feb. 1962-Jul. 1977

National Quarterly Review
Storage: Jun. 1860-Oct. 1980

National Repository
Storage: vol. 1-8, 1877-1880

National Review
Microfilm #421, vol. 1-19, Jul. 1855-Nov. 1864; Bound: vol. 96-134, 1931-Apr. 1950

National Theatre Conference Quarterly Bulletin
Bound: Apr. 1940-Dec. 1950

National Union Catalog

New American
Bound: Mar. 1920-Oct. 1925

New Broadway Magazine (See Hampton Magazine and Broadway Magazine)

New Catholic World (See also Catholic World)

New Christian's Magazine
Bound: Oct. 1782-Jun. 1783

New Church Life
Retain 2 years

New Colophon
Bound: Jan. 1948-1950

New England Magazine (See also Bay State Monthly)

New Englander
Storage: Vol. 1-56, Mar. 1843-Mar. 1892

New Harmony Gazette and Free Enquirer
Bound: Vol. 1-4

New Letters (See also University Review)

New McClure's Magazine
Microfilm: #459 (vol. 1-62); Jun. 1893-Aug. 1924, May 1925-Mar. 1929

New Monthly Magazine
Microfilm: #438 Feb. 1814 - Jan.1884

New Monthly Magazine and Humorist (See New Monthly Magazine)

New Monthly Magazine and Literary Journal (See New Monthly Magazine)

New Princeton Review
Microfilm # 786 vol. 1-6, 1884-1888

New Quarterly Review and Digest of Current Literature
Microfilm: #764 vol. 1-10, 1852-1861

New Review
Microfilm: #424, Vol. 1-17

New Serials Titles
Reference Room: 1988-date; 1950-1976

New Shakespeareana
Bound: Vol. 1-10, Sep. 1901-1911

New Statesman
Storage: Vol. 9-36, Apr. 1917- Feb. 1931

New York Dramatic Mirror (See Dramatic Mirror)

New York Herald Tribune Book Review (See New York Herald Tribune Books)

New York Herald Tribune Book Week (See Book Week)

New York Herald Tribune Books
Microfilm: #340 Sept. 1924 - Sept. 1963

New York Herald Tribune Lively Arts (See New York Herald Tribune Books)

New York Herald Tribune Weekly Book Review (See New York Herald Tribune Books)

New York Libraries
Bound: Vol. 1-16, Oct. 1907-Aug. 1939

New York Quarterly
Oliver Room 1852-1855

New York Review
Oliver Room 1837-1842

New York Review of Books
Microfilm: #638, 1963-date

New York Times Book Review
Periodical Section: Three Months; Microfilm: #N 52, Sep. 1913-Apr. 1998; Reference Room: 1988-Aug. 2001; Bound: Oct. 1896-Dec. 1987

New York Weekly Museum
Bound: May 7, 1814-Apr. 29, 1815

New Yorker
Bound: 1938 to date Microfilm: vol 1 to date; Bound: Jun. 1938-Dec. 1990

Newark, NJ - The Library and the Museum Therein (See The Library and The Museum Therein)

Newsletter on Intellectual Freedom
Bound: Jun. 1952-Nov. 1980

Nineteenth Century
Storage: Vol. 1-48, Mar. 1877-1900

Nineteenth Century and After (See also Nineteenth Century or Twentieth Century)

Nineteenth Century Fiction
Microfilm: #554, 1945-Mar. 1988

Nineteenth Century Literature (See also Nineteenth Century Fiction)

North American Checker Board
Bound: Vol. 1-3, May 1896-Jul. 1897

North American Review

North British Review
Microfilm: #439, May 1844-Jan. 1871

Notes and Queries
Microfilm #462 1849-1972; Bound: 1973 to date



OCLC Newsletter
Scattered Issues: 1989-1996

Ohio Illustrated Magazine (See also Ohio Magazine)

Ohio Magazine
Bound: Vol. 1-4, 1906-1908

Old and New
Microfilm: #415, 1870-May 1875 vol. 1-11

Old and New Testament Student (See also Biblical World)

Old Testament Student (See also Biblical World)

Periodical Section: Jan. 1998-date; Microfilm: IAC 1980-1998, Bound: 1977 to date

Open Court
Microfilm: #555, 1887-1905; Storage: 1906-1936

Our Day
Storage: 1888-1891, vol. 1-8

Outdoor Life
Microfilm: #155, Jul. 1910 to date

Microfilm: #28, Oct. 1882-Mar. 1911' Storage: Apr. 1911-Mar. 1923

Outing and the Wheelman (See also Outing)

Outlook (See also New Outlook)

Overland Monthly
Microfilm: #463, Vol. 1-15 1868-1875, 1-93 1883-1923

Overland Monthly and Out West Magazine (See also Overland Monthly)



PMLA (See also Modern Language Association of America - Publications)

PMLA Bibliography (See also Modern Language Association of America - Annual Bibliography)

PNLA Quarterly (See also Pacific Northwest Library Association Quarterly)

Pacific Review
Bound: Jan. 1920-Mar. 1922

Pangolin Papers
2000 to date

Paris Review
Periodical Section: Fall 2000-date; Bound: Winter 1971-Summer 1984

Partisan Review
Periodical Section: Winter 2000-date; Microfilm: #178 Spring 1956-Fall 2001; Bound: 1941 to date

Peace Action
Bound: 1934-Oct. 1960 (vol. 1-26)

Penn Monthly Magazine
Microfilm: #338 Jan. 1870-Jul. 1882

Penny Magazine
Storage: Vol. 1-14, 1832-1845

People's Journal
Bound: Vol. 1-7, 1846-1849

Peterson's Magazine
1851, 1861-1867, 1869-1871, 1873, 1875, 1877, 1880, 1895

Philadelphia Album and Ladies Library Portfolio
Bound: 1826-1828, 1830

Philistine, a Periodical of Protest
Storage: Vol. 1-41, 1895-1915

Philological Quarterly
Microfilm: #70, Vol. 1-57, 1922-Fall 1978

Philosophical Review
Microfilm: #25, 1892-Oct. 2000

Photoplay Author (See also Writer's Monthly)

Photoplay Author and Writer's Monthly (See Writer's Monthly)

Pictorial Review
Bound: Vol. 25-40, Oct. 1923-1939

The Pioneer
Bound: Jan.-Feb. 1843

Pioneer of Simplified Spelling
Bound: Vol. 1-6, Mar. 1912-Feb. 1918

Pittsburgh Catholic
Unbound: Six Months plus current issue in Humanities Dept.

Pittsburgh Christian Advocate (See also Christian Advocate)

Pittsburgh Pride
Unbound: Dec. 2000-date

Pittsburgh Quarterly
Unbound: 1994, 1996-date; Bound: 1991-1992, 1995

Planning: Current Literature
Bound: 1945-1954

Play Pictorial
Storage: Vol. 1-28, 1902-1916

Microfilm: #579, 1952-May 1996

Storage: 1889-1940, Bound: 1941-1953

Periodical Section: Jan. 2001-date; Microfilm: #80, Apr. 1955-Mar. 1983, Bound: 1984, 1986 to date

Poets and Writers Magazine
Periodical Section: 2001-date, Bound: 1997 to date

Polish Institute of the Arts and Sciences in America Bulletin
Bound: 1942-1946

Bound: Mar. 1813-Mar. 1814

Poor Man's Guardian
Bound: Jul. 9, 1831-Dec. 26, 1835

Port Folio
Storage: 1801-1802, 1806-1808

Power Boating
Bound: 1908-1932

Preacher and Homiletic Monthly (See also Homiletic Review)

Bound: 1990 to date

Presbyterian Herald (See also Western Presbyterian Herald)

Presbyterian Historical Society
Bound: Mar. 1930-1961

Presbyterian Quarterly and Princeton Review (See also Princeton Review)

Presbyterian Quarterly Review
Microfilm: #765, Jun. 1852-Oct. 1862

Presbyterian Review
Microfilm: #766, 1880-Oct. 1889

Princeton Review
Microfilm: #667 vol 1-42- 1829-1875; Bound: 1872-May 1884

Protestant and Herald (See also Western Pennsylvania Herald)

Psychic Research (See also American Society for Psychical Research Journal)

The Psychical Review
Bound: Aug. 1892-May 1894

Public Libraries
Periodical Section: 2001-date; Microfilm: #370, Spr. 1980-Win. 1987; Bound: 1989 to date

Public Library Journal
Bound: Jan. 1899-Dec. 1904

Public Library Monthly
Bound: Aug. 1903-Jan. 1904

Public Opinion
Microfilm: #65, Apr. 1886-Jun. 1906

Public Speaking Review
Bound: 1911-Apr. 1914

Publisher's Weekly
Periodical Section: Jan. 2001-date; Microfilm: #441, 1872 to date

Microfilm: #192, Jul. 1841-Dec. 1903, 1956-1992; Bound: Jan. 1941-Dec. 1955; Storage: 1904-1955

Putnam's Magazine

Putnam's Monthly (See also Putnam's Monthly and the Critic)

Putnam's Monthly and the Critic
Bound: Oct. 1906 1910

Putnam's Monthly and the Reader (See also Putnam's Monthly and the Critic)

Putnam's Monthly Magazine
Microfilm: #418, Jan. 1853-Dec. 1867, Jan. 1868-Nov. 1870

Putnam's Monthly Magazine of American Literature, Science and Art (See also Putnam's Monthly Magazine)



Quarterly Journal of Speech
Microfilm: #744 vol. 21-74; Storage: 1915-1941

Quarterly Register and Journal of the American Education Society
Storage: 1829-May, 1843 Quarterly Review
Microfilm: #35, 1809-1967

Quarterly Review of the Evangelical Lutheran Church (See also Lutheran Quarterly)

Queen's Quarterly
Bound: Win. 1931-Sum. 1955



RQ-- Changed to Reference Services Quarterly
IAC: Spr. 1980-Spr. 1987; Bound: Fall 1989-1992, Fall 1993-1996

The Radical
Bound: 1865-1872

Radical Review
Bound: Vol. 1, 1877-1878

Storage: Vol. 2-11, Jun. 1903-1908

Bound: Jan. 1957-Jun. 1974

The Referee
Bound: Vol. 1, 1913

The Reflex
Bound: Vol. 1-7, 1927-1930

Religious Education
Microfilm: #156, Vol. 50, 1955-to date; Storage: Vol. 1-49, 1906-1954

Religious Magazine and Monthly Review (See also Monthly Religious Magazine)

Bound: Jul. 1953-Jun. 1968

The Research Quarterly
Now held in Science & Technology Department

Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport

The Review
Bound: May-Dec. 1919; for later issues see Weekly Review

Review Index
Bound: Sep.1941-Dec. 1944

Review of Contemporary Fiction
Periodical Section: 2001-date; Bound: 1983 to date

The Review of Religion
Bound: Nov. 1948-1958

Review of Reviews
Bound: Sep. 1932-1936, also 1890; Microfilm: #662, Sep. 1890-Jul. 1937

Review of Reviews and World's Work (See also Review of Reviews)

May 1999-date

Romantic Times
2003 to date

The Rose-Jar
Sep. 1904-Aug. 1905

Bound: 1951-Mar. 1977; Storage: 1896-1950

Runner's World
Periodical Section: Current Issue; Reference Room: 1990-2000; Bound: 1976 to date; Microfilm: vol 11-20 (1976-1985), vol 22-35 (1987-2000)

Russel Sage Foundation Library Bulletin
Bound: Oct. 1913-Dec. 1939



Sabin and Sons' American Bibliopolist (See also American Biblioist)

St. James's Magazine
Bound: Apr. 1861-Jun. 1880

Saint Pauls
Storage: 1867-1874

Sartain's Union Magazine of Literature and Art
Bound: 1849-1851

Saturday Review
Microfilm: #241 (1924-1986); Bound: May 1935-Dec. 1985

Saturday Review of the Arts (See also Saturday Review)

Saturday Review of Literature (See also Saturday Review)

School Libraries
Microfilm: #557, 1951-1972

School Library Journal
Prior to 1975: bound with Library Journal, after 1975 held in Children's Room

Scottish Review
Storage: 1882-1900

Scrap Book
Storage: 1906-1912

Scribner's Commentator
Bound: Feb. 1937-Jan. 1942

Scribner's Magazine
Microfilm: #454, Jan. 1887-May 1939

Scribner's Monthly (See also Century)

Select Journal of Foreign Periodical Literature
Bound: 1833-1834

Seven Arts
Bound: Vol. 2, 1917

Sewanee Review
Microfilm: #157, 1892-1896; Bound: 1987, 1989-1991

Shakespeare Survey
Bound: Vol. 1-50, 1948-1997

Sharpe's London Magazine
Storage: Vol. 1-21, 1845-Jun. 1855

Sight and Sound
Periodical Section: 2002-date; Microfilm: Vol. 7-8, 1997-1998; Bound: 1996 to date

Bound: Fall 1984-Fall 1982

Simplified Spelling Bulletin
Bound: Jun. 1909-Jun. 1920

Bound: 1992-1997

Periodical Section: Sep. 2000-date; Microfilm: #230, Sep. 1985-Spr. 1986; Bound: Sep. 1977 to date

Skin Diver
Periodical Section: Oct. 2000-date

Small Computers in Libraries
Bound: Apr. 1981-1997

Society for Psychical Research - Proceedings
Bound: 1942-1972; Storage: 1882-1941

South Atlantic Quarterly
Bound: # 313, 1902-1955; Microfilm: 1955 to date

Southern Literary Messenger
Storage: 1837-1864; Bound: Nov. 1934

Southern Magazine
Storage: 1868-1975

Southern Quarterly Review
Storage: 1842-1855

Southern Review
Microfilm: #417, 1867-Oct. 1878

Bound: 1905-1913

Special Libraries
Bound: 1910-1996

The Sphere
Bound: Jan. 1933-Jun. 1964

Spirit of the Pilgrims
Bound: 1828-1833

Microfilm: #31, 1975-1976, 1980-Aug. 2000; Bound 1977-78

Sport Fishing
Periodical Section: Apr. 2001-date

Sporting News
Periodical Section: current

Sports for Women
Periodical Section: May 1998-date

Sports Illustrated
Periodical Section: current; Microfilm: #630, 1954-Jan. 1997; Bound: Aug. 1954-1985

The Stage
Bound: Oct. 1932-Jun. 1939

The Standard
Storage: 1914-1941

Stechart-Hafner Book News
Bound: Vol. 1-26, 1947-1972

Strand Magazine
Storage: 1891-1932

Studies in Philology
Periodical Section: 2002-date; Microfilm: #627, 1961-1969, 1975; Bound: 1950-1960, 1970 to date; Storage: 1921-1949

Studies in Short Fiction
Microfilm: #561, 1963-Fall 1999

Studies In The Novel
Unbound: Spring 2001-date; Bound: 1999-2000

Subscription Books Bulletin
Jan. 1930-Jul. 1956

Sunday School Herald
Bound: Nov. 1894-Oct. 1896

The Symposium
Jan. 1930-Oct. 1932



TV Guide
Unbound: Jan. 2001-date; Microfilm: #553, 1952-date; Bound 1972 to date

Tait's Edinburgh Magazine
Storage: 1832-1859

Temperence Gem
Bound: 1851 -- MISSING

Temple Bar
Storage: 1860-1906

Tennis Magazine
Unbound: 2000; Bound: May 1997-2000

Storage: 1878-1897

Theater (See also Theater Magazine)

Theatre Arts
Bound: 1920-1955; Microfilm: # 171, 1916-1964

Theatre Arts Magazine (See also Theatre Arts)

Theatre Arts Monthly (See also Theatre Arts)

Theatre Crafts
Microfilm: Mar. 1967-1977

Theatre Guild Magazine (See also Stage)

Theatre Magazine
Storage: 1900-1931

Theatre Workshop
Bound: Jan. 1937-Mar. 1938

Theological and Literary Journal
Bound: Jul. 1848-Apr. 1861

Theological Review
Microfilm: # 661, Mar. 1864-Oct. 1879

Theosophical Quarterly
Storage: Jul. 1906-1938

Theosophical Review
Storage: Sep. 1888-Sep. 1889, Sep. 1890-Feb. 1902

Bound: Jun. 1939-1970

Bound: Jun. 1934-Sum. 1955; Microfilm: # 767, Jun. 1936-1939

Three Rivers Poetry Journal
Bound: 1906-1908

Time: a Monthly Magazine (London)
Microfilm # 465, 1879-Mar. 1891

Times Literatury Supplement (See also London Times Literary Supplement)

Town Crier
Bound: Jan. 1927-Dec. 1932

Trailer Travel Magazine
Storage: 1940-1950; Bound: 1951-1964

Tree of Liberty
Microfilm: #N-4 Aug. 30, 1800-Jul. 9, 1804

Unbound: Fall 200-date; Bound: Fall 1997 to date

Tulane Drama Review
Bound: 1955-1970

Twentieth Century (See also Nineteenth Century and Nineteenth Century and After)

Twentieth Century Literature
Periodical Section: Spring2000-date; Microfilm: #564, 1955 to date

Twentieth Century Magazine
Bound: 1909-1913



UNESCO Bulletin
Bound: Oct. 1951-1954

UNESCO Bulletin for Libraries
Microfilm: #745, 1947-1978; Bound: Apr. 1947-1978

U. S. Catholic
Periodical Section: Current Year; Microfilm: #652, 1978 to date; IAC: 1980-Nov. 1998

United Presbyterian Quarterly Review
Bound: Jan. 1860-Oct. 1861

U. S. Library of Congress Information Bulletin
Unbound: 2 years plus current issue

U. S. Library of Congress Quarterly
Bound: 1943-1983

United States Literary Gazette
Bound: 1824-Sep. 1827

The United States Quarterly Book List (See also United States Quarterly Book Review)

The United States Quarterly Book Review
Bound: 1945-1956

U. S. Review and Literary Gazette (See also United States Literary Gazette)

Universal Magazine
Bound: 1747-1792, many missing

Universal Review
Bound: 1888-1890

University Magazine
Microfilm: #436, 1833-1880

University Review
Microfilm: #349, Oct. 1968-Summer 1971 (vol. 35-37)

Unpartizan Review
Microfilm: #589, Jan. 1914-Mar. 1921

Periodical Section: Feb. 2000-date; Microfilm: #615, 1949 to date; Bound: Dec. 1949-Aug. 1968, Nov. 1968-May 1975



Walford's Antiquarian Review
Microfilm: #660, 1882-Nov. 1887

Walford's Antiquarian Magazine and Bibliographical Review (See also Antiquarian Magazine and Bibliographer)

War Libraries
Bound: 1918

Washington Post Book World (See also Book World)

Week-end Review
Bound: 1930-1932

Weekly Book Review (See also New York Herald Tribune Books)

Weekly Recorder
Jul. 1814-Jun. 1815

Weekly Review
Bound: 1920-1921

Western Literary Journal and Monthly Review
Bound: 1844-1845

Western Monthly Review
Bound: Jun. 1827-May 1830

Western Presbyterian Herald
Storage: Sep. 21, 1837-Nov. 1839

Western Quarterly Review (See Western Monthly Review)

Western Theological Seminary
Bound: 1908-1931

Westminster Review
Microfilm: #483, 1824-Jan. 1914

Wilson Library Bulletin
Microfilm: #134, 1957-1976; Bound: 1914-1957, 1976-1995

Windsor Magazine
Bound: 1895-Nov. 1906

Wiseman Review (See also Dublin Review)

Woman's Home Companion
Bound: 1904-1957

Woman's World
Bound: 1888-1889

Women and Missions
Storage: 1924-Mar. 1935

Women's Sports and Fitness
Microfilm: IAC, Apr. 1985-Dec. 1998, Reference Room: 1987 to date

Word Ways
Bound: 1968-1977

The World
Bound: 1753-1756

World Affairs
Storage: Jan. 1897-Dec. 1932

World for Peace and Democracy
Bound: Nov. 1933-Jul. 1939

World Health (See also Saturday Review World)

World Literature Today (See also Books Abroad)

World Review
Bound: 1936-1940

World Review of Reviews (See also World Review)

World Tennis
Bound: January 1978-July 1991

World Today (London)
Bound: December 1923-August 1932; Microfilm: 1923-Aug. 1932

World Today (New York)
Bound: 1903-1912

World Unity
Bound: 1927-1935

World's Work (See also World Today - London)
Bound: December 1902-November 1910; Microfilm: vol. 1-61 (1900-1932)

World's Work and Play (See also World's Work and World Today)
Microfilm #600: 1900-1932

Bound: 1887-1932; Microfilm #486: 1933 to date; Unbound: current year

Writers Digest
Bound: May 1968 to date; Unbound: current year



Bound: July 1953-December 1988

Yale Review
Bound: October 1911-1998; Unbound: current year; Microfilm: Fall 1960-Summer 1971

Yale University Library Gazette
See Humanities Librarian for holdings information

Yellow Book
Bound: 1894-1897

Youth's Companion
Storage: 1884-1929



Zentralblatt fur Bibliothekswesen
Storage: 1893-1914

Storage: 1843-1856