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Library Subject Guide: T

An alphabetical guide to finding resources by subject in the Library.

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(Books in our Catalog)
Call Numbers
LC Dewey
Tax KF 6297
KF 6300-6400
(State & Local)
KF 336.2
LB 1140-1523  
       (Elementary) LB 1555-1777  
       (High School) LB 1607-1777  
Team Management
(Management--Employee Participation)
HD 66  
Technology T  
Teenage Pregnancy HQ 759
RG 556
Teenage Suicide HV 6546  
Telecommunications TK  
Telephone Directories    
Telescopes QB 88  
HE 8690-8699 791.45
Television -- Transmitters & Transmission
Television -- Receivers & Reception
TK 6630-6642  
Television --Programs Reviews, and History PN 1992 791.45
Television Repair TK 6553-6655  
Tennis GV 990-1005 796.342
Term Papers (Report Writing) LB 2369
PE 1478
Termites QL 529 595.7
Terrorism JX 6731.T4  
Textiles TS  
Theatre (Architecture) NA 6820-6845  
       (History, Etc.) PN 2000-3299 792
       Musical Theater ML 1711  
Theology BR-BX
BT 65-85
BV 1-4
Toasts PN 6340-6348 394.1
(Test of English as a Foreign Language)
Test Quality Management HD 62.15
TS 156
Toxic Substances: Toxicology RA  
Toy Collecting NK 9509,
TS 2301
Toy Making TT157-174  
Trade (Labor) Unions HD 6350-6940.7  
Trademarks H 1555
T 223
Trains TF 197  
Transportation HE  
Search also "guidebooks" after specific country, state, city
G150-540 914 thru 919
Trees QK 474.8-494
SD 391-535
Trigonometry QA  
Trivia AG195-243 031
Trucks TL 230  
Typing Z49-50  
Typography Z 116-265  

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Based on "Guide to Popular Subjects" by Information Services Departments