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Library Subject Guide: N

An alphabetical guide to finding resources by subject in the Library.

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(Books in our Catalog)
Call Numbers
LC Dewey
Names ( Personal & Surnames) CS 2300-2389 929.4
Native Americans E 77-99 970.1
Natural History QH  
Naval Science V  
Navigation VK  
Needlepoint TT 778.C3  
Needlework TT 700-845  
Netherlands DJ  
New Age BP 605 299.93
New Age Music M
New Business Enterprises HD 62-69
HF 5351-5627
HD 2341-9970
HG 4027
New York City F 128  
New Zealand
DU 90-422
DU 408
Novels Alphabetical by Author  
Non-Profit Organizations (Management) HD 62.6  
Non-Verbal Communication P 99
BF 637.C45
NTE (National Teacher Examination)/Praxis LB 1762  
Nuclear Arms Control JX 194.7-1974  
Nuclear Energy TK 9145-9155
QC 773-792
HD 9698
Nuclear Physics QC 770-798  
Nuclear Power Plants TK 1078  
Nuclear War / Weapons U 263-264  
Numerology BF 1623 133.3
Nurses - Exams RT 55
RT 62.G7
Nurses & Nursing RT  
Nursing Homes RA 997  
Nutrition QP 141
TX 353-551
RA 784
RM 216

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Based on "Guide to Popular Subjects" by Information Services Departments