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Library Subject Guide: F

An alphabetical guide to finding resources by subject in the Library.

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(Books in our Catalog)
Call Numbers
LC Dewey
Fairy Tales    
Family HQ 515-797
GT 2420
GN 480
Family Business HD 62.25  
Family Violence HQ 809 - HQ 809.3  
Fashion TT 500-645,
GT 500-2370
Feng Shui BF 1779.F4 133.3
Fiction Alphabetical by Author Alphabetical by Author
(Motion Pictures)
PN 1993-1999 791.43
Film History
(Motion Pictures - History)
PN 1993-1999 791.43
Finance (Personal) HG 179  
Financial Aid for Education (Student Aid)    
Financial Services    
Firearms UD 380  
Fishes (General) QL 615  
       (Aquarium) SF 457
QL 78-638
       (Tropical) QL 78,
SF 457
Fishing SH 401-691 799.1
Fitness (Physical Fitness)    
Flags CR109 929.9
Flower Arranging SB 449  
Flowers SB403-SB450  
Folklore GR 15-GR550 398
Folk Music M,
(Nutrition, foods and food supply)
TX 341-641 TX353  
Food Habits    
Football GV 937-960 796.33
Foreign Policy    
Fortune Telling BF1850-BF1891 133.3
Fossils QE711.2  
Foundations (Grant Making) AS911.A2,
France ( History & Travel) DC 914.4
Franchise (Retail Trade) HF5429,
Fraternities LJ 31  
French Language PC 2001-3761 440
French Literature PQ 1285 840
Fund Raising (Charity Organization) HG 174
HV 40-41
Furniture (Construction) TT 194-199.4  
Furniture (History) NK2200-2750 749

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Based on "Guide to Popular Subjects" by Information Services Departments