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Gardening Videos


Audubon Butterfly: Essentials for Beginners and Gardeners
(DVD) QL544.A933 2008x
Presents instruction on identifying butterflies found across the United States. Covers butterfly biology, lifecycles, and behavior. Explains how to attract butterflies to backyard gardens.
An Introduction to Plant Propagation
(DVD) SB119.I5825 2006x
A professional landscape artist presents an overview of the most common methods for propagating plants, covering: growing from seed; plant division; growing from cuttings; layering and grafting.
Jerry Baker's Gardening Wisdom
(DVD) SB453.J5288 2002x
A master gardener presents tips on landscape and vegetable gardening, covering preparation and planting, with insights on dirt, sowing seeds, composting, and gardening tools. A production of Detroit Public Television.
Martha's Spring Gardening
(DVD) SB454.3.P57 M3725 2006x
Martha Stewart shares springtime gardening tips, covering: planting and potting; choosing the right tools; cooking from the garden.
Rebecca's Garden Vol. 1: Basic Gardening (DVD)
An overview of gardening basics such as: the garden calendar; zones; tools; soil testing; designing and planting a vegetable garden; fertilizing annuals and perennials; garden center shopping strategies; bringing outdoor plants indoors; flower garden care; and lawn care.
Rebecca's Garden: Spring Gardening (DVD)
An overview of spring gardening basics, including: the seed rack; sterilizing pots; jumpstarting warm season vegetables; early spring chores; new plants and vegetables for the garden; blooming spring shrubs; spring lawn care; shopping for annuals; planting summer bulbs; deadheading bulbs; and selecting a lawnmower.
Rebecca's Garden: Summer in the Garden (DVD)
Presents expert advice on gardening during the summer months, including: "beating the heat" gardening tips; xeriscaping; drought-tolerant plants; summer bulbs; gardening in small places; sunflowers and sunflower wreaths; preserving the summer; vegetable garden maintenance; and "elephant ears" foliage for shade.
Squirrel Wars: and How to Win Them (DVD)
(DVD) SB994.S67 S6955 2004x
Describes the little-known dangers posed by squirrels to homeowners and presents safe, practical ways of getting rid of them.
Year 'Round Gardening with Jerry Baker
(DVD) SB453.Y4325 2006x
Gardener Jerry Baker presents five gardening programs, covering: lawns; flowers; roses; trees, shrubs & evergreens; and vegetables. Includes recipes for tonics to promote plant health and growth.

Landscape Gardening

Ground Force -- The Titchmarsh Years
(DVD) SB472.G7625 2003x
A retrospective compilation of episodes from the six years that Alan Titschmarsh hosted the BBC garden makeover series Ground force, including the first episode and Titchmarsh's farewell episode.
How-to DVD Guide to Landscaping (DVD)
Step-by-step demonstration of backyard projects, including: trees, shrubs, and beds; pavers; tree-ring retaining wall; three-tier retaining wall; privacy fence; picket fence; chain link fence.
In Full Circle: The Japanese-Style Garden as a Work of Art in Progress
(DVD) SB458.I525 2004x
Discusses the principles involved in creating a Japanese-style garden.
Landscape plant selection, soil preparation & planting
(DVD) SB473.L3578 2003x
An instructional program on landscape gardening and garden design, covering: the landscape design process; basic plant selection criteria; plant color concepts; common design mistakes; how to develop a planting design; different categories of plants; soil preparation concepts; installing plants.
Perennials in the Landscape
(DVD) SB434.P47469 2005x
Presents information on how to design, select, and install a perennial garden.

Container Gardening

Rebecca's Garden: Container Gardening (DVD)
Presents an overview of container gardening basics, covering: clay vs. plastic containers; planting in large pots; caring for container plants; out-of-box planting designs; evergreen window boxes; planning pots with designer flair; growing baby greens in whiskey barrels; paperwhites for holiday gifts; hanging baskets for winter; multi-tiered pots of plants; pots of potted plants; and turning a rusted watering can into a container.

Flower Gardening

Rebecca's Garden: Rose Gardening (DVD)
Presents an overview of rose gardening basics, covering: planting and caring for roses; propagating roses; pruning roses; heirloom roses; easy care roses; putting roses to bed; and pruning tools.

Herb Gardening

Jerry Baker's Garden of Herbal delights
(DVD) SB351.H5 J473 2002x
Presents information on growing and using herbs, covering: the herb garden plan; growing herbs outdoors; growing herbs indoors; harvesting, drying, and storing herbs; herbal remedies, teas, baths, and cleaning concoctions. A production of Detroit Public Television.
Rebecca's Garden: Herb Gardening (DVD)
An overview of herb gardening basics, covering: planting an herb garden; harvesting, drying, and storing herbs; herbal knot garden; kitchen gardens; starting an indoor herb garden; making herbal soaps; making an herb basket; cooking with herbs; herb topiary; aromatherapy; and recipes.
The Urban Garden (VHS)
Learn the basics to growing an indoor or terrace herb garden.

Vegetable Gardening

The Victory Garden. Vegetable Video (VHS)
Master gardeners Bob Thomson and Jim Wilson show how to grow a successful vegetable garden.
How to Grow Cool-Weather Vegetables (VHS)
Expert gardener Jeff Ball gives detailed instruction on how to harvest an extra crop of vegetables each season by way of intensive cool-weather growing techniques.
How to Grow Warm-Weather Vegetables (VHS)
Gardening expert Jeff Ball gives detailed instruction on maximizing your summer crop.


View beautiful gardens from around the world to stimulate your own gardening creativity.

Creating Sacred Space
(DVD) BL629.5.G37 C74 2009x
This Holistic Highway to Wisdom DVD discusses ways in which creating and maintaining a garden can boost one's spirtual life and sense of well-being.
Gardens of the World with Audrey Hepburn
(DVD) SB465.G2184 2006x
Audrey Hepburn conducts a tour of a number of the world's notable gardens, examining historical and aesthetic aspects.
The Great Gardens of England
(DVD) SB457.6.G74 2007x
From all over the United Kingdom, discover 40 authentic English gardens, from the grandest of castles to the tiniest of courtyards. All visits are presented by the owners themselves who provide unique insight into the creation and tending of their beloved gardens.
Monet's Garden at Giverny
(DVD) ND553.M7 M5665 2003x
Presents a tour of Claude Monet's garden in Giverny, France. Examines the influence of the garden on Monet's art.
People, Places & Plants: The Gardening Show
(DVD) SB450.97.P53495 2007x
Visits historic gardening sites, presents discussion with gardening experts, and provides a wide range of gardening tips and techniques.
Suzhou Gardens / Suzhou yuan lin
During the Ming and Qing dynasties, Suzhou was a prosperous city due to silk production and agriculture. Many of the highly educated official literati built private gardens as an art form considered on an equal footing with painting and literature.
Zhongguo yuan lin (Chinese Garden)
(DVD) SB466.C6 Z46 2003x
This video, in both English and Chinese, explores Chinese gardens, the architectural characteristics of Chinese gardens, the subtle spatial relationships in the gardens, and the philosophy behind Chinese gardens.

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