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Did you know that "The Forestry Division of the Pittsburgh Department of Public Works removes four trees for each one planted."?? Please do your part and plant a tree this year!

Selected Books

Heinrich, Bernd
The Trees in My Forest
QK164.H45 1997
Bernd, a professor of zoology at the University of Vermont and author of the National Book Award nominee Bumblebee Economics, chronicles life in his 300-acre Maine forest. Each of the 24 essays explores a different aspect of the forest.
Buffin, Mike
Using and Growing Trees in Your Garden
q SB435.B827 2007x
This British book covers all the technical aspects of planting trees, such as how to incorporate them into the garden design; mixed border plantings; group plantings and woodland schemes, avenues; hedges, screens and windbreaks; and in tree collections.
Cappiello, Paul
Dogwoods: The Genus Cornus
q QK495.C785 C37 2005
This Timber Press book is the first horticultural book on the genus and is richly illustrated with photos.
Church, Glyn
Trees and Shrubs for Fragrance
q SB435.C483 2002x
Even the flowers of the Black Locust can make you forget about its bad habits.
Deakin, Roger
Wildwood: A Journey Through Trees
QK475.D42 2009
This the last book by Roger Deakin, famed British nature writer and icon of the environmentalist movement. It is a meditation on wood, the "fifth element", and on the forests of Europe and Australia and the life within them.
Fergus, Charles
Trees of Pennsylvania and the Northeast
QK183.F47 2002
This book describes more than 60 species of trees found in Pennsylvania and the northeastern United States.
Kock, Henry
Growing Trees from Seed: A Practical Guide to Growing Trees, Vines and Shrubs
q SD391.K593 2008x
Kock was an interpretive horticulturist at the University of Guelph Arboretum in Ontario, Canada, and he concentrates on plants of the Great Lakes bioregion. His book will show you what to do with those acorns and other seedpods that you collect on your walks in Schenley Park or the Laurel Highlands.
Linnea, Ann
Keepers of the Trees: A Guide to Re-Greening North America
SD387.C47 L56 2010
Nature writer Linnea profiles 14 people who have chosen some relationship to trees as an organizing principle in their lives and who serve as example and inspiration to others.
Meyer, Jeff
The Tree Book: A Practical Guide to Selecting and Maintaining the Best Trees for Your Yard and Garden
SB435.M525 2004
Jeff Meyer, host of public television's Tree Stories, presents more than sixty of the most popular native and non-native species in the United States and walks you step-by-step through selecting and growing these magnificent trees.
Miller, Diana
400 Trees and Shrubs for Small Spaces
SB435.6.G7 M55 2008
Even if you have a small garden there are trees that will fit right in. A Timber Press book written by a British horticulturalist.
Nikiforuk, Andrew
Empire of the Beetle: How Human Folly and a Tiny Bug Are Killing North America's Great Forests
SB945.B3 N55 2011x
Canadian journalist Nikiforuk (Tar Sands) details the story of the pine (bark) beetle outbreaks which eventually killed more than 30 billion pine and spruce trees from Alaska to New Mexico, aided by misguided science, out-of-control logging, bad public policy, and a hundred years of fire suppression.
Rhoads, Ann Fowler and Timothy Block
Trees of Pennsylvania: a Complete Reference Guide
PENNA QK183.R562 2005
Written by botanists at the Morris Arboretum (University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia), the official arboretum of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, this is the most comprehensive field and natural history guide to the state's tree life. Ann Rhoads and Timothy Block cover all of Pennsylvania's 195 trees, both native and naturalized.
Rutkow, Eric
American Canopy: Trees, Forests, and the Making of a Nation
SD143.R88 2012
A history of America from the tree's point of view.
Simeone, Vincent A.
Wonders of the Winter Landscape: Shrubs and Trees to Brighten the Cold-Weather Garden
SB435.S4839 2005
Although Pittsburgh suffers through several dreary months of winter each year, this guide describes trees and shrubs that make the barren winter landscape a wonderland of texture and color. Both deciduous trees and evergreens are covered.
Sternberg, Guy and Jim Wilson
Native Trees for North American Landscapes
rq SB435.5.S74 2004 (noncirculating)
Use in conjunction with Trees of Pennsylvania and the Northeast (above), to identify native trees most appropriate for landscaping in Western Pennsylvania. See also their Landscaping with Native Trees.
Tekiela, Stan
Trees of Pennsylvania: Field Guide
QK183.T45 2004x
This field guide features professional full-page photos and comprehensive, accessible information about each tree's leaves or needles, bark, mature size, fall color, state-specific range map. More than 100 common trees.
Toomer, Simon
Trees for the Small Garden: How to Choose, Plant, and Care for the Tree that Makes the Garden Special
q SB435.T66 2005
This Timber Press book features the 100 best trees for use in small temperate gardens. The author is Director of the National Arboretum, Westonbirt, UK.

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Pittsburgh Region

  • City of Pittsburgh Shade Tree Commission
    The Shade Tree Commission is a non-profit organization, commissioned by the Mayor's office with the task of restoring and maintaining the city's tree population.
  • South Side Pittsburgh Tree Project
    A community effort to grow green space on the South Side
  • Tree Pittsburgh
    Formerly Friends of the Pittsburgh Urban Forest
    Tree Pittsburgh is an environmental non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the City's vitality by restoring and protecting City trees. Read more about their efforts in this August 22, 20011 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article: Group grows trees from seed at nursery in Point Breeze.
  • Western Pennsylvania Conservancy
    • Trees of Pittsburgh
      This web site from the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy is designed to serve as a handy and useful reference guide to the most prevalent trees in Pittsburgh.
    • TreeVitalize
      Working in partnership with community groups, non-profits, and municipal agencies, TreeVitalize Pittsburgh will plant 20,000 trees by 2012 throughout the Pittsburgh region in order to improve quality of life and the environment.


  • Common Trees of Pennsylvania
    from the Pennsylvania Bureau of Forestry. Look up a tree by name.
  • TreeVitalize
    Responding to an alarming trend of the loss of trees in Pennsylvania’s metropolitan areas, TreeVitalize is a public-private partnership to help restore tree cover, educate citizens about planting trees as an act of caring for our environment, and build capacity among local governments to understand, protect and restore their urban trees. In 2008, TreeVitalize expanded to the Pittsburgh region.

Nearby States

  • Ohio Trees
    This list of common trees from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources provides photos and comprehensive information about each tree. Most of these trees will also grow in southwestern Pennsylvania.
  • OPLIN: What Tree Is It?
    A simple tree identification guide by fruit, leaf, or name from the Ohio Public Library Information Network (OPLIN). These trees are common in the Pittsburgh region.

Web Sites

  • American Forests
    American Forests is the nation's oldest nonprofit conservation group.
  • Appalachian Regional Reforestation Initiative
    The Appalachian Regional Reforestation Initiative (ARRI) is a coalition of groups, including citizens, the coal industry, and government dedicated to restoring forests on coal mined lands in the Eastern United States.
  • Arbor Day Foundation
    Tha Arbor Day Foundation envisions "a world where trees and forests are abundant, healthy, and sustainable, and highly valued by all people". One of their programs is Tree City USA which provides direction and assistance for urban and community forestry programs in cities. Provides a tree guide and information on tree care.
  • Silvics of North America
    This is a USDA Forest Service Manual for both conifers and hardwood trees of North America. "Silvics of North America" describes the silvical characteristics of about 200 conifers and hardwood trees in the conterminous United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. Individual articles were researched and written by knowledgeable Forest Service, university, and cooperating scientists.
  • Virginia Street Tree Selector
    This resource from Virginia Tech will help you select a tree for urban areas, which are stressful for trees. You can also browse through their Tree Fact Sheets for information on and photographs of various trees.
  • University of Florida: Northern Tree Selector (hardiness zones 2 - 7)
    A database for selecting trees. Florida also offers 680 fact sheets of trees, browsable by scientific name, common name or by family. They also have 514 Shrub Fact Sheets.