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See also: State Cooperative Extension Services for extensive agricultural information online, Sustainable Agriculture, Farmers' Markets.


Selected Books

Cummings, Claire Hope
Uncertain Peril: Genetic Engineering and the Future of Seeds
S494.5.B563 C86 2008
Farmers have always saved their seeds for planting the next season. Now agribusinesses (like Monsanto), with their patented genetically modified seeds, are endangering the biodiversity of plant life and the livelihood of the farmer.
Davis, Karen
Prisoned Chickens, Poisoned Eggs: An Inside Look At The Modern Poultry Industry
SF487.D27 1996
Before you eat your next egg or chicken leg, you should read this book. It could save your life! This book presents a chilling account of abuses of food standards by the poultry industry.
Farming With Nature: The Science And Practice Of Ecoagriculture
Edited By Sara J. Scherr, Jeffrey A. McNeely.
Farming with Nature is a unique collaboration among renowned agriculture and ecological scientists, leading field conservationists, and farm and community leaders. It offers the state of current knowledge of ecoagriculture.
Fatal Harvest: The Tragedy of Industrial Agriculture
Kimbrell, Andrew (Editor)
q S589.75.F38 2002
Essays by 40-plus environmental thinkers illustrate the current state of America's agricultural crisis, revealing industrial food production as fatal to consumers because of pesticides and new diseases, fatal to the landscape because of chemical runoff from factory farms, and fatal to rural communities being wiped out by corporate farms.
The New Agrarianism: Land, Culture, And The Community Of Life
Edited By Eric T. Freyfogle.
HD205.N49 2001
Fiction and nonfiction writings gathered here reveal the resurgence of agrarian values and practices in rural areas, suburbs, and even cities. Many of the selections illustrate agrarianism in action, describing people restoring prairies, promoting community farms, and reshaping the built environment. Other selections critique contemporary American culture and its depletion of natural resources.
Pfeiffer, Dale Allen
Eating Fossil Fuels: Oil, Food And The Coming Crisis In Agriculture
HD9000.5.P44 2006
Without fossil fuels, artificial fertilizer, pesticides and energy to irrigate, the US can sustain only about two thirds of its present population. Independent journalist and geologist Pfeiffer analyzes the experiences of Cuba and North Korea with agriculture not based on hydrocarbon resources to come up with alternative scenarios for the U.S.
Tudge, Colin
Feeding People Is Easy
S494.5.S86 T83 2007x
British biologist and versatile science writer Tudge feels that Western farming is efficient only in cash terms and the environmental costs of industrial farming have not been evaluated. Tudge emphasizes that our current agricultural policies must change.


The Future of Food
(DVD) TP248.65.F66 F8826 2004x
Examines the growing prevalence of unlabeled genetically-modified foods and the complex web of market and political forces involved. Explores organic and sustainable agriculture as alternatives to large-scale industrial agriculture.

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Web Sites

    Agricultural news site
  • American Farm Bureau Federation
    The largest association of American farmers (5 million families) organized into 2,800-plus county Farm Bureaus that are then organized into state Farm Bureaus.
    Includes news and resources for farmers.
  • Global Crop Diversity Trust
    Globalization and large scale commercial farming have tended to homogenize crops. This organization's goal is to preserve crop diversity and protect the world's food supply. Includes the publication "Safeguarding the Future of US Agriculture: the need to conserve threatened collections of crop diversity worldwide."
  • National Agricultural Library
    The National Agricultural Library (NAL), part of the Agricultural Research Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is one of four National Libraries in the United States. NAL is a major international source for agriculture and related information. This Web site provides access to NAL's many resources and a gateway to its associated institutions.
  • New York Times: Agriculture and Farming
    OK, so the New York Times isn't quite your farm magazine, but then most of us aren't farmers and so the articles that you'll find here might interest you.
  • United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
    Includes links to all of its programs, including the National Agricultural Statistics Service where you can find statistical information about American agriculture.

Pittsburgh Region

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Agriculture is the No. 1 industry in Pennsylvania.


Nearby States

  • Ohio Farm Bureau Federation
    With over 200,000 members, the Ohio Farm Bureau is Ohio's largest general farm organization. The Ohio Farm Bureau is a federation of 87 county Farm Bureaus representing all 88 counties.
  • West Virginia Farm Bureau
    The West Virginia Farm Bureau is comprised of 46 county Farm Bureaus.