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When it comes to getting your hands dirty, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's gardening collection will help you with everything from planting a patio garden to growing the perfect flower.

Books about gardening on a grand scale and information about its sustainability.
Backyard Animals
Interested in raising bees to help with pollination? Want to produce your own "free-range" eggs?
Print and web resources for the serious plant enthusiast.
Save the planet while you feed your plants.
Extension Services
Get online brochures and gardening help from these federal and state supported institutions.
Garden Crafts
Do you have a green thumb and crafty fingers? Here are some ideas for combining them.
Garden Design
Want to make your garden look like one of those in Fine Gardening? Here are some resources to help!
Gardening Videos
The library offers a wide variety of instructional videos on garden as well as travel videos on public gardens worldwide.
Gardening with Kids
Teach kids where their food comes from, give them a whiff of fresh air and let them play in the dirt.
Habitat Gardening or Gardens for Wildlife
How to attract bees, butterflies and birds to your garden.
Kitchen & Vegetable Gardens
Pretty soon it will be time to plan for growing your own herbs and vegetables, especially the ones you can't find in the markets.
Native Plants
Learn how important it is for wildlife that you landscape with native plants.
Natural Landscaping
Are you tired of mowing lawns, clipping hedges and spraying pesticides? Try creating a healthier, more "natural" garden environment.
News and Magazines
Come browse through our gardening magazines in the library or visit the magazine web sites.
Check out local and nearby nurseries.
Links to local and national groups of gardeners like you!
Gardening in a cold climate. Resources for hardy plants.
Plant Information
Books and online resources for finding information about plants.
Public Gardens & Flower Shows
Visit public gardens in Pittsburgh and beyond. Don't forget the Philadelphia Flower Show every March!
Seed Catalogs
Late winter is the time to order those seeds that you will start in spring! Look here for links to seed companies and books about starting seedlings.
Sustainable Gardening
Resources for gardening with a view towards maintaining a healthy environment, conserving water, and living in harmony with nature.
Celebrate trees and the urban forest! Grow a tree in your yard or, if you don't have a yard, adopt a tree along a street!
Water Gardens
Put in a pond or a bog and see how many dragonflies and toads come to pay you a visit.

Did you know that it is actually healthy to work in the dirt? Check out this Psychology Today article on Soil Salvation that says mycobacteria in the soil improve our mental and physical health. Growing your own food is safer than eating out (Dirty Dining) and Babies Know: A Little Dirt Is Good for You.