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Minority Health Resources

Pittsburgh Region

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Fact sheets and other medical information

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Selected Books

Brock, Rovenia M.
Dr. Ro's Ten Secrets to Livin' Healthy: America's Most Renowned African American Nutritionist Shows You How to Look Great, Feel Better, and Live Longer by Eating Right
RA778.4.A36 B76 2004
Dr. Ro gives an overview of minority health problems and talks about how healthy foods and lifestyles can help prevent them.
Brown-Riggs, Constance
The African American Guide to Living Well with Diabetes
RC662.B765 2010x
This comprehensive guide includes the latest medical treatments for diabetes-medications, insulin therapies, blood glucose monitors, plus the pros and cons of supplements, herbs, and alternative diets.
Diabetes in Black America: Public Health and Clinical Solutions to a National Crisis
RA645.D5 D513 2010
In this comprehensive book, top experts in the field of diabetes report on the clinical and public health perspectives on the prevention, intervention and treatment of diabetes within the African-American community.
Gavin, James R.
Dr. Gavin's Health Guide for African Americans
RA778.4.A36 G38 2004
In addition to discussing genetic factors, Dr. Gavin offers suggestions on how to change your life style and improve your health.
Gaston, Marilyn H. and Gayle K. Porter
Prime Time: The African American Woman's Complete Guide To Miulife Health And Wellness
RA778.4.A36 G37 2001
Written by a physician and clinical psychologist, Prime Time is a guide to total health in midule age and a celebration of the strength, wisdom, and beauty of African American women in their second half of life.
Hudson, Hilton M.
The Heart of the Matter: Essential Advice for a Healthy Heart from Renowned Surgeons and Cardiologists
RC685.C6 H785 2012
The third edition of The Heart of the Matter stresses the importance of preventive and up-to-date steps one can take to prevent heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke.
Reed, James
High Blood Pressure: The Black Man and Woman's Guide to Living with Hypertension
RC685.H8 R3793 2002x
Hypertension is known as the "silent killer". Learn about the symptoms, prevention, risk factors, complications and treatments for hypertension.
Smith, George E.
Taking Care of Our Own: the Black American's Guide to Family Medicine
This book provides information on a variety of topics including nutrition, children's health, spirituality and minority health resources. 2004.

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