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Regulatory Agencies (Rules)

  • Federal Register (1995-date)
    [Reference Services periodical] (1936-date)
    Issued five times a week, the federal register updates the Code of Federal Regulations. It also contains Presidential executive orders, decisions of fact-finding bodies, and rules and regulations of various federal departments and bureaus. There are monthly, quarterly, and annual indexes.
  • Code of Federal Regulations
    r 353 U2539c4
    This is an annual cumulation of federal adminstrative rules and regulations. It is issued in fifty titles (subjects). Check the index volume at the Reference Services desk to identify the appropriate title and section.
  • Code of Federal Regulations List of CFR Sections Affected
    This is a guide to changes in the Code of Federal Regulations as published in the Federal Register. Entries are by CFR title, chapter, part and section. Ask at the Reference Services desk.

NOTE: Prior to 1936, the individual regulatory agencies must be checked -- some having published their own decisions or compilations of rulings for many years. Examples:

  • U.S. Federal Trade Commission.
    Decisions, Findings, Orders and Conference Rulings (1915-1986)
    Decisions Volumes 46-140 (July 1949 - December 2005)
  • U.S. Interstate Commerce Commission.
    Decisions (1906-date)
  • U.S. Treasury Department. Decisions (1924-date)