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Congressional Directory
U.S. Senate
U.S. House of Representatives: Office of the Clerk (current Representatives)
r 328.73 C74 (41st Congress, 3rd session-date; 1870-date)

This book includes biographical sketches of memembers, state delegations, and committee memberships.

Biographical Directory of the American Congress, 1774-1989
rq JK 1010 .U5 1989

There are two main sections: a) lists: Executive officers, 1789-1989; the Continental Congress; members of each Congress arranged by Congress and state; and b)biographies, arranged alphabetically.

Black Americans in Congress, 1870-1989
rq E 185.96 .R25 1990

Hispanic Americans in Congress, 1822-1995
rq E 184 .S75 E57 1995

Women in Congress, 1917-1990
rq JK 1013 .W66 1991

Daily Record of Activities

Congressional Record
Congressional Record (1994 - present)
Thomas (101st Congress-date) (1989-date) (to replace Thomas by 2014)
Format varies: microfilm, microfiche, paper
(qr 328.73 U25d)

Issued daily while Congress is in session, the Congressional Record includes Presidential messages, Congressional speeches and debates, and records of votes. The index is in two parts: a) alphabetical, by names/subjects, and b) list of bills and resolutions, arranged by number. Format varies, so check with the librarian at the Reference Services desk.

Congressional Globe
(23d-42d Congressional; 1833-1873)
on microfilm

Register of Debates
(18th (2d) Congress - 25th (1st) Congress; 1824-1837)
on microcard

Annals of Congress
(1st-18th (1st) Congresses; 1789-1824)
on microcard



The library has few of these prior to the 76th Congress, when they were made a depository. If you have the Congress number, the name of the committee, and the title of the hearing, check directly with the librarian for the Library's holdings. Otherwise, consult the Monthly Catalog first.
r 328.73 U2538ca


Committee Prints

Congressional Committee Prints
Congressional committee prints are publications issued by congressional committees on topics related to their legislative or research activities

If you have the Congress number, the name of the committee, and the title of the print, check directly with the librarian for the Library's holdings. Otherwise, check the Monthly Catalog first.
r 328.73 U2535ca

  • United States Serial Set
    Considered one of the most important sources for the study of American history, politics and society, this collection of government publications begins in 1789 with the American State Papers and details Congressional business through 1969. It includes reports and documents either produced or ordered by Congress, as well as presidential communications and treaty materials.

House & Senate Documents

These are reports of special investogations made for Congress.

House & Senate Reports
These are reports of the various committees.
NOTE: The paper copies of the House/Senate documents/reports are superseded by the serial volumes.

Senate Executive Documents & Reports
The documents are lettered; the reports are numbered.
To identify the serial volume a particular document/report is in:

  • Numerical Lists and Schedules of Volumes of the Reports and Documents of the ( ) Congress
    r 328.73 U2535nu (73d Congress-date; 1933/34-date)
    A separate volume is usually issued for each session of Congress. Arrangement is by House/Senate document/report number and by serial volume number.
  • Index to Documents and Reports of the ( ) Congress
    r 328.73 U2535i (54th Congress-72d Congress; 1897-1933)
  • Checklist of U.S. Public Documents, 1789-1909
    r 328.73 U2535ch2 (15th-60th Congresses; 1817-1909)
  • For the first fourteen Congresses, use the American States Papers.
    qr 328.73 A51 (1st-25th Congresses; 1789-1838)
    This set is divided into ten classes: a) foreign affairs; b) Indian affairs; c) finance; d) commerce and navigation; e) miltary affairs; f) naval affairs; g) Post Office; h) public lands; i)claims; and j) miscellaneous.
    There is an index for each class at the end of its final volume.
    For a retrospective look at the serial volumes, use the CIS U.S. Serial Set Index.
    rq Z 1223 .Z9 C65 1975 (1789-1969) 12 vols. in 36 pts.
    There are two approaches: 1) subject keyword; and 2) finding lists: a) private relief and related actions (individuals/organizations); b) numerical list of reports and documents; and c) by schedule and serial volumes.

Other General Tools (non-government documents)

Congressional Information Service: CIS Annual
qr 016.32873 C74 (1970-date)
This annual publication is issued in two parts. The index is by subjects/names, bill, report, and document numbers. The other volume contains abstracts of committee hearings/committee prints, HOuse/Senate documents/reports, House/Senate miscellaneous publications, and Senate executive reports. There are also brief descriptions and legislative histories of public laws enacted during the period covered.

Congressional Quarterly Almanac
qr 328.73 C7494 (1955-57, 1962, 1964-date)
Congressional Quaterly Weekly Reports
qr 328.73 C11 (1964-69, 1973-date)
These news services cover Congressional action and developments. Weekly Reports issues quarterly indexes and a cumulative annual index. The annual Almanac is also fully indexed. Both include voting information on individual measures.

NOTE: Pathfinder #4: Federal Legislation contains related information you may find helpful.