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Library Catalog Help for Government & Law

Library of Congress Classification System

The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh uses the Library of Congress Classification System. The Library of Congress offers an overview of the classes. See our Library Subject Guide for more help with Subject Headings.

Subject Area LC Class
Capital Punishment HV 8694-8699
KF 26-92
KF 9227-9725
Citizenship -- United States JK 1751-1788
Civil Rights JC 571
KF 4750
Civil Service - Exams  
Constitution (U.S.) JK 141-146
KF 4525-4528
Copyright Z 551-656
KF 2992-3093
Copyright (Music) Z 653
Crime / Criminology HV 6025-8497
Divorce HQ 811-960
Foreign Policy  
Government (U.S.) JK 261-274
E 183
Government Documents  
Law K
Law, Pennsylvania KF
Medicaid / Medicare HD 7102-7125
R 728
Paper Money H 6591
Parliamentary Practice
JF 515
Patents T 201-339
Political Science J
Prisons HV8301-9920
Prohibition HV5088-5099
Public Administration JF1531
Public Finance HJ 141
Public Utilities HD2763-2758
School Desegregation LC 212-214
Social Security HD 7125
Tax KF 6297
KF 6300-6400
(State & Local)
Trademarks H 1555
T 223
United States - Government JK 261-274
E 183
Welfare HV16-699
Wills K809