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Quick and Easy Cooking

With almost everybody working these days, it is hard to go home at night and cook a gourmet meal. Fortunately there are plenty of cookbooks to help you create a quick and nourishing dinner without resorting to fast food or take-out.

Fast & Simple Cooking
Not much time to cook? Check out our collection of quick recipes and time-saving suggestions.
Kids Cooking
Get them started early with quick and easy recipes like green eggs and ham...
Then, if you are lucky, they might cook dinner for YOU!
Pasta and Noodles
What could be easier than boiling a pot of spaghetti and opening up a jar of spaghetti sauce? Well, maybe cooking a box of macaroni and cheese. If you want a little more variety and something a bit more sophisticated, try these cookbooks.
October is National Pizza Month but you can get pizza recipes and lore at your library any time!
Quick Ethnic
Do you go out to ethnic restaurants because cooking a foreign meal yourself is just too long and involved? Or maybe you're stuck at home with the kids and you really would like to eat something a little more exotic than macaroni and cheese.
Quick Gourmet
No time to cook but you don't want to eat Top Ramen or macaroni and cheese in a box? Do you have a sophisticated palate and a thin wallet? Don't despair! These chefs will help you cook delicious food in no time.
Quick Vegetarian
Forgot to soak the beans overnight? These books should give you some ideas for quick alternatives.
Slow Cookers
Do you want a great soup or stew when you come home from work but don't want to wait until 10 pm to eat? Get a Slow Cooker to do the work while you're away.
Trail & Camp Cooking
When you are out in the boondocks and packing in your food, you are restricted to few ingredients and you want it quick.