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Nordic Food and Cooking

Nordic (Scandinavian) cooking is coming into its own now that the emphasis is on local ingredients. And you thought it was only potatoes and herring! It covers Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Sweden), Finland and Iceland.

Selected Books

Hedh, Jan
Swedish Breads and Pastries
q TX769.H423 2010
Although Hedh includes many nonScandinavian breads (like baquettes) his emphasis is on making "real" bread, as opposed to store-bought bread with its many additives.
Hofberg, Caroline
Traditional Swedish Cooking
q TX722.S8 H57 2011
This is a new take on traditional Scandinavian ingredients like fish, elk, venison, smoked meats, dill, lingonberries and cloudberries, and root vegetables.
Meyer, Arthur L.
Danish Cooking and Baking Traditions
TX722.D4 M49 2011
Hippocrene Books specialize in the lesser known cuisines, like that of tiny Denmark. The recipes are simple, traditional and straightforward and the book includes Oskar Davidsen's extensive 1888 Smørrebrød Menu, in case you are looking for appetizer ideas.
Mink, Miisa
Nordic Bakery Cookbook
TX763.M54 2011
The Nordic Bakery is a Scandinavian-style café in London. Their cookbook includes lots of rye breads and other interesting baked goods using oats and barley, and Finnish items like Karelian pies.
Plum, Camilla
The Scandinavian Kitchen
TX722.A1 P595 2011x
This very readable cookbook gives a nice introduction to Scandinavian food, even to some that you will not encounter or be able to reproduce here. Others, like rhubarb cordial and jelly, you will find interesting to try.
Redzepi, René
noma: Time and Place in Nordic Cuisine
q TX722.A1 R43 2010x
Noma, World's Best Restaurant 2010, in Copenhagen, Denmark, " not about olive oil, foie gras, sun-dried tomatoes and black olives. On the contrary, we’ve been busy exploring the Nordic regions discovering outstanding foods and bringing them back to Denmark: Icelandic skyr curd, halibut, Greenland musk ox, berries and water." This cookbook by its chef is heavy on molecular gastronomy and includes hard-to-find ingredients.
Authentic Norwegian Cooking
Risgaard, Hanne
Home Baked: Nordic Recipes and Techniques for Organic Bread and Pastry
Adapted from the book originally published in Danish in 2009, Home Baked offers recipes and techniques for baking artisan bread using organic stone-milled flour, organic yeasts and wild fermented sourdoughs from the Danish organic farm and mill, Skærtoft Mølle (Noma uses their products).
Scott, Astrid Karlsen
Authentic Norwegian Cooking
q TX722.N6 S38 2011
Scott concentrates on traditional foods of Norway, especially fish, cheese and meats, but half the book is dedicated to breads, sweets and pastries. It includes such foods as sour cream porridge, rye breads and rusks, cloudberries and lingonberries.
Sinclair, Pat
Scandinavian Classic Baking
TX763.S296 2011x
Who hasn't heard of a "Danish"?


New Scandinavian Cooking: Sweden
In this 4 DVD set of the New Scandinavian Cooking TV Series, Tina Nordström travels to various locations in Sweden cooking dishes featuring some local specialties and some exotic ingredients. While not totally traditional dishes their inspiration comes from local foods and traditions, with modern touches.

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Websites and Articles

  • Claus Meyer: The New Nordic Cuisine Movement
    Claus Meyer, the founder and co-owner of the restaurant Noma, explains the New Nordic Cuisine based on cold-weather crops (root and cole vegetables, berries, rye, dill), seafood and traditional foodways.
  • King Oscar Seafood Videos
    Host and chef Andreas Viestad travels to various Norwegian cities to explore their cooking and Scandinavian fish products.
  • Saveur: A Swedish Winter Smorgasbord
    This Christmas menu has almost as many fish as the Italian Feast of the Seven Fishes! Read more about the Smorgasbord.
  • This is Finland: Christmas Cookbook
    Here are recipes for traditional Finnish Christmas dishes: Freshly salted salmon, Rosolli salad, Rutabaga and Carrot Casseroles, Glass Masters herring, Baked ham, Rice porridge, Mixed fruit soup, Christmas bread, Christmas pastries / Joulutortut, Ginger cookies / Piparkakut, and Christmas glögg
  • Wikipedia: Joulupöytä
    The Finnish Yule Table is similar to the Swedish smörgåsbord. Here's what they offer.