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Own the Night - Teen Summer Reading, 2012

Whether you%u219re up all night dreaming of the future, stargazing with friends, or trying to calm heart palpitations from a nightmare %u213 be sure to have one of these books or films checked out from your library, and truly make the night your own!



In a mad flurry of text messages, emails and webpages, the author retells the classic vampire story of Dracula as though it were happening today. Jonathan and Mina exchange increasingly horrifying messages of strange happenings, vampire attacks and death among their circle of friends. Each frantic message reveals another twist in this tale of love and terror.


White Cat

When Cassel Sharpe discovers that his older brothers have used him to carry out their criminal schemes and then stolen his memories, he figures out a way to turn their evil machinations against them.


Summer and the city : a Carrie Diaries novel

This sequel to The Carrie Diaries follows high school senior Carrie Bradshaw as she navigates the Big Apple the summer before college.


Living under three months' house arrest, Kale Brecht spends his days spying on the neighbors. It's all fun and games at first, but things take a horrifying turn for the worse when he suspects his neighbor is a serial killer. Finding himself at a loss because he can't prove anything or leave his house without triggering an alarm, he enlists the help of his friends.


How to Be a Vampire : A Fangs-On Guide for the Newly Undead

Escape mortality and embrace the darkness with this in-depth guide for the newly undead that describes the transformation, types of vampires, fashion tips and thirty ways to fill eternity. By the end of the book, you will be ready to become a vampire!


The Girl is Murder

In 1942, 15-year-old Iris deals with the loss of her mother, while secretly assisting her father with his detective business in New York City. When a classmate goes missing, Iris%u2019 father is hired to solve the case and she is determined to help.


A Walk through the Heavens: A Guide to Stars and Constellations and their Legends

Ever wonder where to look in the night sky to find the constellation Orion, and who is Orion anyway? Does Ursa Major have more stars than Ursa Minor? A Walk through the Heavens presents the, how, where, when, and why behind the star filled night sky.



Roy has just moved to South Florida, and doesn%u2019t know many people other than a bully who beats him up and an Amazon girl named Beatrice. One day he spots a boy running barefoot past his school bus and follows him into the woods. There, he learns the boy%u2019s secret. Roy, Beatrice and the barefoot boy, called Mullet Fingers, will draw you into a swamp full of suspenseful yet hilarious nighttime mischief, involving some burrowing owls and a pancake house.



The only thing worse than being talked about in high school is not being talked about at all. That's the case for Charlotte Usher, who feels like she might as well be invisible to the popular students at school. The next thing she knows, she actually does become invisible - one of the unfortunate side effects of dying and becoming a ghost. The first in a series of ghostly novels by Tonya Hurley that explore how popularity can be a matter of life and death.


The Reformed Vampire Support Group

Think vampires are sexy, powerful, sparkly and romantic? Well, think again. 15-year-old Nina Harrison %u201Cfanged%u201D in 1973 likens being a vampire to %u201Cbeing stuck indoors with the flu watching daytime television forever and ever.%u201D In order to not end up on the receiving end of a stake, vampires need to admit their addiction and join a support group that meets every Tuesday evening. Then, one of the group members is mysteriously turned to ash and Nina and her friend Dave set out to hunt the killer and find that being a vampire isn%u2019t so boring after all%u2026


The Name of the Star

When Rory Deveaux moves to London to attend boarding school, a series of Jack the Ripper like crimes stuns England. Besides having to adjust to a totally new culture, Rory begins to worry that she may be the next target of the killer.


The Dream Encyclopedia

Have you ever wondered if there was a significant meaning behind your dreams, whether they spark creative inspiration or indicate events to happen in the future? With this comprehensive guide, you will have the tools to explore and ponder your dreams, searching the encyclopedia by topic to determine what your brain is thinking while you sleep.


I hunt killers

Seventeen-year-old Jasper %u201CJazz%u201D Dent, the son of imprisoned serial killer Billy Dent, finds himself tracking a killer after a woman is murdered in his small town. Jazz%u2019s journey into the mind of the killer forces him to explore his own violent instincts and his memories of a childhood shaped by a sociopathic murderer.


Cryer's Cross

Small town secrets, missing high school students, and a cryptic message carved into a desk are only the beginning of Kendall Fletcher%u2019s problems. She%u2019s also hearing voices %u2013 the voices of the missing students.


A Monster Calls : a novel

When the clock strikes 12:07 at night, the monster comes for Conor. The yew tree in the backyard transforms into a monstrosity that insists on telling Conor three tales, in which Conor must respond with a fourth, and the story must equal the truth--not just any truth, but his personal truth, admitting what he sees in his nightmares.


White Crow

Sixteen-year-old Rebecca moves to a small town that is literally crumbling into the ocean bit by bit. Even though most of the town has vanished, local teen Ferelith takes Rebecca on a suspenseful tour by playing a deadly game of truth or dare.


Jasper Jones : a novel

A knock comes on Charlie%u2019s bedroom window late one night; Jasper Jones has come to get his help. Can he and Jasper cover up a huge secret long enough to crack the case while facing the pressures of friends, family, and growing up in a small mining town?


The Latte Rebellion

Asha%u2019s big dream is to travel to London after high school graduation. She and her friends decide to raise money for the trip by selling t-shirts for a cause, %u201CThe Latte Rebellion,%u201D which they think will help raise consciousness about mixed-race equality and raise some money for their trip. The Latte Rebellion swirls beyond her control; her friendships and future plans turn into a nightmare rather than a dream senior year.



Grace has always felt a connection to the wolves behind her house in the winter, especially one yellow-eyed wolf and her summer is turned upside-down when she meets a boy named Sam, who has the same yellow eyes as her favorite wolf. Shiver is the first book in the Mercy Falls Trilogy.


How to Be a Werewolf: the claws-on guide for the modern lycanthrope

Have you ever had the desire to howl at the moon or join a pack of wolves? This informative book provides the necessary skills to become a werewolf, including supernatural dating tips, choosing a werewolf name and songs to make you howl. After finishing this book, you will definitely unleash the beast within!

Vampire Knight [videorecording] : the complete series

At a prestigious academy where the day students are humans and the night students ae vampires, all live in relative harmony. But a looming shadow is about to be cast over their world.


Midnighters: The Secret Hour

Liam has known since he was very young that he really should%u2019ve been born a girl. It is only at night that his true self, Luna, can emerge. Told from his sister%u2019s point of view %u201CLuna%u201D details the emotional pain and suffering that can result from hiding your true self along with the joy and beauty that emerges when you set yourself free.


The Monstrumologist

An unspeakable horror is ravishing a small 1888 New England town, coming at night and tearing people to shreds. The town turns to a Monstrumologist to find and destroy these monsters. However, when people begin to question why such hideous monsters are in the same town as one of the only Monstrumologists in the world, they begin to question which is worse - the monsters or the man who may have brought them.


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