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Novel Destinations Novel Destinations
Featured Collection August 2011

Adventure to another time and place…at your leisure, under the shade. Find stories of love, mystery, courage, spirituality and reflection - and bring faraway places to your own back yard with Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's fiction collection.

Once Upon a Time (and Place)
Reading stories is a great way to find out what life was like long ago and far away. So use your library card as a ticket to adventure and check out some of these titles for kids.
Novel Destinations: In Search of Lost Relations
Each of these stories concerns the mysterious search for lost relatives and friends, leading our heroes on a journey through the past, and to faraway locals such as the Ukraine, the Caribbean, Malta, Shanghai, and the Andes.
Alternate Realities
Travel to another time and place with these surreal and mindbending alternate reality films.
WUWH (Wishing You Were Here)
Sometimes, Pittsburgh feels really small, however there really is a big wide world out there, which you can experience from the comfort of your very favorite arm chair, by reading one of these titles!