All Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh locations will be closed on Monday, September 7th, 2015.
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Playaway Mysteries!

The library offers Playaway Digital Audiobooks that you can borrow. Learn more about Playaway on the Playaway website.

The Da Vinci Code Brown, Dan
The Da Vinci Code
If you've seen the movie but haven't read the book, here's your chance! This book is also available in other formats (print, CD, on tape).
Sherlock Holmes, the Hound of the Baskervilles Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan
Sherlock Holmes, the Hound of the Baskervilles
Holmes tackles the mystery of the demonic hound, the curse of the Baskerville family.
The Big Bamboo Dorsey, Tim
The Big Bamboo
Serge and sidekick Coleman head out west to take on Hollywood bigwigs and L.A. lowlifes in Dorsey's most outrageous novel yet. Before Tinseltown knows what's hit it, Serge has made an unforgettable foray to the Playboy Mansion and come up against Japanese Yakuza and a host of wacky characters.
Blue Shoes and Happiness McCall Smith, Alexander
Blue Shoes and Happiness (No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency)
A cobra has been found in Precious Ramotswe's office. Then a nurse from a local medical clinic reveals to Mma Ramotswe that faulty blood-pressure readings are being recorded there. And it looks as though Aunty Emang, the advice columnist in the local newspaper, may not be what she seems. This book is also available in other formats (print, CD, on tape, and as a downloadable audio book).
Dead Famous O'Connell, Carol
Dead Famous
When an FBI agent is killed and jurors from a controversial trial are murdered one by one only Detective Kathleen Mallory can find the connection between the murders.
Hundred-Dollar Baby Parker, Robert B.
Hundred-Dollar Baby
Spenser, a Boston PI, is once again hired by April Kyle who was a teenage runaway that turned to prostitution. Now she is a madam of an up-scale, all-female operation that some men are trying to take away from her. April claims she doesn't know who is after her business, but Spenser finds ties to organized crime.
The 5th Horseman Patterson, James
The 5th Horseman
Healthy patients are dying of unknown causes in a San Francisco hospital and the Women's Murder Club decides to investigate the hospital's personnel. They discover a hospital administrator determined to shield the hospitals reputation. This book is also available in other formats (print, CD, on tape, and as a downloadable audio book).
Dirty Blonde Scottoline, Lisa
Dirty Blonde
Federal judge Cate Fante's world is thrown into turmoil when her secrets are revealed and both her job and her life become threatened.