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U R Here U R Here
Featured Collection July 2011

Find yourself and the inspiration to make the most of your life at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Explore the journals of young people like Anne Frank, Ma Yan, and Mark Pfetzer, who recorded their personal journeys of hardship, growth and self-discovery, or learn how to begin your own journal.

You Are Here--But Who Are You? (Kids)
Keeping a journal is a great way to learn more about yourself. But how do you get started? And what if your life just doesn't seem quite interesting enough to record? The titles listed below will provide some inspiration and instruction. They include real journals, fictional ones, books to help you develop your writing skills and even one to use slightly supernatural means to see inside yourself. So start reading (and writing) today!
You Are Here! (Teens)
Whether you want to feel like a spy or just plain love how easy they are to read, step into someone else's shoes with one of these books in journal format.
Imagined Diaries Take You to New Places
We all like peeking into someone else's diary, don't we? It's fascinating to read fictional true-life stories, often learning deep dark secrets - the ultimate in storytelling.
The Naturalist
Especially in regions like Pennsylvania, nature follows the seasons and is a perfect subject for journaling.