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Database Access Troubleshooting

The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh subscribes to databases from many different providers and any number of reasons may be responsible for your difficulty in accessing one. To help you, please review the following.

  1. If you are accessing a database remotely from outside of the library (home, work or school), make sure that you are using the "remote access" link.
  2. Check that you are accessing the database from a web page and not from a bookmark or Some database providers check to see what web site you are coming from.
  3. Electronic database access is only available to cardholders who are Allegheny County residents. Cardholders from other counties should check with their local libraries for access to electronic resources. See below for the PA POWER Library.
  4. Make sure that you are using a CLP library card if one is required.
  5. Make sure that, if you are accessing the PA POWER Library from our web site, you have a library card from an Allegheny County library. If you have a library card from another county, check the PA POWER Library list of participating libraries to find your library's web site.
  6. Make sure that your browser allows cookies, that javascript is enabled, and that pop-up blockers are turned off. Instructions for enabling cookies can be found on the PA POWER Library Troubleshooting page.
  7. Make sure that your computer's firewall is not excluding the site. Firewalls interfere with the authentication systems that database providers use. Instructions for Norton's Firewall can be found in the PA POWER Library Troubleshooting Guide.
  8. A very few databases restrict the number of simultaneous users. Try at a different time (for instance, early in the morning).
  9. If you are still having problems accessing a specific database, look for a help file on the database site and make sure that you have complied with all their requirements.
  10. If you cannot resolve the problem, please contact us.

Additional Resources