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Help in Hard Times
Financial Problems

Selected Books

Douglin, Carla
The Foreclosure Workbook: The Homeowner's Guide to Understanding Foreclosure and Saving your Home
q KF697.F6 D68 2008x
This resource helps homeowners understand the facts and take steps to fight off foreclosure, while organizing a plan to save their home and credit.
Elias, Stephen
The Foreclosure Survival Guide: Keep your House or Walk Away with Money in your Pocket
KF697.F6 E43 2008
This book helps homeowners keep their homes, or at least make the best of a bad situation.
Herigstad, Sally
Help! I Can't Pay my Bills: Surviving a Financial Crisis
HG179.H447 2007
As a survivor of her own financial crisis, Herigstad understands the emotional and financial issues caused by a money crisis. This easy-to-understand resource shows ways to get out of debt and back on the road to financial security.
Keto, Jill
Don't Get Caught with your Skirt Down: A Practical Girl's Recession Guide
HG179.K497 2008
An entrepreneur and mother of two, Keto writes a straightforward and accessible guide that gives the basics on personal finance, investing, and wise spending and saving.
Kimball, Cheryl
The Everything Get Out of Debt Book: Evaluate your Options, Determine your Course of Action, and Make a Fresh Start
HG179.K552 2002
This practical book provides guidelines for everyone who wants to reduce their debt and create a realistic budget.
Perry, Gail
Surviving Financial Downsizing: A Practical Guide to Living Well on Less Income
HG179.P36675 2004
Whether it's your choice or a necessity, living on less income is a challenge. This book shows you how to develop an emergency fund, save on daily expenses, find new sources of income, and much more.
Stauffer, Tere
Everything Budgeting Book: Practical Advice for Spending Less, Saving More, and Having More Money for the Things you Really Want
HG179.D743 2003
Featuring helpful advice on everything from budgeting to navigating major life changes, this practical resource can be used today and into the future.

Videos (DVDs)

Buried by Debt: The Dangers of Borrowing
(DVD) HG3755.B7975 2005x
Produced by Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, this dvd describes the problem of predatory lending through the personal experiences of borrowers.
Financial Recovery: Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Short Sales and Rebuilding your Credit produced by Revodition
(DVD) HG179.F47255 2008x
Experts explain personal finance, such as the financial implications of bankruptcy, how to rebuild your credit, and more.
Taking Credit: Understanding Loans, Credit Cards, and Other Debts
(DVD) HG3755.T345 2008x
Produced by Cambridge Educational, this dvd explains the basics of credit, how to obtain and manage credit, and how credit decisions can influence your future.

Web Sites

  • Be Well! Pittsburgh
    Be Well Pittsburgh! collaborates with health care consumers, health care providers, social service providers and community organizations to improve uninsured Pittsburghers' awareness of and access to health care resources. Download their booklet Healthcare Options for the Uninsured.
  • Choosing and Using Credit Cards
    An online brochure from the Federal Trade Commission that explains credit card terms, how your balance is computed, and how to shop for the best card.
  • Consumer Protection
    Federal Trade Commission website offers practical information on a variety of consumer topics. The information here can help you avoid rip-offs and exercise your consumer rights.
  • Financial Facts Tool Kit
    This Tool Kit from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is a succinct and reliable list of sites to help people manage their money and invest wisely.
  • Imagine my New Job
    Looking for a job in Pittsburgh? This website lists local employment opportunities.
  • You Control Your Money
    If you are having money problems or know of someone who is, the members of the Financial Education Consortium of Southwestern Pennsylvania are there to help.


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