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Pittsburgh Celebrates Glass!

Glass Bibliography
Pittsburgh - Year of Glass

The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh has quite an intriguing selection of materials (books and DVDs/videos) many of which provide another feast for the eyes through their numerous photographs of spectacular glass pieces. Others - should you want to explore the possibilities of learning how to work with glass - give you a good idea of the pleasures and perils in the techniques used for the art and craft of glass working.

We have also added some fiction titles and some children's titles, each of which can launch you into the exciting world of glass.

Glass Blowing Techniques

Burke, Ed
Glass Blowing a Technical Manual
TP859.B873 2005x
This is a book on how to build your own studio.
Halem, Henry
Glass Notes: A Reference for the Glass Artist
q NK5104.h2 1996
Glass Notes is the text of choice for most if not all the glass programs in the U.S. and is commonly referred to as "The glass blower's bible."
Hasluck, Paul N. (ed.)
Glass Working by Heat and by Abrasion
r TP859 .G56 1988
Originally published in 1899, this handbook contains, in a form convenient for everyday use, a comprehensive digest of the information on working glass by heat and by abrasion and supplies concise instruction on the general principles of the subject.
Kohler, Lucartha
Glass: An Artist's Medium
Mt Lebanon Non-Fiction - 748.2 K63
Kohler is a much awarded artist and has taught glassblowing at universities and craft schools since 1992.
Kulasiewicz, Frank
rq TT298 .K84 1974
Littleton, Harvey
Glassblowing a Search for Form
r TP859 .L57 1971
Harvey Littleton is known as the "father of the Studio Glass Movement."
Olsen, Frederick L.
The Kiln Book: Materials, Specifications & Construction (Kiln Book)
rq TT924.O44 2001x
This is the definitive guide on kiln design and construction for artisans and artists worldwide and offers complete plans and instructions for building kilns of all sizes and purposes.

Lampworking Techniques

Adams, Kimberley
The Complete Book of Glass Beadmaking
TT298.A33 2005
A good book for setting up a workstation for beginners.
Dunham, Bandhu S.
Formed of Fire
NK5110.D86 2002x
Dunham's instructional textbooks on lampworked glass technique are widely considered the "bible" in the field.
Jenkins, Cindy
Making Glass Beads
TT298.J46 1997
Step-by-step instructions for plain glass, millefiori (thousand flowers), sculpted beads, and others.
Ray, Susan and Richard Pearce
The Art & Soul of Glass Beads: 17 Bead Artists Share Their Inspiration & Methods
Northland Nonfiction - 745.582 R21
This is a jewelry making book that features interviews with 14 glass bead artists as they create their work.
Schuler, Frederic
Flameworking: Glassmaking for the Craftsman
TP859 .S32

Warm Glass Techniques

Anderson, Harriette
Kiln-Fired Glass
q 748 A54
Beveridge, Philippa
Warm Glass: A Complete Guide to Kiln-Forming Techniques: Fusing, Slumping, Casting
q TT298.B495 2005
A comprehensive and complete book, involving warm glass techniques, including problem solving and technical details.
Eberle, Bettina
Creative Glass Techniques: Fusing, Painting, Lampwork
Lark Books (August 1, 2005). ISBN: 1579907644. $16.47
TT298.E2313 1997
A manual for three specialized techniques in working with glass: fusing, painting, and lampworking (shaping glass with a torch).
Reynolds, Gil
Fused Glass Handbook
q TT298 .R49 1987
A guide to learning kiln skills.

Books About Art and Artists

Arwas, Victor
The Art Of Glass: Art Nouveau To Art Deco
q NK5109.85.A7 A778 1996
Barovier Mentasti, Rosa (ed.)
Glass Throughout Time: The History and Technology of Glassmaking from the Ancient World to the Present
q NK5101.5.I8 A5813 2003x
The history of glass and glassmaking is shown here through 400 works from ancient times to those created using the latest technology.
Borowsky, Irvin J.
Artists Confronting the Inconceivable: Award Winning Glass Sculpture
q NB1270 .G4 A78 1992x
Jewish Holocaust in art

Dale Chihuly

Chihuly, Dale
Chihuly Jerusalem 2000
q NK5198.C43 A4 2000c
Chihuly, Dale
Chihuly's Pendletons: And Their Influence On His Work
folio qNK5198.C43 A4 2000
Chihuly, Dale
Dale Chihuly: Installations, 1964-1992
q NK5198.C43 A4 1992x
Chihuly, Dale
Icicles: The Icicle Creek Chandelier
q NK5198.C43 A4 1998
Kuspit, Donald B.
q NK5198.C43 K87 1998x
Warmus, William
The Essential Dale Chihuly
NK5198.C43 W37 2000x
Dietz, Ulysses Grant, and Abrams, Harry N.
Paul J. Stankard: Homage to Nature
r NK5198.S677 D54 1996
Stankard began crafting his first paperweights in 1971; by the end of that decade he had become nationally known. Today his work is in the collections of such museums as The Corning Museum of Glass, The Art Institute of Chicago, and others.

Johnson, Donald-Brian
Higgins: Adventures In Glass
q NK4210.H497 A4 1997

Klein, Dan
Artists in Glass: Late Twentieth Century Masters in Glass
q NB1270.G4 K58 2001
A comprehensive and timely survey of the international art glass movement, exploring its dynamic history and its future at the beginning of the 21st century.

Kohler, Lucartha
Women Working In Glass
q NK5112.K65 2003

Layton, Peter
Glass Art
q NK 5110 .L38 1996

Lynn, Martha Drexler
American Studio Glass: 1960-1990
q NK5112.L97 2004
Lynn, Martha Drexler
Sculpture, Glass and American Museums
q NB1270.G4 L96 2005
Lynn visits 26 museum collections and discusses how sculpture made of glass found its way into those collections. This publication was commissioned by the Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass.

McKearin, Helen
Two Hundred Years Of American Blown Glass
q 738.2 M176

Meschi, Edward J.
Durand: The Man and His Glass
q NK5198.V46 M48 1998

Miller, Bonnie J.
Out of the Fire: Contemporary Glass Artists and Their Work
Bethel Park Nonfiction - 730.0979 M
Miller introduces 30 contemporary artists in a volume that suggests the versatility of glass and engenders curiosity about glassworkers' techniques.
Morris, William
Mazorca: Objects Of Common Ceremony
Essays by Isabel Allende and James Yood ; photographs by Robert Vinnedge
q NK5198.M585 A4 2004x
Exhibited in collections from 2002 to 2004, these inscrutable idols, masks, figurines, rattles, vases, urns and beads are inspired by the Mesoamerican and Andean peoples of Central and South America.

Morris, William and James Yood
William Morris: Animal/Artifact
q NK5198.M585 Y66 2000

Oldknow, Tina
Dante Marioni: Blown Glass
q NK5198.M3643 A4 2000

Oldknow, Tina
Pilchuck: A Glass School
q NK5112.O43 1996

Paul, Tessa
The Art Of Louis Comfort Tiffany
q NK4210.T53 P3 1992x
This is just one of many books on L. C. Tiffany, Tiffany Glass, and Tiffany Studios.

Venetian Glass
NK5152.M85 V445 2000
Published in connection with an exhibition held at the American Craft Museum, New York, N.Y., Sept. 13-Oct. 29, 2000, Nov. 21, 2000-Jan. 7, 2001.

Warmus, William
Emile Galle: Dreams Into Glass
q NK5198.G27 A4 1984
Catalog of an exhibition held at the Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, N.Y., Apr. 28-Oct. 21, 1984.
Warmus, William
The Essential René Lalique
N6853.L26 W37 2003x
Check out other books about Lalique
Warmus, William
Fire and Form: The Art of Contemporary Glass
q NK5198.W26 2003
Warmus became curator at The Corning Museum of Glass in 1978 where he curated the landmark exhibition "New Glass," the first studio glass exhibition to be shown at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Whitehouse, David
The Corning Museum of Glass: A Decade of Glass Collecting, 1990-1999
q NK5102.C65 C674 2000
The Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, NY, houses a premier glass collection. Whitehouse, the museum's executive director, documents the most significant acquisitions made by the museum in 1990s, featuring a variety of international glasswork.

Whitehouse, David
Glass Of The Roman Empire
NK5107.3 .W45 1988

Yelle, Richard Wilfred
Glass Art From Urbanglass
q NK5198.U73 G58 2000
UrbanGlass was founded in 1977 by artists Richard Yelle and Erik Erikson as the New York Experimental Glass Workshop. UrbanGlass was the first artist-access glass center in the United States and is now the largest.

Yelle, Richard Wilfred
International Glass Art
q NK5104.Y45 2003


Videos & DVDs

Alchemy in Light: Making Art Glass
Director: Kenneth Grimes
Art G - A
This is a video documentary about the creative and technical work of making art glass.

Art Glass Looking At The Basics
Art G - A
Studio glass in the 21st century

Dale Chihuly has produced a number of amazing videos that have aired on PBS and other places.
Chihuly: DVD Collection
(DVD) NK5198.C43 C495 2003x
Dale Chihuly, Glass Master
Art A Chi
Chihuly over Venice
Art A - Chi (video or DVD)
Chihuly River of Glass
(DVD) NK5198.C43 C498 2004x

Crafts By Hand. Blown Glass. Stained Glass
(VIDEO) TT24.N7 C734 1988x
In the blown glass segment, glassblower Andy Magdanz demonstrates how to make clear and colored glass pieces

Essential Lampworking 2
(DVD) TT298.E8735 2004x
For the intermediate glassworker, this program demonstrates how to make a five-piece vase.

Essential Marbles
(DVD) TT298.E8737 2006x
Demonstrates basic and advanced boro marble techniques


Ancient Glass in the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh
Carnegie Museum of Natural History
rq NK5107 .C37 1980x

Art Glass In Pittsburgh: A Tour Of Glass Designed By J Horace Rudy And Rudy Brothers Company
NK5398.R83 A7 1997x

Bakewell, Pears & Co.: Glass Catalogue
NK5198.B34 B3 1977x

Bining, William J.
The Glass Industry of Western Pennsylvania, 1797-1860
rq HD9623.U46 P463 1936x

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
Stained Glass in Pittsburgh; an Index to Stained Glass Artists Whose Work is Located in Pittsburgh
qr 748 C216 (1944)

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
Water-glass; a Bibliography, comp. by Morris Schrero
r 016.6614 S37

Commoner and American Glass Worker
Weekly periodical
1887 to 1889. (microfilm)

Drawn to the Surface: Artists in Clay and Glass
[exhibition organized by Sande Deitch]
q NK4008 .D7 1987x
Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, [1987]

Glass worker (Pittsburgh, Pa.)
The glass worker.
Microfilm - 1911 to 1925.
"Dedicated to the American glass industry, its progress first and always."

Innes, Lowell
Early Glass of the Pittsburgh District, 1797-1890
Exhibited at Carnegie Museum, April 21 to Sept. 6, 1949
NK5112.P5 1949
Carnegie Museum

Innes, Lowell
Pittsburgh Glass, 1797-1891: a History and Guide for Collectors
q NK5112 .I55

International Survey of Contemporary Art Glass
NK5439.A77 I58 1994x
Catalog of an exhibition held at the Wood Street Galleries and Concept Art Gallery

Glass: Shattering Notions Madarasz, Anne
Glass: Shattering Notions
A companion to The Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania exhibition Glass, Shattering Notions, The Senator John Heinz Pittsburgh Regional History Center, opening April 1998.
q NK5112.M33 1998x

M'Kee Victorian Glass: Five Complete Glass Catalogs from 1859/60 to 1871
NK5198.M56 A4 1981

Nichols, Sarah C.
Contemporary Directions: Glass from the Maxine and William Block Collection
rq NK5110.N53 2002
"Published on the occasion of the exhibition Contemporary Directions: Glass from the Maxine and William Block Collection, organized by Carnegie Museum of Art (April 6-July 7, 2001) and at the Toledo Museum of Art (exhibition November 21, 2003-February 15, 2004)"

Palmer, Arlene M.
Artistry and Innovation in Pittsburgh Glass, 1808-1882: from Bakewell & Ensell to Bakewell, Pears & Co.
PENNA q NK5101.P6 F75 2004x

Reprint of Geo. Duncan and Sons Catalog of Fine Flint Glassware, circa 1890
Bookmobile Center - Non-Fiction Collection - NK5198.G4 A4 1984
Geo. Duncan and Sons (Pittsburgh, Pa.) -- Catalogs.

Tannler, Albert M.
A Tour of Later Gothic Revival: Architecture and Stained Glass in Metropolitan Pittsburgh
r NK5312.T36 2000x

United States Glass Company
Catalogs from around 1900



Francis, Dick
The main protagonist in this mystery, Gerard Logan, is a glassblower.
Heart Of Glass
A film by Werner Herzog, set in the pre-industrial past, that tells of a German village that looses the secret of making its unique Ruby glass.
DVD - foreign film (German)
Leon, Donna
Through a Glass, Darkly
In this mystery, Commissario Guido Brunetti investigates a murder on Murano, the famed island of glassmakers in Venice.
Mackel, Kathy
Alien in a Bottle
With the help of a star-gazing classmate and an unusual assortment of aliens from outer space, teenager Sean Winger tries to find a way to convince his parents to let him pursue his dream of becoming a glass blower.

Children's Books

Branse, J. L.
A Day In The Life Of A Colonial Glassblower
Mt Lebanon J Non-Fiction - j 748.29 Bra
Geeslin, Campbell
Elena's Serenade
In Mexico, a little girl goes on a journey to learn to be a glassblower and gains confidence along the way.
qj Fic Geeslin
Price, Olive M.
Three Golden Rivers
Foreword and afterword by Margaret Mary Kimmel.
When recently orphaned sixteen-year-old Jenny and her younger brother and sisters move to Pittsburgh, their resourcefulness makes possible a career in glassmaking for Stephen.
Thomson, Ruth, 1949-
Mt Lebanon J Non-Fiction - j 363.7285 Tho