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Focus on Fiberarts

The following resources were selected to accompany Fiberart International 2007
April 14 - August 19, 2007 at the Society for Contemporary Craft.


Selected Books

Art Quilts: A Celebration: 400 Stunning Contemporary Designs
qNK9112 .A725 2005
Contemporary quilts from the biannual Quilt National exhibitions of 1995-2003, including remarks by the artists, are the focus of this richly illustrated work.
Arthur, Liz
Textile Treasures at the Glasgow School of Art
qNK8902.5 .G7 G55 2005
Includes textiles from Continental Europe, North America, and the British Isles, primarily from the English Arts and Crafts period.
Aug, Bobbie A.
Antique Quilts & Textiles: A Price Guide to Functional and Fashionable Cloth Comforts
qNK8812 .A84 2004
Quilts, pillow covers, aprons, bonnets, and table linens are included.
Browne, Clare Woodthorpe
Lace from the Victoria and Albert Museum
qNK9402.5 G7 B76 2004x
A brief history of lace making precedes the 100 plates which document the Victoria and Albert Museum's collection of handmade lace over the centuries.
Chung, Young Yang
Silken Threads: A History of Embroidery in China, Korea, Japan, and Vietnam
qNK9272 .C48 2005
Dragon robes, Korean costume and Japanese kimonos and textiles are some of the beautiful items highlighted here.
Dower, John W.
Wearing Propaganda: Textiles on the Home Front in Japan, Britain, and the United States, 1931-1945
A fascinating, well-illustrated study of patriotic and protest-themed clothing worn and manufactured during the World War II era. Published in conjunction with the exhibition held at the Bard Graduate Center for Studies in Decorative Arts, Design and Culture.
Druchunas, Donna
Arctic Lace: Knitting Projects and Stories Inspired by Alaska's Native Knitters
TT805 .K54 D79 2006
Eskimo lace as produced by the Oomingmak Musk Ox Producers' Co-operative.
Ellis, Catharine
Woven Shibori
TT848 .E45 2005
A new approach to the art of weaving and dyeing for weavers of all skill levels.
Florence, Judy
Gingham Aprons of the '40s & '50s: A Checkered Past
qGT2117 .F584 2003x
An appreciation of the unknown artisans of these collectible textiles.
Glasell, Pamela
Collector's Guide to Vintage Souvenir Tablecloths and Linens
qNK8899.3 G565 2994x
Take a trip across the United States with the wonderful textile graphics of the 40's and 50's marketed on cross country road trips.
Lowell, Susan
Navajo Rug Designs
E99 .N3 L793 2005
A compact overview and history of Navajo weaving.
Michalets, Jeanette and Katherine Michalets
Vera Textiles: Add Color to Everyday Fashions
qNK8898 .N46 A4 2006
A retrospective of the work of Vera Neumann, the iconic textile designer of the 60's and '70s.
Murphy, Brian
The Root of Wild Madder: Chasing the History, Mystery, and Lore of the Persian Carpet
NK2809 .P4 M87 2005
An eloquent testimonial to the art and tradition of carpet weaving, from the remote villages of Afghanistan and Pakistan to the showrooms of New York.
Parry, Linda
Textiles of the Arts and Crafts Movement
NK8943 .P37 2005x
Printed and woven fabrics, tapestries, carpets, embroideries and lace are the subjects of this survey of the English Arts and Crafts style. The author is Deputy Keeper at the Victoria & Albert Museum.
Prochnow, Dave
Quilts Sold! A Guide to Heirloom and Antique Quilts
NK9112 .P76 2006
All you need to know about purchasing, reproducing and appreciating antique quilts. Auction records are included for various styles of quilts.
Teehan, Virginia
The Honan Chapel: A Golden Vision
qNA5491 .C6 H66 2004x
Vestments and altar furnishings in the Irish Arts & Crafts style are examined in this elegant work on the Honan Chapel at University College Cork.
Thompson, Angela
Textiles of Central and South America
qNK8912.5 T46 2006x
The weaving and textile techniques and traditions of the area are explored in the richly illustrated volume.
Ware, Joyce C.
Collecting Oriental Rugs: Instant Expert
NK2808 .W35 2004x
A handbook on motifs, tribal rugs, village weavings, and kilims, as well as care, repair and maintenance.

Compiled by Debbie Rogers - March 2007



American quilts
A celebration of quilts, the artists who make them, and the remarkable stories woven into them. PBS Home Video.

Creating the Decorative Cloth
Four programs to accompany exhibits at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Each describes distinguishing characteristics of a type of textile and shows both historical examples and a contemporary artist at work. Covers tapestry, brocade, embroidery, and pile fabrics.

Gathered in Time: Utah Quilts and Their Makers: Settlement to 1950
Chronicles the lives of Utah's quiltmakers and shows the fruits of their labor.

Textile Magicians
Presents the art and techniques of five contemporary Japanese fiber artists who left the big cities for the cedar forests outside of Kyoto in order to live and work in harmony with nature.

Woman's Work: Making Quilts / Creating Art
Explores the lives and works of ten art quilters who are members of the Northern California Faultline Studio

Woven by the Grandmothers: Navajo Textiles from the 19th Century
A celebration of the art of Native American women weavers and an exploration of 19th century Navajo textiles and the role they played in the Navajo economy and society.


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