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Antiques and Collectibles Websites

The list below provides links to online sources of information dealing with antiques and collectibles. Many of the links are to other lists of related links, many take you to commercial sites where you can buy or sell an item, and others offer information on collecting, terminology, makers, and prices.


Auction Records & Price Guides




Indexes, Directories, and Other Online Information

  • Antiques and the Arts Online
    "The nation's leading newspaper and source of information on antiques and the arts."
  • eBay
    Extremely popular auction site for collectors of all kinds.
  • Harry Rinker
    An antiques and collectibles expert, Harry Rinker has an informative site, including question and answer columns and places to go for further research.
  • Kovels
    Online information from Ralph and Terry Kovel, a leading name in the antiques market for many years.
  • National Auctioneers Association
    Includes a database of NAA Member Auctioneers, plus other information about the organization.

Auction Houses

  • Christie's
    Christie's includes sales information, lists of auction catalogues, and other information about the company.
  • Dargate Auction Galleries
    Dargate Auction Galleries is an auction house here in Pittsburgh.
  • Sotheby's
    Sotheby's has similar information to Christie's, but also includes a live auction house.

Pictorial Reference


General Sites of Use to the Collector