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Pittsburgh Photographic Library

The Pittsburgh Photographic Library currently contains over 50,000 prints and negatives relating to Pittsburgh's history. Begun in 1950, by the University of Pittsburgh, and under the direction of photo documentalist Roy Stryker, noted local photographers such as Luke Swank, Frank Bingaman, Clyde Hare, Abram Brown, Harold Corsini and others, compiled a photo history of the Pittsburgh area. The project ceased in the late 1950's and the Pittsburgh Photographic Library was transferred to the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh in 1960. Further information about the Pittsburgh Photographic Library.

You can browse some of these photos in our online exhibit:
Bridging the Urban Landscape.

In addition to individual orders, prints from the collection are utilized by local and national businesses, researchers, advertising agencies, colleges, clubs, social service agencies, publishers, and featured in the film and television industry.

The Pittsburgh Photographic Library is a reference collection. Contact prints, arranged by subject heading, are on file in the Pennsylvania Department located on the second floor of the Main Library in Oakland. Material is available for viewing during regular Library hours. Research assistance by a staff member can be provided upon request or appointment.

Price List
(subject to change)

  • Photo prints (black & white / glossy or matte finish)
Photo Type Price
4x5 Print$18.00
5x7 Print$20.00
8x10 Print$25.00
11x14 Print$35.00
16x20 Print$55.00
Digital Scan
(300 dpi up to size 5x7. Larger output sizes ask for quote)

  • All prints can be ordered matted and framed. Please inquire about frame styles and prices.
  • Prepayment is required on all photographic orders.
  • Prices do not include postage or Pennsylvania Sales tax (7%).
  • For further information, please call 412.622.3154


Personal Use: Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh makes reproductions of its photographic material available for personal research, study or display.

Non-Profit & Commercial Use: If you wish to publish or reproduce the photos in any form or use them for any commercial purpose including display, you must obtain written permission from the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Department. Additional fees apply. Please contact the Pittsburgh Photographic Library at 412.622.3154.

Copyright Information: Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh assumes no responsibility that may arise concerning exhibit of this image, especially regarding questions of invasion of privacy. Specific copyright information for individual photo collections is available upon request. When published or displayed the copy must bear the credit line:
"Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction or usage prohibited."

Commercial & Non-profit Usage Fees

Commercial/Publication/Display Fees
  • These fees include print and broadcast media/Black & White prints only.
  • Fees are one-time/one medium use only.
  • Fees are in addition to cost of print(s) and/or scans.
A. Books, guides, brochures:
1. Editions up to 5,000 copies $30.00
2. 5,001 to 15,000 copies $50.00
3. Over 15,000 copies $75.00
4. Book jackets, end papers, magazine covers $100.00
5. Non-profit one-time use fee $25.00
6. Non-profit jacket $50.00
B. Serials, magazines, and newspapers:
1. Circulation under 49,999 $25.00
2. Circulation 50,000 to 99,999 $40.00
3. Circulation 100,000 and over $50.00
4. Non-profit one-time use fee $25.00
5. Non-profit jacket cover $50.00
C. Videotape, DVD, CD-Rom and other software:
1. 499 copies and under $20.00
2. 500 copies and over $50.00
3. Non-profit one-time use fee $15.00
4. Non-profit jacket cover $50.00
5. For profit jacket cover $100.00
D. Motion picture or television broadcast/Multimedia
1. Public television/non-commercial outlet $50.00
2. Commercial broadcast $100.00
3. Motion picture $150.00
4. Multimedia usage fee $200.00
E. Advertising/Commercial/Exhibition/Displays use per image:
1. Display in offices, stores and restaurants
* Display fee waived when purchasing framed prints from Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.
2. General advertising $100.00
3. General displays exhibits/Museum/Gallery exhibitions
Temporary or Traveling-Commercial $100.00
Non Profit-Museum exhibitions $25.00
F. Internet:
**Restricted use based on prior approval
1. Commercial and for-profit pages $100.00
2. Non-profit pages $40.00
G. Reuse fee
75% of original usage fee
  • Uses other than those listed above require approval.
  • Application of photos to any products for resale or promotional purposes including mugs, t-shirts, stationery, etc. is prohibited.