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Computer Links of Interest

Want to search the web, but not sure where to go? Check out some of these headings and get a glimpse of what's out there.

  • General Interest
    This a list of great basic sites like CNN and the Weather Channel that is sure to satisfy even the pickiest reader.
  • Computer Information
    A listing of websites full of information and fun facts about computers and computing.
  • Advanced Computer Information
    Information and resources for computer users with more "Expert Skills."
  • Computer Retailers
    Links to all the major computer sellers and manufacturers. Also links to product review sites and hubs. A great way to start shopping for your first PC or for new software!!
  • Practice and Tutorials
    Want to practice your computer skills. This listing will provide you with helpful hints on all aspects of computer applications
  • Business Sites
    This index compiled by the Business Department at the Downtown & Business branch is chock full of helpful sites on every business topic imaginable. They span from investing to unions!
  • Job and Career Links
    The Job and Career Education Center right here at the Carnegie plays host to a wonderful index of sites related to job hunting, career training, and resume and cover letter writing.