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The PC Center-Main Book Collection

•  Books are for reference use in the PC Center-Main only.

General Reference

  • American Heritage Dictionary

Microsoft Office Books


  • Microsoft Office Access 2007 Plain & Simple by Curtis D. Frye

    Don't have time to go through those hefty computer books? Try learning with these step-by-step visual images. We think you'll find it easy, quick, and maybe even fun.

  • Using Microsoft Office Access 2007 by Roger Jennings

    Finally a book designed to keep up with you as your skills grow. Thoroughly written to guide you through the basics, as well as, all the way up to advanced features.


  • Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Plain & Simple by Curtis D. Frye

    Learn Excel with this step-by-step visual guide instead of wordy techno babble. Here's a great book for all of us who don't have time to curl up with a 700 page book.

  • Using Microsoft Office Excel 2007 by Bill Jelen

    This book starts at the beginning of Excel and doesn't miss a beat as it guides you through all the rest. Learn the basics, the cool stuff, and the advanced with this well written and extremely thorough guide.


  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 Plain & Simple by Nancy Muir

    Clear screenshots, instead of huge amounts of technical jargon, walk you step by step through the basics of Microsoft PowerPoint 2007.

  • Using Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 by Anne Rutledge, Geetesh Bajaj, and Tom Mucciolo

    Inside you'll find complete coverage of PowerPoint 2007. If PowerPoint can do it, you'll learn how to use it here. Tailor the look of your presentation with clipart, animations, graphs, charts, and sound. Learn how presentations can be prepared for a live audience or online distribution.


  • Microsoft Office Publisher 2007: Complete Concepts and Techniques by Gary B. Shelley, Thomas J. Cashman, and Joy L. Starks

    This book presents the Publisher program in a project-oriented, step-by-step approach with corresponding full color screens. At the end of each project is an Apply Your Knowledge section with similar projects to create as practice for what was learned in that chapter. This book is ideal for beginner to intermediate users.

  • Microsoft Office Publisher 2007: Introduction by Elizabeth Eisner Reding

    This book is designed to provide clear, concise instruction and hands-on practice exercises to enable you to start using this desktop publishing program right away. There are even concept and skill reviews at the end of each unit. Great for those of you who don't have time to sit down and read a 700 page book on how to use Publisher.


  • Microsoft Office Word 2007 Plain & Simple by Jenny Joyce & Marianne Moon

    Are you a visual learner? Do you prefer instructions that show you how to do something – and skip the long-winded explanations? If so then this book is for you. Open it up and you'll find clear, step-by-step screen shots that show you how to tackle scores of Word 2007 tasks.

  • Using Microsoft Office Word 2007 by Faith Wempen

    This is the most authoritative volume available on Word 2007. Have the basics down? Want a reference book to look up how to do something in Word? Then this book is for you. Everything you can do in Word 2007 is covered in this exhaustive text.