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Rare Book Collections

These collections were given to the library as gifts or appropriate funds were allocated to develop the holdings. Most of these collections are complete (no additional materials are added). Areas described as Children's, Humanities, Music and Art, Pennsylvania, Social Sciences and Science & Technology are continually developed as the need arises.

Manuscript Collections

Major Isaac Craig, Quarter Master General of the U.S. Army, gives an excellent description of life in 18th century Western Pennsylvania. The highlight of the Manuscript Collections is the Buxtehude Manuscript containing the earliest known example of Johan Sebastian Bach's handwriting.

Carnegie Archives

The Oliver Room collects, organizes, and maintains institutional archives comprising materials vital to the historical documentation of the Carnegie Museums and Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. The archival collections include materials from the President's office, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Museum of Art, Science Center, Financial Services, General Services & Human Resources, Marketing, Development, the Music Hall and extensive Andrew Carnegie correspondence.

Archival Collections

These separate collections are not a part of the Carnegie Institutional Archives but comprise entire and distinct collections of materials. Additions will not be made to these collections. These collections were presented to Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh by various donors over the years and offer unique insight into Pittsburgh's past and America's history.

Photographic & Nonprint Collections

Two distinct and valuable collections highlight the Oliver Room's nonprint section. Edward S. Curtis' North American Indian Portfolio is considered to be the finest and most comprehensive work on Native Americans and a landmark in the history of photography. The Disney Collection is a group of 24 original cell paintings from early Disney films.