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Foundation Center Staff Picks

by John Haydon
Wondering how you can better promote your organization via Facebook? This comprehensive guide, written by media marketing expert John Haydon, covers everything from researching your target audience to using social plug-ins. A well-organized how-to for beginners, this book also digs deeper with chapters such as "Engaging with Your Fans" and "Measuring Success with Facebook Insights."
– Christi
by Jane C. Geever
The latest edition of this classic work provides a thorough introduction to all aspects of the proposal writing process. Interviews with 40 grantmakers contain invaluable insight into what constitutes a successful grant proposal. The author also discusses the impact of the current state of the economy on foundation assets and funding practices.
– Bob
by Joanne Oppelt
What does it take to increase donations and win grants for your organization? Author Joanne Oppelt illuminates the process in this easy-to-read guide for grant writers and other fundraising professionals. From developing relationships with funders to crafting an effective proposal, this book provides helpful insights and practical advice.
– Christi
by Lawrence Scanlan
This fascinating book recounts a Canadian journalist's discoveries and lessons learned while volunteering for one month at each of 12 different charities. Scanlan takes a critical look at the diverse approaches to addressing human need and argues passionately for greater connection and commitment from us all -- individuals, governments and philanthropists.
– Peggy
by Melanie Mathos
"Make Your Tweets Retweetable," "Livestream your events," and "Get creative with avatars" are just a few of the ideas in this nicely illustrated, easy-to-use book. There are plenty of suggestions for experienced social media users, but the author takes nothing for granted if you're just starting out. Most of the featured resources are free and many real-life examples of how nonprofits are using the tactics are provided.
– David
by Mark Roseland
The author provides a comprehensive overview of sustainability, including greening, energy, transportation, housing, climate and economic development. Included is an appendix on Pando, an online project led by the author, designed to link local governments and researchers working to accelerate the development of sustainable communities.
– Bob
by Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen
The author shares the most effective techniques and lessons learned from her vast experience as a philanthropist, academic, volunteer and social innovator. A practical, entertaining, and inspirational call to action, this book is an indispensable tool for anyone who is passionate about creating change and making the world a better place.
– Peggy
by Rachel Armbruster
Banding Together describes the lessons to be learned from the Lance Armstrong Foundation's 2004 LIVESTRONG wristband campaign, which has raised over $100 million to help cancer survivors. While Armbruster's organization had high-profile help from Armstrong and the Nike corporation, the author makes a convincing argument that her techniques, which include collaborative decision-making, thoughtful planning and seizing opportunities, can be used effectively in raising money and visibility for any nonprofit organization.
– David
by Betty B. Stallings
Stallings offers a comprehensive guide to strategic volunteer engagement with an emphasis on executive involvement. The book is divided into sections that cover topics such as planning and budgeting for volunteers, as well as staff training and program evaluation. The author also provides many practical tools, including worksheets and sample documents, to help organizations get the most out of their volunteer programs.
– Christi
by John Brothers and Anne Sherman
The authors examine the lifecycle of a nonprofit, taking the reader through building infrastructure (adolescence) and impact expansion (maturity), to decline and rebirth or closing. Brothers and Sherman describe the different approaches taken in each stage of development to maximize an organization's full capacity.
– David
by Robert M. Penna, PhD
The author provides a simple, easy-to understand and incredibly useful road map for organizations committed to becoming more effective and sustainable.
– Peggy
by Dalya F. Massachi
This is an outstanding book on writing more effectively to promote nonprofit organizations. Each of the twenty-five techniques is demonstrated with thoughtful advice, examples and writing exercises.
– David
by Gwendolyn Hallsmith & Bernard Lietaer
The authors present compelling case studies of successful alternative currencies that have developed vibrant and sustainable local economies.
– Peggy
by Ted Hart, Adrienne D. Capps and Matthew Bauer
The authors provide practical information on greening all aspects of the nonprofit workplace, including instruction on performing a self-audit and planning for a more environmentally sound future.
– Bob
by Thomas J. Tierney & Joel L. Fleishman
This book is a valuable guide for anyone charged with giving away money with the intention of making a difference, and is useful for new donors, experienced philanthropists, and nonprofit leaders.
– Kate
by Gigi Rosenberg
Rosenberg describes the grantseeking process from the funder's viewpoint, providing practical and motivational advice on how the artist can use that knowledge to write successful proposals.
– David
by Thomas Wolf
The author offers irresistable, real-life stories about donors and shows that successful fundraising is all about turning a name into a relationship.
– Peggy
by Jason Saul
This is an indispensable guide for nonprofits, providing new tools to navigate and thrive in a changing economic climate.
by David Bornstein and Susan Davis
The authors define what social entrepreneurs are, how their organizations function, and the challenges they face working with communities to find solutions to unique, local problems. Moreover, they show readers how to get involved.
by Barry J. McLeish
This expanded and revised edition provides the tools, expertise and confidence required to develop and implement a sophisticated marketing program tailored to an organization's needs and goals.
by Brydon M. DeWitt
This book examines all aspects of successful development and includes useable templates and examples that can be applied within any nonprofit organization.
by Beth Kanter & Allison H. Fine
A perfect handbook for nonprofits who want to transform their organizations by embracing the power of social networks.
by Nicole Bouchard Boles
This handbook is an inspiring resource guide offering hundreds of concrete ideas for making a real difference in your home, community, and the world regardless of the size of your bank account.
by Russell M. Linden
A terrific and timely resource for nonprofit leaders, this book illustrates the value of effective collaborations and is filled with great stories, expert guidance, and the practical, time-tested tools needed to tackle any difficulties.
by Laura Fredricks
This thoroughly revised and updated edition of the best-selling book is filled with suggestions, guidelines, and down-to-earth advice that will give nonprofits the confidence to ask anyone for any size gift, for any purpose.
by Sarah Durham
Using a holistic approach that involves everyone within an organization, the author provides tools and guidance for nonprofits seeking to transform their communications and marketing efforts.
by Susan U. Raymond
This timely book provides practical guidance for nonprofits to plan their best strategies to survive the economic downturn and succeed.
by Jan Masaoka
This updated edition includes new material that provides helpful tips and insight into tackling myriad issues. It's an invaluable tool to assist and motivate nonprofit board members.
by Charles Bronfman & Jeffrey Solomon
Written by two renowned philanthropists, this book serves as a definitive guide to getting the most return from one's charitable giving. Part "how to" and part memoir, it should inspire anyone who simply wants to make their philanthropic effort as effective and meaningful as possible.
by Volunteer Vancouver
This book provides a fresh look at volunteer managment. Sprinkled with stories of innovative volunteer engagement, best-practice tips, and perspectives from leaders of the voluntary sector, A People Lens will change how you think about engaging people at your organization.
by Julia Ingraham Walker
Looking for ways to do more with less in the current recession, nonprofits are stretching their budgets further. Walker presents ways to develop a strategic approach to fundraising in the weak economy, with short-term steps to stem losses, and methods to avoid making campaign mistakes.
by Tom Watson
CauseWired is a fascinating look into the rapidly evolving world of the Internet, social networking, and social change. Watson illustrates how individuals are using social networking tools to impact the critical events of our time.
by John Bateson
With engaging stories, tips, and insights from lessons learned, the author, an executive director of a busy crisis center, describes what it takes to lead a nonprofit with competence. Chapters highlight different facets of leadership and relate the skills necessary for nonprofit managers to make a real difference.
by Julia Ingraham Walker
Looking for ways to do more with less in the current recession, nonprofits are stretching their budgets further. Walker presents ways to develop a strategic approach to fundraising in the weak economy, with short-term steps to stem losses, and methods to avoid making campaign mistakes.