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The Gallery at Main

January & February 2015: Love Letters

Since 2013, artist and writer Dalia Shevin has been on a mission to facilitate the writing of love letters. LOTS of them. She encourages everyone to interpret "love letter" as broadly as possible, and has been overjoyed at the response. The 3,000 - plus letters written thus far over the project's duration include the secret admirer note, fan letter, note of condolence or apology, letters between parents and children, letters to animals, plants, places, songs, eras, foods. Letters of protest, thank-you notes, letters to babies in utero and folks who have passed away. These are but a few examples. Interactive, all-ages installations have been set up in an abandoned auto-parts store, a tent in the Strip district, the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh, schools, playgrounds, adult education classes, concerts, parties, and more.

An aspiring librarian, Dalia is thrilled to be exhibiting this work at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Come sit down, relax, and hand write a letter of love to anything or anyone-- near or far, living or dead. You are invited to express whatever is in your heart - gratitude, grief, joy, anger, hope, regret. Read letters written by a huge range of writers, and see how much love our words can hold.

Love Letters Love Letters

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Submission Guidelines

The Gallery at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh - Main accepts proposals from community organizations in Allegheny County who would like to display their members' or program participants' work in the Library. If selected, the work will be displayed for a one- or two-month period in the hallway gallery on the First Floor of the Main Library. For more information, call 412-622-3151 or email