My Pittsburgh: Squirrel Hill

Imagination Builders

Car by Nathan, 4
"Car" by Nathan, 4
Garage with Bicycle inside by Mohamed, 4
"Garage with Bicycle inside"
by Mohamed, 4
Pizza Place
Pizza Place
Power Rangers Hideout by Caleb, 7
"Power Rangers Hideout"
by Caleb, 7
Wheel Construction
"Wheel Construction"
City Scene
"City Scene"
Hospital by Warren, 8
"Hospital" by Warren, 8
Pizza Place by Jacob, 10 and David, 6
"Pizza Place"
by Jacob, 10 and David, 6
Someone fixing house and playing ping pong by Vanessa, 6
"Someone fixing house and playing ping pong"
by Vanessa, 6
Wheel Design
"Wheel Design"
Farm with horse by Christina, 8
"Farm with horse"
by Christina, 8
Movie Theater by Youssef, 8
"Movie Theater"
by Youssef, 8
Pizza Restaurant by Ryan, 6
"Pizza Restaurant"
by Ryan, 6
Symmetrial Design by Delia, 5
Symmetrial Design
by Delia, 5
Zoo by Abdullah, 5
"Zoo" by Abdullah, 5

Local Heroes and Landmarks

My House by Adina, 7
"My House" by Adina, 7
Pittsburgh by Clarice, 7
"Pittsburgh" by Clarice, 7
Uncle Sam's Subs by Eli, 7
"Uncle Sam's Subs" by Eli, 7
Kennywood by Michael, 7
"Kennywood" by Michael, 7
The Zoo by Sophia, 6
"The Zoo" by Sophia, 6
Red Robin by Aida, 7
"Red Robins" by Aida, 7
Colfax School by Daniel, 7
"Colfax School" by Daniel, 7
Blue Slide Park by Emma, 8
"Blue Slide Park" by Emma, 8
Downtown Pittsburgh by Ryan, 7
"Downtown Pittsburgh" by Ryan, 7
My Home by Syncere, 6
"My Home" by Syncere, 6
The Park by Anja, 8
"The Park" by Anja, 8
My House by Elena, 8
"My House" by Elena, 8
Sandcastle by Lily, 6
"Sandcastle" by Lily, 6
Red Robin's by Shae, 8
"Red Robin's" by Shae, 8
Kennywood by Talia, 7
"Kennywood" by Talia, 7